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Deus ex machina

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Deus ex machina

This Suzuki RV 90 was put on the wheels by the customizers of Deus Ex Machina.

Deus ex machina

At first glance, you should probably notice the surfboard attached to the top.

Deus ex machina

The customizers opted for the RV version with the 90 cm³ engine.

Deus ex machina

A towel can be attached to the backrest.

Deus ex machina

The paintwork is rather colorful.

Deus ex machina

A surfboard is part of the custom bike. Indicators and side mirrors are missing, however.

Deus ex machina

As a result, the custom bike would not be street legal in Germany.

Deus ex machina.

The RV was also available with other engines in the past.

Deus ex machina.

Buyers had to pay 2,450 marks for a new Suzuki RV 90. Today the cult bike is significantly more expensive as a used one.

Deus ex machina "Goof bike" Suzuki RV 90

Retro bike for the way to the beach

That’s right: a surfboard can be attached to the Deus Ex Machina converted Suzuki RV 90. Otherwise, the chic retro bike is apparently very suitable for the next trip to the beach.

B.When converting the so-called “The Goof Bike”, the customizers from Deus Ex Machina were less concerned with tuning individual components to increase performance; The famous tuning company was much more concerned with putting a chic and eye-catching retro bike with a certain nonchalance factor on the wheels. Mission accomplished, as we think. Deus Ex Machina decided on the Suzuki RV 90 as the basic bike, which nowadays does not enjoy quite as cult status as the competition from Honda, but it also has its fans.

Ideal for going to the beach

At first glance, the most striking thing is the surfboard, which is attached above the driver. There is also space for a towel on the backrest. To match the colorful paintwork of the bike, Deus Ex Machina’s customers have also created a jet helmet in the same colors. When it comes to the motorization, Deus Ex Machina opted for the Suzuki RV with the 90 cm³ engine that produces 6.3 hp. At that time the cult bike was also available with 50 cm³, 75 cm³ and 125 cm³. Especially the small size and the balloon tires ensure a lot of recognition for the retro Suzi.

Deus ex machina

This Suzuki RV 90 was converted by the Deus Ex Machina customers.

Attentive observers should have noticed that the customers did without side mirrors. The indicators are also missing for road approval in this country. Hobby screwdrivers should find a solution for this very quickly. Unfortunately, the Deus Ex Machina bike is not available for sale. And it won’t be easy to find a cheap Suzuki RV 90 on the German used market either. Incidentally, the new price in 1975 was 2,450 marks. Today’s used prices for a decent model are usually significantly higher.


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