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The Microletta is currently still a prototype and will celebrate its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.


In addition to the electric tricycle, the mini-car Microlino will also be available in Switzerland.


According to the manufacturer, a car driver’s license is sufficient for driving the three-wheeled vehicle.


The batteries are removable and should allow a range of up to 100 kilometers.


When the production of the tricycle will start is still open. Initially, the manufacturer would like to concentrate on the start of production of the Microlino.


The tricycle will cost 4,900 euros.


The Mircoletta should weigh 120 kilograms.


The manufacturer has given the scooter a color display.


The seat compartment can be opened.


The tricycle can be paired with the smartphone.

Microletta three-wheel electric scooter

Prototype presented in more detail in the livestream

With the Microletta, a new electric scooter with three wheels is in the starting blocks, which can also be driven with a car driver’s license.

Retro charm meets modern technology and suitability for everyday use – this or something like that could have been the motto for the development of the Microletta. The Swiss company Micro, which is known for the Microlino mini electric car, has announced that it will present the new three-wheeler concept to the public for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. In addition to the electric tricycle, a new variant of the KMicrolino leinstwagen can be seen. As is well known, the Geneva Motor Show was canceled due to the corona virus, which is why the manufacturer has now given its presentation via an Internet livestream. In addition, a few new photos of the Microletta were published in early March, which can be found in the picture gallery.

Driving license class B entitles you to drive

The relationship between the Microlino and the Microletta can be seen at first glance. From a purely visual point of view, one or the other Vespa would also fit perfectly into the picture. Since the vehicle, which weighs 120 kilograms, is classified as a tricycle in Europe, the Microletta can, according to the manufacturer, be driven with a car driver’s license despite a maximum speed of up to 80 km / h. Although the tricycle shown is currently still a prototype, the corresponding production bike can already be pre-ordered on the official website. The price should be around 4,900 euros. The manufacturer has not yet revealed when production should start – although they would like to focus on the start of production of the Microlino first.


With the Microletta a range of up to 100 kilometers should be possible.

In a first press release in the run-up to the Geneva Motor Show, Micro also mentions a few more details about the Microletta: For example, the batteries, which should enable a range of up to 100 kilometers, are removable and can therefore be easily recharged at the home socket. The charging time should be four hours. According to the company’s own statements, the two front wheels should also provide better grip when cornering compared to two-wheelers and also achieve a better braking effect. The steering mechanism can be locked at a standstill, for example at red lights, so that the tricycle stops by itself and does not tip over. Exact technical information has not yet been published.


The Microletta could be particularly suitable for commuters who do not trust themselves to drive motorized two-wheelers, but still want to travel with a small and agile vehicle. The question remains as to when we will see the Microletta on the streets.

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