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Damon motorcycles

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Damon motorcycles.

At the beginning of 2020, a die Hypersport won the “Best inInnovation” innovation award at the CES in Las Vegas.

Damon motorcycles.

Shortly afterwards, interested parties could pre-order two different versions of the electric motorcycle on the manufacturer’s website. The better Hypersport Premier is already sold out.

Damon motorcycles.

The Hypersport HS can still be pre-ordered.

Damon Riding Innovation

The first concept bike from Damon Motorcycle was called Halo and is already very reminiscent of the series models introduced later.

Damon riding Innovation

The basic version starts at $ 24,995.

Damon Riding Innovation

The technology is intended to analyze traffic and prevent accidents.

Damon Riding Innovation

The company was founded in Vancouver.

Damon motorcycles.

Damon Hypersport Premier Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun.

Damon Hypersport

Cheaper entry-level models are coming

The US electric motorcycle manufacturer wants to make its E-Superbike Hypersport accessible to a wider range of customers and is launching two new, cheaper versions.

The Damon Hypersport combines a purely electric drive train with a collision warning system based on cameras and radar. At the market launch, there was a special series costing around $ 40,000 and the HS version at a price of around $ 25,000.

Now the Canadians are pushing two more versions, which should attract more customers with a lower price. However, it is not only the price that is being screwed, the red pencil is also on the equipment side. If a 20 kWh battery and a 200 hp electric motor still work in the HS, the new models SX and SE have to be satisfied with less.

Damon motorcycles

The SE is coming as a new basic model.

Smaller batteries, less power, lower price

The Hypersport SE is equipped with an 11 kWh battery and should therefore have a range of around 174 kilometers. The top speed of the 100 hp SE is limited to around 193 km / h. The energy storage in the SX has a capacity of 15 kWh, which allows a range of almost 240 kilometers. Your electric motor is trimmed to 150 hp. Here the speed limit is 240 km / h. The HS scores with a range of up to 320 kilometers and a top speed of around 320 km / h.

Damon motorcycles

The SX is located a little higher.

The new versions of the Damon are now available for pre-order at prices starting at $ 16,995 for the SE and $ 19,995 for the SX. A deposit of $ 100 is required for all Damon models. The Damon HS is already completely sold out for the 2021 model year. If you want to order here, you have to wait for your bike until 2022.


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In typical electric motorcycle manufacturer fashion, Damon Motorcycles simply configures two new entry-level models. Battery capacity and motor performance decrease – and with it the price.

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