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Endurance test rating

In detail

Expensive diva or frugal model boy? How does a motorcycle get its place in the endurance test rating and what is hidden behind the rating criteria??

W.o If a model ranks in the hierarchy of endurance runners, if it cuts a bigger hole in the wallet when it comes to operating costs than other machines, is it above or below average in terms of reliability?

In 20th place: Ducati 999.

For this purpose, MOTORRAD introduced a rating system with a point table five years ago, which is updated with every endurance test. They are not general breakdown statistics, but nevertheless reflect representative individual boxes. However, not a single criterion decides on top or flop, the sum of the criteria is decisive.

Cost per kilometer

The table "Costs + maintenance" on page 42 shows what goes into the cost balance. This includes inspections as well as the need for tires and other wear parts. So the pure operating costs. With a cardan shaft, moderate inspection costs and frugal use of tires and brake pads, the R 1200 GS is the opposite of the Ducati 999, which is at the lower end of the scale. But unlike in the table on page 42, the fuel costs are not taken into account for the endurance test. Otherwise, the enormous price differences for fuel would make comparability impossible, especially over the years.

BMW R 1200 GS: 23 out of 25 points (MOTORRAD 21/2005)
Ducati 999: 6 out of 25 points (MOTORRAD 26/2005)

Fuel consumption

The pure consumption is assessed. The strongly fluctuating gasoline price prohibits a comparison of fuel costs. Whether normal or super is prescribed does not affect the price anyway. Apart from that, the tabular overview provides interesting insights. Maximum power does not necessarily go hand in hand with high consumption, as the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 proves with an average of 5.9 liters. The MZ 1000 S had the greatest thirst since the long-term test was made with 7.3 liters. The benchmark, however, is currently 4.8 liters. On average over 50,000 kilometers, mind you, at a minimum there is less. They hung up the Yamaha XT 660 X and BMW F 800 S. The fact that the BMW still only ranks in the top ten with great difficulty is due to the condition of the innards, which was revealed after dismantling. But that’s another chapter.

BMW F 800 S: 5 out of 5 points (MOTORRAD 2/2008)
MZ 1000 S: 1 of 5 points (MOTORRAD 1/2006)


A loss of 30 percent or less after the end of the test is rewarded with a maximum of ten points. One point is deducted for every three percent more loss in value. The new frontrunner Road King shines with a low 25 percent depreciation. The prices are determined using a Schwacke list, whereby the values ​​are checked using market data. Milwaukee irons are very popular on the Scandinavian market. The high tax rates on new motorcycles there make used motorcycles from Central Europe real bargains. And keep the price level high here. Ducati 999, Kawasaki ZZR 1400 and Z 1000 as well as Suzuki V-Strom 1000 suffered the highest depreciation at 56 and 55 percent.

Harley-Davidson Road King: 10 out of 10 points (MOTORRAD 23/2008)
Suzuki V-Strom 1000: 2 out of 10 points (MOTORRAD 2/2004)

Workshop visits / breakdowns

One of the two supreme disciplines of the long-distance test. Therefore weighted with 30 points. There are 20 if a breakdown never prevented you from continuing your journey. Ten if there was no unscheduled workshop visit. Any breakdown will be penalized with five points, any other defect with one point. The model boy so far is the Honda VFR-ABS, which only saw the workshop unplanned once because of a worn steering head bearing. The KTM 950 Adventure got a really bad run. Nine times we went to the workshop unplanned, twice rolled out with a defective fuel pump, red lantern in this discipline. The Buell XB12S also died on tour with the same defect twice? Toothed belt torn.

Honda VFR: 29 out of 30 points (MOTORRAD 17/2003)
KTM 950 Adventure: 11 out of 30 points (MOTORRAD 16/2005)

Wear / condition

That which is of most interest. Butter the fish when the inside is turned inside out. Weighted with 30 points. Divided into ten for the general condition, i.e. the chassis with bearings, the quality of the paintwork and other surface coatings. A maximum of ten points can be obtained when measuring the dismantled engine. One point is deducted for each component that is above the wear dimension specified by the manufacturer. Another ten points are to be obtained for the general condition of the removed parts. If, for example, an oil pump or a piston is dimensionally accurate, but has to be replaced because of signs of wear such as scoring or material chipping, there is a minus point. The ZZR 1400 shone, while the Ducati 999 looked badly worn out.

Kawasaki ZZR 1400: 28 out of 30 points (MOTORRAD 3/2008)
Ducati 999: 9 out of 30 points (MOTORRAD 26/2005)

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