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Endurance final test balance MZ 1000 S

To be or not to be

The world had to wait a long time for the sporty 1000 from Saxony. The first long-term test of the two-cylinder engine is about lot: the image, the reputation of the MZ brand. Just like Shakespeare’s Hamlet: "To be or not to be, that is the question here." The classic drama ended tragically.

How did 50,000 kilometers end with the MZ 1000 S.?

Our goal is the qualitative
building high quality motorcycles outside of Japan. ”It’s just
a little sentence that Dr. Christoph Baum-
gärtner, managing director of MZ, drops the MOTORRAD editorial team during the appraisal of the dismantled 1000 S. Quiet and with a calm voice. And yet with
full force. The Saxon 1000 has completed 50,000 kilometers, a good orbit around the world, in just under a year and a half. Now a simple question arises: Holds the Über-Emme?
Well, this is not about a simple, two-stroke mass vehicle from (un) se-
ligen GDR times, its robust reputation
hence the fact that every village blacksmith used them in the case of the not so rare ones
Wehwechen could make it afloat again. No, the 1000 S was a courageous commitment made metal. The Saxons wanted to know. Since 2004: Being
or not being. M.Z is back! With high tech.
The homemade in-line twin has
117 HP injection and G-Kat.
It hangs in a powder-coated bridge frame made of high-strength chrome-molybdenum steel. The complete construction has no relation to the rest of the model range. And especially the past of the brand. Such an endurance test could easily backfire, as with Hamlet in a sea of ​​plagues. But the 1000 was spared that. Always started safely by the digital engine management, the Sachsen-Feile kept it with the advertising for the VW Beetle: It ran and ran and ran.
Only once did a real breakdown virus attack the otherwise reliable S. At 18,870 kilometers a safety tongue broke on the gearshift shaft. Small cause, big effect. Because afterwards switching was impossible. But the guarantee was obviously an isolated case: none of the
25 letters from the reader about this endurance test mention such a defect. Given
fewer hundred sold 1000s of all three types, the large MZ still has an exclusive to exotic status, a high rate of field reports.
The MZ owners are very satisfied with the East German 1000s and give top marks to the workmanship, chassis, inspection costs and reliability. Defects? At most incandescent lamps. And in a few cases the left of the two stainless steel elbows at the welding seam of the interference tube to the right colleague was torn. MZ has the component under guarantee against a reinforcement in all cases-
your exchanged, on the long-term test copy
Mileage 28268. However, after the final dismantling, the new manifold also showed the beginning of a crack
little offset to the first.
The first Saxon multi-cylinder in 40 years ran without any oil consumption between the long 10,000 service intervals. Only after 30,454 kilometers did a full 0.2 liters bring the oil level back to its maximum, a pure precautionary measure. Tea twin remained dry. This
It only changed from kilometer reading 45977. The two-cylinder in-line running in opposite directions acknowledged a long full-throttle drive under MOTORRAD editor-in-chief Michael Pfeiffer through a "huge oil cloud when refueling". It was missing 0.4 liters; from now on, lubricant had to be refilled regularly.
After 49310 kilometers the completely oily air filter was replaced. Shortly afterwards it was wet again. According to MZ, a defective oil separator valve in the crankcase ventilation is the cause of the oily filter element. In any case, it is no wonder that dismantling the engine reveals minimally increased carbon deposits on exhaust valves and piston heads. However, the well-crafted, stable construction is not a matter of course. All assemblies and housings are extremely generously dimensioned,
would certainly have coped with the 140 hp peak power that the engine was supposed to bring in an early planning stage. So massive German mechanical engineering drives the total weight to stately
234 kilograms.
High safety reserves and good durability thank it. In principle, all (!) Parts of the twin are flawless.
Cylinders and Mahle pistons, all of them
Bearings and valves, "Marine diesel connecting rods "such as camshafts are as good as new. Not even the clutch plates, actually a wearing part, would be needed after 50,000 kilometers
to be replaced. There are still the first. Obviously, the friction pairing of the clutch, which pulls at maximum acceleration, is designed to be extremely durable. Two clutch friction disks that have turned blue do nothing to change that.
They are just a blemish, just like other little things. These include tracks on a shift fork, discoloration in a connecting rod eye and grooves in the opposing plastic rail of the timing chain tensioner. Furthermore, rounded edges are noticeable on a sliding wheel of the transmission input shaft. Nevertheless, “no engine component would have to be replaced for safe continued operation,” says MZ’s graduate engineer Thomas Starke. And that despite very tight tolerances at the factory. An excellent result. Technically, the indestructible S shows the best results of the eight most recent endurance tests by MOTORRAD, does better than a Honda VFR ?? see the special, new 100-point rating for endurance test machines on page 63.
The thing was not during driving
always so clear. The MZ polarizes, not just because of its angular design. Entries about the rough running of the engine in the engine speed cell fill entire pages in the logbook: "Engine stucking around downstairs" is one of the nicer formulations, "Recallkiste" is one of the nastier ones. Other drivers, on the other hand, praise the »fiery power delivery at medium speeds ?? a German Ducati! "
This twin has two sides: Powerful
in the middle and out at the top, capriciously chopping around at the bottom. Eight gigantic valves herald the search for high peak performance ?? 40 millimeters for the inlet and 32 for the outlet. Both are on by with Ducati’s Testastretta-V2. And serves just as good filling as the wide intake throats, but neither improves the torque curve at low speeds nor the concentricity in the partial load range. But to be shorter final translation. Well, the S gets one tooth less at the front, i.e. a 16-tooth sprocket instead of the 17-tooth of the very first series, with an identical 43-tooth sprocket. The conversion is approved by ABE.
In short, the 1000er runs in the lower gears from 2500 tours without hacking, in the fifth and sixth it must be at least 3000 rpm. In addition, by sprocketing the pulling speed from 60 to 140 improves by one to 9.3 seconds. But the S now ran against the rev limiter even in sixth gear, which suddenly cuts off the juice at 9600 tours: the maximum
Power is just before that. Translated more quickly, "only" Tempo 239 is there. But even then, the speedometer, which is nine percent ahead in the upper range, reports more than 260 things. In contrast, the odometer is very precise.
The landing gear turned out brilliantly. Back-
The message, stability, accuracy and straight-line stability are all convincing. Even the suspension comfort covers an immensely broad spectrum. Sister S takes everything under her wheels with equanimity, crater-strewn pothole routes, cobblestones and hearty racing training. But what she likes best is the long leash, fast corners and committed drivers. A fine move: the spring elements are completely adjustable; the directly hinged central spring strut even without tools thanks to knurled screws and turning knob.
The long-legged motorcycle conveys an enormous amount of trust when it is driven. Was that why the Über-Emme survived the 50,000 kilometers without a fall, only with a fall on a wet meadow? After all, MOTORCYCLE mechanic Mike Funke drove them on the Black Forest-
Winter trip 2005 of the MSC Pforzheim
on snowy slopes in third place. The salt attacks on the alloy wheels and the beautiful ones went without a trace
Aluminum triangular swing arm over. The chrome layer of the sliding tubes did not suffer on the 43er upside-down fork. This speaks for sufficient thickness and good shielding by the fender.
»On the way from Stuttgart to
Nürburgring ", it says at one point in the
Logbook, ”I have come to appreciate the MZ. A motorcycle with which you can comfortably and stress-free several hundred
Can cope with kilometers. ”But because in city traffic and on serpentine routes there is a lot of weight on the wrists
rested, mounted MOTORCYCLE 2.5 centi
meter higher, adjustable handlebar stubs from MR Motorradtechnik including longer steel braided lines for clutch and brake (contact: www.mr-motorradtechnik). They are amazingly effective, a hot tip for many sports bikes.
The Saxon bench bears the title "fully suitable for tours". However, only for the driver, the pillion passenger complains about a spartan seat and high footrests. The three centimeter higher pane from the more touristy sister ST has proven its worth. It offers top wind protection at minimum volume. Cases, on the other hand, require the reinforced rear frame of the ST, an economically hardly worthwhile conversion.
Keyword costs: the maintenance-friendly, because easily accessible arrangement of all assemblies means low costs-
inspection costs. There was price driving-
against the rather high tire wear,
a rear tire held up well on average
6000 kilometers. When it comes to tire types, the 1000 is not particularly picky. Tea
The Metzeler Sportec M1 installed in the original equipment harmonize well, but rub off quickly.
With the rather high loss of value of 54 percent, the price decrease from 2004 to 2005 by 1200 to now 10,790 euros (excluding additional costs) plays a role. The high fuel consumption is expensive and also annoying due to the short range. The 20-liter plastic tank is quickly emptied, especially since the fuel warning light drives to the tank when the remaining amount is six liters. Only with the most careful driving style is there a "5" before the decimal point after a hundred kilometers. On average, 7.3 liters of Super flowed through the injection nozzles.
But the Emme is an extremely durable motorcycle in the best MZ tradition. And very modern. Exit future. Technically, the East German doesn’t have to hide from any competitor. Those interested in a 1000 MZ can access it without hesitation. When, if not now?

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Endurance final test balance MZ 1000 S
To be or not to be

MOTORCYCLE measurements – MZ 1000 S

Initial / final measurement 9098 km 49623 km
0 100 km / h sec 3.7 3.8
0 ?? 140 km / h sec 6.2 6.3
0 200 km / h sec 12.4 13.6
60 ?? 100 km / h sec 5.3 4.9
100 ?? 140 km / h sec 4.4 4.4
140 180 km / h sec 5.7 5.5
Average fuel consumption over 50,000 km
Fuel (super) l / 100 km 7.3
Engine oil l / 1000 km not measurable

Compression – MZ 1000 S

Poetry and Truth: Even after 50,000 pounds-
meters, the in-line twin shines with killer compression of at least 15 bar. A testament to the extreme
minor wear on the engine


Cylinder head: the camshafts and bucket tappets run perfectly. Valve guides, camshaft bearings and cam heights are still in the
Installation tolerance. The valve seat widths are okay too. Only the valve stem clearance on the inlet side is approaching the wear limit.
Cylinder: The raceways are almost new, as are all the dimensions of the pistons and piston rings. Minimal deposits of fresh oil carbon can be seen on the pistons.
Crankshaft drive: crankshaft and connecting rod bearings have no grooves, they lie
even in the installation tolerance.
Power transmission: The gears are flawless, only the sliding wheel from the 3rd / 4th. The gear of the transmission input shaft shows slight, tolerable wear on the edges of the engagement claws.
Frame: flawless powder coating, no visible corrosion.

Cost – MZ 1000 S

Operating costs over 50,000 km
14.8 l of oil at 10.69 euros, 158.21 euros
4 oil filters at 9 euros each 36.00 euros
4 air filters at 24.02 euros each 96.08 euros
6 spark plugs at 6.08 euros each 36.48 euros
4 sets of front brake pads at 50.39 euros, 201.56 euros
2 chain sets 298.25 euros
Brake fluid 4.14 euros
Small parts, lubricants 14.67 euros
Seals 4.56 euros
Inspections and repairs 567.10 euros
Tires (including assembly, balancing and disposal) 2,961.56 euros
Fuel 3601.88 euros
Total cost 7980.49 euros
Acquisition cost 12,118.00 euros
Estimated price (retailer’s purchase price) 5600.00 euros
Loss of value 6,518.00 euros
Costs per kilometer (without depreciation) 0.16 euros
Cost per kilometer (with depreciation) 0.29 euros

MZ takes a stand – MZ 1000 S

…for rough running culture at low levels
The shorter translation (16 to 43) and new software already have the running culture in
The course of the 2004 season improved significantly.
All 2005 models of our 1000s have
a 17-tooth sprocket and a 45-tooth sprocket. The driving behavior is now in the typical range of sporty two-cylinder engines. Otherwise, the sister models 1000 SF and ST are still available, with the 113 PS twin trimmed for a fuller torque curve.
…for high manual clutch force
Since model year 2005, clutch pressure springs with progressive characteristics have been reducing the
Clutch manual power; they can be retrofitted as a set for 15 euros. Who with his motorcycle
would like to take part in the 24 hours of Oschersleben, however, should use the 2004 springs
keep and accept the higher hand strength.
…to the high fuel consumption
consumption is reasonable in terms of performance and liveliness. Also ran
the endurance test copy to a large extent
in full load surgery.
…to the air filter oily towards the end of the endurance test
The cause is a malfunctioning Ent-
ventilation valve. We will evaluate the problem, as it is not known as a problem from our own development or from the market, and we will also contact the supplier about this.
…to the broken retaining tongue in the
Switching mechanism
The reason for this is a strongly fluctuating heat treatment in an early batch of this component. The breakage and loss of switchability are extreme outliers, others
We are not aware of defects of this type.
…to the torn exhaust manifold
Since model year 2005, the start of series production of the Streetfighter SF, all 1000s have new manifolds with an adaptive sheet metal
for use.
…to the large seat height
With a shorter strut mount and
With a fork pushed further through, the 2005 model has 15 millimeters less seat-
height, now 810 millimeters. In addition, all 1000s are available for 90 euros-
price lowered.
…to the broken-in shift fork
This is normal for operation. The shift fork can be driven on without hesitation because its coating is still intact. Our shift forks are not coated with chrome, but with molybdenum. This ensures good emergency running properties and a defined abrasion behavior over the entire thickness.
…for water accumulation around the
Tank filler neck
This was a problem in the first series.
The tank drain hole is now in place
another, optimized position.

Reader experiences – MZ 1000 S

After riding the Kawasaki ZX-6R before, I initially had some respect for the weight and height of the 1000 S. But the bike immediately instilled confidence in me
because of its great chassis. The big plus of the MZ is that
perfect road holding and a safe feeling for the front wheel. This gives you all-round great fun on bends. Whether driving on the motorway or serpentines in the Alps? the MZ copes well with everything, except stop-and-go in city traffic. The motorcycle is
an eye-catcher. Last but not least, the purchase of an MZ strengthens a committed local company.
Petra Schache, Tambach-Dietharz
My ex-demonstrator has run almost 19,000 kilometers without repairs. From 2500 rpm (even 2000 you can feel the throttle), the S can be driven in the partial load range and consumes an average of six liters per 100 kilometers. I switched to Conti Road Attack tires. They have almost twice the mileage of the Metzeler Sportec, with otherwise just as good properties. Tea spring elements are great, even on bumpy roads. I am very happy with the Emme and will continue to drive it for a long time.
Lothar Festag, Wuppertal
I’ve been driving a 1000 S since July 2004. Every kilometer counts
more fun. Failure so far: a light bulb. Nothing else. Bomb landing gear, great workmanship, completely satisfied. Even with tea
Power development: My Cagiva Elefant with 750 Ducati engine chops significantly more under 3000 tours. Ducati can goal
that, you don’t complain.
Dieter Fehler, Schweinfurt

The thoroughly honest MZ 1000 S got us after 15,000 kilos-
meters so convinced without any failure that we bought a 1000 SF in June 2005. This is also going very well
reliable and has almost 12,000 kilometers on the clock. The S-Motor can be noticeably improved with a little fine tuning. The 16-tooth sprocket is mandatory. A superbike handlebar does that
Motorcycle suitable for tours (www.mz-faber.de). The inspection costs are very cheap at MZ.
Simone and Kai Schaake, Breitenbach

My MZ 1000 S is addicting. She is the best thing
could happen to me except for my 20 year marriage and my four children. I’ve been around with her since April 2005
Driven 7000 kilometers. With the 16-tooth pinion and two slots in the air filter cover, the 1000 S can be driven from 2000 revolutions.
Tea petrol consumption is between five and seven liters
Normal operation. The windbreak is brilliant, I can even open it-
Drive over 200 km / h while sitting down, at 1.77 meters tall.
Claudia Steinke, Werl / Westphalia

The MZ 1000 S is probably one of the most underrated motorcycles! Lean angle almost limitless and
the engine pushes from 4000 rpm as if the devil were behind him
ago, the handling is perfect. It is very positive at MZ to be able to specify the desired color. During 7000 kilometers, even on racetracks, there was not the slightest defect. To
Tea only complaint is the manual strength when coupling. The exhaust-
“Sebring Twister” system in titanium design enhances the already brute sound and is ten kilograms lighter.
Michael Arras, Bensheim

My friend André Gensel and I both drive one
silver S, with 98 hp and more than 10,000 kilometers on the clock. Not only in the Swiss mountains does the 1000s
a good figure, chassis and brakes offer great safety even on poor roads. We have ordered the highest of the three available seat heights and the passenger cushion from the ST. After about 10,000 kilometers, the manifolds broke in the same place as on your test machine (warranty case). We would definitely buy the 1000 S again: Japanese functionality paired with European individuality for little money.
René Zapf, Plauen

Endurance test – MZ 1000 S

Here it is: The first table in which the MOTORRAD endurance test machines of the last two years are assessed in a direct comparison. A maximum of 100 points can be entered, divided into five sections. The costs per kilometer include expenses for inspection, spare and wear parts, such as tires and chain sets. The basis for evaluating the fuel consumption is the average consumption over the entire 50,000 kilometers. The loss in value is based on a DAT estimate at the end of the endurance test. The relation to the list price is assessed at the beginning of the test. Extraordinary-
Regular visits to the workshop lead to a point deduction of one point each. Breakdowns in which the motorcycle could not continue will be penalized with five points. In the technical condition, the wear dimensions and the visual condition of the individual parts are included. The bottom line is that Honda’s reliable VFR is ahead, although it only scores moderately in terms of costs and fuel consumption. The Suzuki V-Strom 1000 is better here, but had to go to the workshop four times out of schedule. The MZ 1000 S has the best wear pattern, the place in the sun costs it the high consumption and the annoying breakdown due to the defect in the circuit. There are two breakdowns that put the BMW R 1200 GS back in the midfield despite the low maintenance costs. Just ahead of the Kawasaki Z 1000, which is not uncomfortably noticeable in any criterion. The Harley-Davidson V-Rod also keeps up with solid technology. For the KTM 950 Adventure and Ducati 999, many visits to the workshop and the moderate technical condition at the end of the test were decisive for the modest end result. gt

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