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BMW K 1600 recall

Can block transmission

Due to transmission problems that could possibly lock the rear wheel while driving, BMW has to recall around 20,000 K 1600 motorcycles worldwide.

All model variants of the six-cylinder are affected, i.e. the K 1600 GT (model code 0F01 / 0F11), K 1600 GTL (0F02 / 0F12), K 1600 excavator (0F51 / 0F53) and K 1600 Grand America (0F51 / 0F53) if they were built between September 2016 and September 2019.

These are all six-cylinders since the K 1600 facelift in 2016, recognizable by the reversing aid that has been standard since then.

According to BMW, these models can “in individual cases lead to damage to the system combination of shift fork / shift sleeve / gear wheel.” The manufacturer also states: “Under certain circumstances, this can result in a double engagement of two gears during a shift. A critical driving condition cannot be ruled out. ”This means that such a defective gearbox can, in extreme cases, lead to the rear wheel locking and thus possibly leading to a fall.


2,243 machines in Germany affected

BMW will inform the owners of the affected machines, in Germany this is 2,243. The motorcycles have to go to the workshop to have the gearbox repaired. BMW has imposed a delivery ban on all K 1600 models that are currently still available from dealers. These machines have to be converted before they are delivered to the customer.

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