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This tricycle is called MP1 Dynamic CL and is put on the wheels by the Spanish manufacturer DragonTT.

Due to the outer cladding, pilots are protected from wind and weather.

The roof can be opened.

A pillion rider is also possible, but not necessarily convenient for the front passenger.

When it comes to the engine, the Spanish manufacturer uses Piaggio.

DragonTT MP1 Dynamic CL

Three-wheeled vehicle with a roof

The DragonTT MP1 Dynamic CL is a covered tricycle from Spain based on the Piaggio MP3. It can be driven with a car driver’s license.

AT.At first glance, some observers probably do not know exactly what to think of the vehicle presented here. In some ways the so-called DragonTT MP1 Dynamic CL is reminiscent of the C1 from BMW, only with three wheels. However, due to the larger fairing, the tricycle looks even more massive. As mentioned in the opening credits, the tricycle is based on the Piaggio MP3. The drive and the steering system should come from the Italian vehicle. According to DragonTT, the frame and the entire geometry of the MP1 Dynamic CL have been significantly changed. According to the manufacturer, the weight distribution on the axles should also differ from that of the Piaggio vehicle. By the way, buyers can choose which engine is used. You can choose between the 350 series drive with 30 HP and 29 Nm or the 500 series engine with 44 HP and 45 Nm. With the more powerful engine, speeds of up to 160 km / h should be possible, which means that journeys on the motorway are also possible.

Modular vehicle structure

According to the manufacturer, the chassis was supplemented with a new body. Due to the design of the vehicle, which is currently produced in a small series, of course, there are some advantages, but also various disadvantages. Without a doubt, pilots are better protected in the event of a fall thanks to the outer shell. The wind and weather protection also represents a significant added value in poor outside conditions. Windshield wipers like those found in cars ensure a clear view when it rains. The roof can be folded up so that the driver can climb into the vehicle. With a lot of imagination, the mechanism is reminiscent of gullwing doors from noble sports cars.

Some components can also be removed. For example, the side windows can be removed, which provides plenty of draft on hot summer days. There should be 70 liters of storage space behind the pilot. A pillion rider is also possible, although it is pretty tight for the passenger. Due to the three-wheel design with the appropriate track width, the vehicle can also be controlled by those who have a driver’s license.

Space is likely to be tight for the pillion passenger.

However, the overall width is also a disadvantage: Even when looking at the pictures, the wide design of the vehicle is noticeable – it should hardly be possible to simply meander through in urban traffic. In terms of agility and maneuverability, the DragonTT MP1 Dynamic CL with its increased center of gravity cannot be compared with other tricycles. The manufacturer is otherwise largely covered when it comes to technical data. In addition, the price is also quite tough. The tricycle would cost a little more than 18,000 euros if you include VAT & Co. added. There are also delivery costs because the vehicle has to be delivered from Spain. The development of a Europe-wide sales network is still in preparation.


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The concept of the DragonTT MP1 Dynamic CL could be interesting for owners of the car driver’s license. Above all, the better protection provides real added value. However, the vehicle is not a bargain – and in some places the tricycle does not look quite thought through.

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