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Modern: brake system with 220 mm front and rear wheels.


Injection and engine management should also raise the new Vespa to a higher level in terms of environmental friendliness.


The seat of the new GTS is wider than that of the GT.


A Vespa has never been so powerful: the new GTS 250 ie develops 22 hp and costs 4,299 euros.


The rear light protrudes from the sheet metal cladding.


The maximum speed is 120 km / h.


ABS variant at a price of 4,799 euros.


Classic: Above all, a Vespa must always look like a Vespa.


Whether the new digital display fits into a classic sheet metal dress is a matter of taste.


Cheeky: small spoiler on the fender.

Endurance final test balance Vespa GTS 250

Vespa: girls for everything

Strange noises from the rear wheel arch swell and then disappear again. At least that’s how test editor Rolf Henniges describes the bright red Vespa GTS 250 i.e. on September 25, 2006 over the Timmelsjoch. The beautiful tin scooter has the honor of taking part in the traditional annual MOTORRAD autumn ride together with five other endurance test machines (MOTORRAD 23/2007). From the Suzuki Bandit 1250 S and KTM 690 Supermoto to the Harley-Davidson Road King to the Yamaha R1 and Ducati 1098, they are all seasoned motorcycles. You have to be really fit as a scooter? and now this. When driving over the Jaufenpass, the noises get worse, so that the testers in Brixen decide to go to a workshop.

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Endurance final test balance Vespa GTS 250
Vespa: girls for everything


Talented tourers show themselves on the autumn trip to the Dolomites.

Master Karl Gasser takes on the Vespa. A mechanic dismantles the drive and notices that it is not just one wheel bearing that has passed. The automatic drive belt and vario rollers are also nearing their end. The GTS has 23137 kilometers on the clock. With the upcoming 24,000 inspection, the belt would have been due anyway. So it is now exchanged along with the rollers and wheel bearings.

Benefits of riding a scooter


The GTS with its front rack plays the bulky goods transporter perfectly.

Because when the GTS was added to the MOTORRAD editorial team’s fleet, the majority of the motorcycle-oriented testers were still quite skeptical, some even expressed disdain about the newcomer, speaking of the "tin can" with automatic transmission and left it on the left. For now.

There she was now in her pretty, nostalgic outfit, nicely spruced up with a small windshield, crash bars, a foldable luggage rack in the front and a large topcase. The practical accessories from the Piaggio range raise the price of the Vespa GTS 250 i.e. ABS from 4999 euros to a total of 5706 euros. A lot of money for a scooter that generates 21.3 hp at 8500 rpm with its thoroughly modern, water-cooled 250cc four-valve, single-cylinder four-stroke engine, electronic injection and G-Kat.

The GTS 250 could easily pass as a 125, which didn’t exactly improve its image in the editorial office. But fleet manager Rainer Froberg praised the advantages of scooter driving, especially in the city. And was successful. Harry Humke, managing editor at MOTORRAD, was the first to note in the driver’s log: Simply great in town! Motorcycle employee Christian Vetter noted shortly afterwards: "Actually very practical, such a scooter".


The Vespa was also in use in winter.

That broke the ice, the Vespa had its job. In the busy center of Stuttgart, there is nothing faster and more carefree than the "red can". The Vespa is handy, maneuverable and extremely agile. Helmet on, jacket and gloves on, sit on and go. Purchases are done quickly and files are easily transported. Even model airplanes for the youngsters, packed in bulky meter cardboard boxes, can be easily transported on the foldable luggage rack in front of the bow, says test editor Norbert Kappes. The fact that no full-face helmet fits in the storage compartment under the bench seat is to be put up with because the topcase bunkers it while the driver strolls through the pedestrian zone. And by the way, every user also learns to appreciate other advantages of a scooter: Thanks to the leg shield, no more dirty pants and shoes on wet roads.

Maintenance and other warranty cases


An outlet valve is leaking, the valve guide is widened conically.

It has to be inspected every 6,000 kilometers. While the first was still pleasantly cheap at 63.10 euros, the 12000er is pretty steep. According to the service plan, the drive belt must be replaced, and brake pads are also due ?? makes 346.10 euros. Anyone who until now believed that scootering was a cheap pleasure is wrong. Defective speedometer cables, which some motorcyclists may still vaguely remember from the 1970s, are still an issue with a 2006 Vespa. After a good 14,000 kilometers the first breaks, 6000 kilometers later the next one. A warranty claim? Mistake. At Piaggio the reason is: wear part. That’s actually true, but we haven’t seen it that way yet. We are therefore surprised that the boom of the side stand and the spring mount on the main stand are bogged down and replaced free of charge. Even the rust-red rear silencer, like the speedometer cable, a nuisance for many GTS drivers, has had its best days after a not too harsh winter. Is this a case for the warranty department? Conditionally. Piaggio will only exchange the part free of charge if the warranty is up to 10,000 kilometers. The pot doesn’t look nice, but it still works. Just like the Vespa is running fine again after the pit stop in Bressanone and doing very well in the pack of seasoned motorbikes on the autumn exit in search of the Passo Lavardet.

She is allowed to drive a thousand kilometers after the last inspection. Kilometers ridden down faster than expected. The engine feels as fresh as on the first day. Only the shock absorber in the front swing arm has noticeably lost its damping. After 25,000 kilometers, the engine is dismantled. Except for a leaky exhaust valve, a conically widened valve guide and a crankshaft bearing that is close to the wear limit, it is in good condition.

The editorial team is now looking for a new scooter for the long-term test fleet. Because somehow she found pleasure in this practical way of getting around.

Piaggio comments


Hubertus Neinhuis (center), Head of Technology & Service at Piaggio, and Werner Lang (right), technical field service, inspect the crankshaft and bearings.

… to the defective speedometer cables, which also became a nuisance among customers.
The costs for individual speedometer cable damage known to us will be reimbursed within the scope of the guarantee up to a mileage of 3000 kilometers. In the case of higher mileage, Piaggio responds to complaints in an accommodating manner.

… to the rust-prone silencer.
The known rust complaints on rear silencers are of course regulated free of charge within the two-year guarantee period up to 10,000 kilometers.

… to the defective side and main stand.
We are not yet aware of any defects on the boom of the side stand or the mounting of the return spring on the main stand. Such damage will be reimbursed as part of the guarantee.

… to the not available silencer gasket.
Due to a recall campaign, individual dealers experienced short-term delivery bottlenecks. This involved replacing the exhaust clamp. The newly dimensioned clamp prevents the exhaust gases from escaping between the manifold and the rear silencer in order to avoid possible damage to the components in the immediate vicinity of the exhaust system.

… to leaky speedometers, taillights and indicators that GTS owners complain about.
The components mentioned are generally not atmospherically tight. High humidity and temperature differences can therefore possibly trigger condensation. The condensate evaporates after a short time and is therefore not a defect.
In other cases, defects caused by ingress of moisture due to defective seals will of course be remedied as part of the guarantee.

… to the worn out valve guide.
We are not aware of any problems of this kind. As part of our guarantee, we would replace the cylinder head in the event of a complaint.

… to the right crankshaft bearing.
The tracks are only visually unattractive and do not affect the function. Repeated full-load trips before reaching operating temperature could have been a possible cause. With regard to the dimensions, the bearing and shaft are not to be rated as critical.


Cylinder head: One exhaust valve is leaking and knocked in, the guide is widened to a large conical shape, the second is OK except for slight traces of fire. Camshaft and bearing show no abnormalities.

Cylinder / piston: The piston has cold running marks on the shirt on the inlet side, matching running marks are also visible on the cylinder. The piston rings also show no increased wear.

Crankshaft drive: The right crankshaft bearing has tracks, the bearing play is slightly increased. Piston pin and connecting rod bearings are in good condition.

Power transmission: The clutch basket is dimensionally accurate and has only a few grooves, the clutch linings are also flawless. The two surfaces of the belt half pulleys have unevenness caused by the drive belt. The roller tracks of the variator are intact except for harmless running tracks.

Frame / chassis: The body is in good condition except for a few stone chips in the paintwork. The exhaust is badly corroded.

Costs and maintenance

Operating costs over 50,000 kilometers
5 liters of oil at 15.47 euros, 77.35 euros
5 oil filters at 10.12 euros each 50.60 euros
1 air filter 8.35 euros
2 spark plugs at 20.95 euros each 41.90 euros
1 set of front brake pads 28.15 euros
2 drive belts, 1 set of vario rollers 171.06 euros
1 set of steering head bearings 41.91 euros
2 speedometer cables 28.74 euros
Gear oil 2.51 euros
Small parts, lubricants 87.56 euros
Inspections and repairs 1001.33 euros
Tires (including assembly, balancing and disposal) 668.76 euros
Fuel: € 1,124.03
Total cost 3332.25 euros
Acquisition cost 5,706.00 euros
Loss of value 2556.00 euros
Estimated price (dealer selling price) 3150.00 euros
Costs per kilometer (without depreciation) 6.7 cents
Costs per kilometer (with depreciation) 11.8 cents

Maintenance + mileage repairs
Rear tire renewed, Sava MC 163578
Rear tire renewed, Bridgestone Hoop H02 Pro5479
Front tire renewed, Sava MC 166749
Steering head bearings set7682
Front tire renewed, Bridgestone Hoop H02 Pro8087
Rear tires renewed, Michelin Pilot City9252
Steering head bearing renewed (due to Shimmy) 9400
Variator belt and tires front and rear renewed, Pirelli GTS 23, 2412611
Speedometer cable renewed 14259
Side stand renewed after the boom broke (guarantee) 15500
Topcase lock repaired 16704
Rear tire renewed, Pirelli GTS 2418095
H4 bulb renewed18421
Speedometer reset button made accessible, speedometer cable renewed20054
Front and rear tires renewed, Pirelli GTS 23, 2422421
Rear wheel bearing, variator belts and rollers renewed, ignition key broken 23137
Main stand renewed (guarantee) 23972

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