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Zero and Deus Custom have teamed up and created the Deus Customs Zero SR / S.


Michael Woolaway from Deus Customs has turned the Zero into a vintage-style racer.


The full fairing is made of carbon, the windshield is hand-blown.


Familiar screen in the cockpit.

The steering stub clamps under the upper triple clamp.


The tank-seat monocoque is made of carbon.


The fairing flanks have MotoGP-style winglets.


Heavy current warning symbol on the dummy tank. The charging socket is located under the "bag".


There is also a lightning warning symbol on the racing hump.


Dymag is contributing the carbon wheels.


The foot brake lever had to be omitted. The rear wheel is now braked with the thumb brake.


The spring elements come from Showa.


J.Juan supplies the racing brake components.


The electric drive remained untouched during the conversion.

Deus Customs Zero SR / S

Electricity can be so cool

The essence of a Zero SR / S is that of an electrically powered tourer. But if Zero lets the customizer Deus run on the SR / S, then it becomes a real sports hit.

Michael Woolaway from Deus Customs is known for his successful conversions. The Deus Customs now presented Zero SR / S is in no way inferior to its predecessors. Impressed by the Zero appearance at the hill climb on Pikes Peak, Woolaway has turned the Zero into a really electrifying racer with a vintage look.

Full carbon cladding

The distinctive tubular space frame around the battery block was retained. Around this, however, no stone was allowed to remain unturned. The tank bench line has been completely redesigned. The one-piece carbon monocoque combines a dummy tank, the side covers and the stub seat. It is firmly connected to the main frame at the original attachment points. The newly shaped full carbon fiber fairing, which has winglets on the flanks like modern GP bikes, is also a style defining feature. Gray varnish only partially covers the surface, so that the structure of the carbon mats remains visible in many areas. The windshield is hand-blown. A tiny LED headlight sits in the front of the pulpit.

Spring elements from the Showa factory racing stock


The front and rear suspension elements are also absolutely race-ready. USD fork and the fully adjustable shock absorber are racing components in factory specification. Dymag carbon wheels covered with slicks reduce weight and sharpen the look for the long term. J.Juan contributes the braking components. The foot brake lever had to be omitted – it bothered Woolaway’s eyes, because after all, the Zero doesn’t have a gear lever either. A thumb brake now controls the rear stopper. The thumb brake also ensures a little more symmetry at the handlebars, because the Zero doesn’t have a clutch lever either.

Woolaway couldn’t help but make little electrical references. On the dummy fuel tank and on the seat there are lightning symbols as warning notices for the electric drive train.


When electric drive technology comes in such a tasty package, the inhibition threshold among customers is likely to drop dramatically.

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