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BMW R 80 GS Basic Bj. 1996, BMW R 1200 GS

What is progress? Progress is worth the journey

May 1982. At the Tamanrasset campsite in Algeria, Kai T. turns the spark plug thread on his BMW R 80 G / S. He curses. He considered. Lays the spark plug connector against ground, temporarily closes the open hole, cuts the Bowden cable from the carburetor and drives the boxer home to Darmstadt on just one cylinder. 2960 kilometers.

Gasoline story? Sure, but actually happened.
April 2004. The R. 1200 GS is in the shop windows. And Kai T. before that. "If that happens to you with the new girl, you’re the pug," he muses. Right? BMW clearly says no. “In the very unlikely event that a cylinder, which is already supplied by two spark plugs and two ignition coils, fails with ignition problems, it would be sufficient to electrically disconnect the injector. Here, too, the BMW would drag itself to the nearest authorized workshop with just one working piston. ”Stupid, of course, if this is 2000 kilometers away.
In the minds of many die-hard travel freaks, one rule has manifested itself: where there is a lot, there can be a lot ka-
go putt. Correct. However, if you compare, for example, the electrical wiring of an R 80 G / S Basic with that of an R 1200 GS, you will see that the wiring harness is almost anorexic compared to the 800 despite the immense electronics. The new GS is equipped with CAN bus technology (Controller Area Network).
In German: All consumers and sensors are integrated in a common line path. No fuses, three control units, just one electrical line. If the brake light fails, emergency programs control the thread of the tail light lamp as Er-
approach. In the event of a short circuit or malfunction, however, certain functions are simply switched off. And what if a control unit fails?
800 drivers laugh about it. Here, brakes have clearly defined pressure points, indicators their relays, consumers their fuses. And that’s even available on the edge of the desert road. It has to be. Because according to BMW, the susceptibility of older GS models
in terms of electrics / electronics much higher compared to the new one. So a draw after all? Provided the electronic helpers work perfectly, there is almost nothing that the old one can do better than the new one. Chassis, throw a bill, start, accelerate, brake, pull through, trip mastering or save fuel. Despite almost twice the power and 30 kilograms more weight, the 1200 consumes 4.4 liters per 100 land-
kilometers of road almost a liter less. In order to be on par with the range of 454 kilometers, a 24.5-liter tank would have to be installed on the Basic instead of the 19.5-liter tank. Even the tropic of the
At 4950 millimeters, the thickness is 130 less. The ground clearance in the field is almost identical: 180 millimeters is ?? s for the 1200, five more for the 800.
But let’s stick with traveling. And the old one is ahead in terms of loading technology. With 208 kilograms she is allowed to be exact
Transport 25 more than its modern sister with its perfectly fitted suitcase holder and much more comfortable and three centimeters longer bench. Both BMW and the aftermarket offer case systems for both models. Due to its expansive silencer, the 1200 is wider with identical cases. The 800 is easier to get up after a fall-
to lift. However, much more difficult to lift onto the main stand.
Flat foot behind. Patching is the order of the day. Both bikes can be easily removed. To push the 150 of the big GS into the rim well and the extreme
Levering the stiff carcass over the rim flange is a greater effort-
conducive. Progress? In terms of performance in any case. Ergonomically too. The handles are narrower, the seating position is better integrated, and driving while standing is easier. And in terms of breakdown? Much that can break is easier to repair on the R 80. Troubleshooting is more manageable and logical. Even if the brake light switch fails.

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BMW R 80 GS Basic Bj. 1996, BMW R 1200 GS
What is progress? Progress is worth the journey

Interview with Herbert Schwarz – BMW R 80 GS Basic Bj. 1996, BMW R 1200 GS

Travel expert Herbert
Schwarz, 43, is the founder of Touratech AG. He has over
half a million kilometers
with all BMW GS models
on five continents-
spooled. The new 1200
is first choice for him

80 octane ?? or better just vodka?
Despite the moderate compression ratio of 8.2: 1, the 800 cc engine should not run on petrol below 90
Octane will be faced.
However, suitable measures, such as the use of two head gaskets or the comparatively simple shifting of the ignition point "in the direction of retardation", allow the R 80 GS to cope with gasoline up to 80 octane. Tea
The R 1200 GS is equipped with two spark plugs per cylinder for optimum combustion, as well as a knock sensor that automatically adapts the ignition to the respective fuel within the specified framework. Despite 80 octane fuel and the high compression ratio of 11.0: 1, there were no problems or engine bells on the R 1200 GS during a Bolivia expedition.
On long-distance trips: carburettors are better than petrol injection?
The carburettors on the R 80 GS are certainly one-
More structured, technically more manageable and, in the event of a defect, guaranteed to be makeshift repairs through improvisation. However, they are also much more prone to failure than the electronic fuel injection system on the GS models, which has been tried and tested for years. The weak point of the 1200 GS is that in off-road terrain-
sentences endangered thrush-
flap potentiometer. I advise using such a component ?? Cost 43.30 euros ?? to be carried as a replacement.
Stopping with a defective battery means the end of the line?
Unfortunately, yes with the R 1200 GS. Without a battery there is no chance of starting the motorcycle. Pushing is also useless. Injection as well as the many electronic helpers such as the brake booster require constant current. The R 80 GS, on the other hand, can be pushed. However, the alternator needs an excitation current of at least nine volts, around six 1.5-volt batteries connected in series, in order to start up.
Key means lost en route…
…definitely the end
for the R 1200 GS. Deactivate the coding in the ignition key-
fourth the immobilizer. Without a key or with a defective ignition lock, the 1200 is doomed to stand still. The R 80 GS can be short-circuited.
Five-thousanders ?? Heights or hell trip?
Our own tests in the Andes confirm that the 1200 engine also has an altitude of over 5000 meters and, in freezing temperatures, perfect concentricity and starting behavior as well as good throttle response. The carburetors of the R 80 GS should be adjusted to the changed oxygen conditions using a mixture control screw or even by exchanging nozzles.
Fall ?? Hole in the tank. So what?
The steel tank of the 800 series can be temporarily patched with liquid metal and at
the next opportunity to be welded. The plastic tank of the 1200 is made of polyethylene. Commercially available silicone can help. Even larger cracks can be permanently sealed with silicone, sheet metal strips and screws.
What happens at-
perfect brake boosters of the 1200s?
The braking power without electrical amplification corresponds roughly to that of the 800 series. However, an enormous amount of hand strength is required.
Repairs en route are impossible?
With a slightly expanded on-board tool kit and technical talent, the cardan shaft or clutch can be exchanged on both models, valves adjusted or flat feet repaired. The condition for the latter is the use of inner tubes in the tubeless tires of the 1200 series. Most of her electrical problems can only be tracked down with the diagnostic device. Cost: around 12,000 euros. Only available for workshops.

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