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Dodge Tomahawk design bike

Just a hatchet

Madness from Daimler-Chrysler: The car company smashes the monotony of motorized boredom? with a motorcycle! The Dodge Tomahawk, a sharp weapon with an 8.3-liter V10 and 507 hp, made its debut in Detroit.

Is Daimler-Chrysler going crazy? No, Daimler-Chrysler is turning it up.

They want the embodiment of a new spirit, the staging of the unconventional. You want to "slap mediocrity in the face" and have let creativity off the leash. Finally: You have built a motorcycle, the Dodge Tomahawk.
But they don’t say motorcycle to that. They use evasive terms such as "mechanical sculpture "or" symbol of extreme thinking ". Like a dubious attempt at camouflage, Chrysler boss Dieter Zetsche warned the designers:" We are automakers. So give the study four wheels. "She got them, the four wheels, plus the 8.3- liter V10 engine that generally gives the Chrysler Viper the respect it deserves. Even so, hardly anyone will stand up and say," Look, nice car. "It drives weird, so it’s a motorcycle.
The undercarriage with axle steering, double trailing arms at the front and single-sided swing arms at the rear enables inclines of 45 degrees. However, designer Trevor Creed admits that you have to "be a little careful on this thing when cornering." The Tomahawk is more for the show and for cruising, it follows the corporate maxim of "grabbing life by the horns". With which the study also shows that this is becoming increasingly difficult in the fun-free zones of air-conditioned interiors and on the comfortable leather armchairs of most cars.
On the handlebars of this bullet, however, it is not only possible, it is sorely necessary to grab life by the horns. And to hold on tightly: Because the 507 hp are good for a top speed far beyond 400 km / h and thus also far beyond the imagination. Although: Such an assessment would recently also have applied to the Tomahawk itself. Especially in a corporation like Daimler-Chrysler, which has so far excelled with innovations of a different kind, that is to say in a bourgeois sense.
However, it seems less surprising that the Tomahawk was born in the USA and its name is based on the cruise missile of the same name. Now it would be wrong to believe that this fits perfectly with the current American mood. But such malice would not do justice to the spirit of the tomahawk. Far from warlike considerations, Zetsche describes the Tomahawk simply as "the desire to live on the edge, to do what no one else does".
So he was crazy enough, in the best sense of the word, to be inspired by the idea of ​​his designers. He and his deputy Wolfgang Bernhard just looked at each other and said: “Let’s build it, let’s build it.” In six months, the project came about in collaboration with RM Motorsports, a company that restores historic racing cars and builds prototypes. Everything to do with the engine block – gearbox, brakes, chain drive, tank, cooler and controls – was handcrafted.
S.ogar a small series? at least in the mind of those responsible for Chrysler – nothing against it. They are currently breeding over an year editing of around 100 copies. For those who not only want to slap mediocrity in the face, but simply want to punch it out of their shoes.

Technical data – Dodge Tomahawk

Engine: water-cooled ten-cylinder four-stroke 90-degree V-engine, camshaft below, two valves per cylinder controlled by push rods, dry sump lubrication, electronic injection, engine management. Bore x stroke 102.4 x 100.6 mm, displacement 8277 cm³, compression ratio 9.6: 1 Rated output 373 kW (507 PS) at 5600 rpm Max. Torque 712 Nm (xxx kpm) at 4200 rpm Power transmission: mechanically operated two-disc dry clutch, sequential two-speed transmission with differential, chain, secondary ratio 35:14. rear single-sided swing arms, fully adjustable central spring strut with lever system front and rear, front two floating single-disc brakes, 0 508 mm, each with two four-piston fixed calipers, rear two single-disc brakes, 0 508 mm, each with one four-piston fixed caliper. Aluminum wheels 4.00 X 20; 5.00 x 20 tires (Dunlop) 120/60 R 20; 150/50 R 20 Chassis data: wheelbase 1930 mm, front track 222 mm, rear track 254 mm, right and left lean angles 45 degrees. Dimensions and weights: L / W / H 2591/704/937 mm, seat height 737 mm, dry weight 680 kg, weight distribution f / h 49/51%. Acceleration 0-100 km / h 2.5 sec, top speed over 400 km / h Price around $ 250,000

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