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Doremi Collection

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Doremi Collection

Doremi Collection from Japan is known for its retro conversions.

Doremi Collection

For 2020 they turned a Kawasaki Z 900 RS into a GPZ 900 R..


Here the basic bike.

Doremi Collection

The conversion should have been presented at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show at the end of March 2020.

But it was canceled due to Corona.

Doremi Collection

The conversion parts were made of GRP.

Doremi Collection

The rear-view mirrors are originally from the GPZ 900 R parts rack.

Doremi Collection

So did the headlight.

Doremi Collection

The handlebars and fittings were taken over from the basic motorcycle unchanged.

Doremi Collection

The front fender also comes from the basic bike.

Doremi Collection

The heart of the renovation is a newly formed 14 liter sheet steel tank.

Doremi Collection

A new tank cover in GPZ style is slipped over this.

Doremi Collection

The rear fairing was also modeled on the GPZ 900 R..

Doremi Collection

The rear light, in turn, is an original Kawasaki part.

Doremi Collection

Technically, the Z 900 RS remained untouched.

Doremi Collection

In contrast to the original, the Nininja has a 4-in-1 exhaust from K-Factory.

Doremi Collection Kawasaki Nininja

The GPZ 900 R makes a comeback

Doremi Collection from Japan is known for its countless retro conversions. Now the guys are bringing back the legendary Kawasaki GPZ 900 R – based on the current Z 900 RS.

The Tokyo Motorcycle Show at the end of March is actually the annual show highlight for the Japanese conversion specialist Doremi Collection. The new designs for the new year can be presented here in large format. In 2020 the trade fair was canceled in the wake of the corona pandemic, but Doremi Collection had already set up its show bike – the Kawasaki nininja. Like many other current Doremi Collection designs, it is based on the Kawasaki Z 900 RS.

GPZ look made of GRP

The central element of this and other modifications is a newly designed sheet steel tank, which has a volume of 14 liters and, thanks to its smaller design, leaves plenty of space for visual changes.

Doremi Collection

In the case of the Nininja, a new tank hood made of GRP in the style of the GPZ 900 R is placed over it. On the rear frame, the Japanese put a GPZ rear section, also made of GRP, which, however, was designed directly as a one-man seat, even if a foam rubber plate on the hump together with the passenger pegs suggests suitability for two men. The GPZ 900 R-Look is completed by a frame-fixed half-shell based on the original part.


The historical model.

The main headlights, the taillights and the fairing mirrors come directly from the Kawasaki GPZ 900 R shelf. On the exhaust side, the Nininja deviates from the legendary model. Instead of two mufflers, a 4-in-1 exhaust system from K-Factory is installed here – quite contemporary. The design was seasoned with various other components such as new pegs or crash pads. Technically, the Kawasaki Z 900 RS remains unchanged.


The starting point

So far, only the tank of the complete conversion package can be purchased. It costs the equivalent of around 425 euros, but will still be available until the end of July 2020 at the special price of around 335 euros. If there is a corresponding customer interest, the cladding parts should be pushed in in small series.

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