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Endurance test Kymco Grand Dink 125 (25,000 km)

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Not only the crème de la crème of two-wheeled construction has to prove its qualities in long-distance tests, but also models at the lower end of the performance, price and prestige scale. Occasionally even a scooter. Why that Kymco Grand Dink 125?

On the one hand, the durability of a Taiwanese product has never been tested, on the other hand, the Kymco scooters are bought quite a lot due to the attractive prices and good test results.
The Grand Dink is one of the cheapest representatives of its class with a purchase price of 3195 euros, richly equipped and properly processed. If you can make friends with the idiosyncratic design, there is only one hurdle to overcome in order to be happy with the Dink: the ergonomics. The seat is high and has a distinct step, the footwell is short, and the handlebars are low and far back. This results in a seating position that is only comfortable for smaller pilots in the long term. Taller people would like to slide back a little, which is not possible because of the step. In return, the pillion passenger has a good view over the driver.
Anyone who can cope with ergonomics will find the Grand Dink a pleasant companion even on long journeys thanks to its good weather protection and the low-vibration, economical, although not particularly lively drive. With 11.3 PS, only small trees can be uprooted, but the Kymco consumes well under three liters of normal gasoline when gliding leisurely over country roads, while it is just under four on full-speed motorway stages. On average, exactly three liters per 100 kilometers ran through the carburetor during the endurance test.
The drive easily put away the 25,000 kilometers, the performance was at the beginning and end on the same level. Oil consumption was not measurable. The chassis was less exciting. The already weak damping continued to decrease, the rear suspension struts could only be pretensioned by force.
The chassis set-up corresponds to the design as a sofa roller. Softly sprung and gently dampened, the Kymco rolls through the country. With the original Maxxis tires, handling is on the verge of wobbling, and straight-line stability is accordingly nervous. New tires were due after 12,500 kilometers. The switch to Conti Twist improved handling. The rear tire had to be replaced shortly before the end of the test, the front tire held out for the remaining 12,500 kilometers. The disc brakes did their job unobtrusively in the best sense of the word.
Over the distance, the sofa pleased with reliability, there were involuntary stays in the workshop or on the roadside
it not. The one that occurred at halftime
Oil mist on the water pump was due to one
defective O-ring. Once an H4 lamp had to be replaced. Despite the halogen lamp, the light output is not convincing. While many screw heads are rusty, the body shines after 25,000 kilometers in one and a half
Years like on the first day. Nevertheless, the appraiser estimated the residual value of the Grand Dink to be only 1200 euros, which corresponds to 38 percent of the new price ?? a high depreciation. Maybe it’s the look, maybe the image. In any case, it’s not the quality. sgl

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