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EDIMO diesel motorcycle with smart motor


Why not build a motorcycle with a self-igniting engine? A smart diesel drives the EDIMO at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

In the passenger car sector, the diesel drive has seen an unparalleled triumph. A few decades ago, the D after the type designation was still for the pensioner with a hat, who stopped the flowing traffic with his sooty 190 diesel, today even the young dynamic buyer is not afraid of his convertible

to be ordered in the TDI version. Modern diesels have almost caught up with gasoline engines in terms of performance, with higher torque and decidedly lower fuel consumption.
One wonders why no motorcycle manufacturer has jumped on the express train yet. There have been attempt attempts in this direction: Enfield India has been building a small, technically simple diesel motorcycle in series for a long time, and some private individuals have implanted industrial diesel engines in motorcycle frame. But the general idea of ​​high weight and low performance has so far formed a psychological barrier for two-wheelers. But what speaks against a development such as that in the passenger car sector?
This topic also moved Professor Klaus Schellmann from the Vehicle Technology Department at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. In an overarching project in the fields of vehicle technology and mechanical engineering, working groups took countless hours from planning in the summer semester of 2000 to the ready-to-drive prototype in August 2004 E.DIMO christened Esslinger diesel motorcycle.
The diesel engine of the Smart CDI with common rail direct injection serves as the drive source. It draws 41 hp from 800 cm3. Not exactly lavish for performance fetishists, but the torque of the in-line three-cylinder with 100 Nm is on par with motorcycle gasoline engines with a displacement of one liter ?? at a speed level of only 1800 to 2800 revolutions. AT
Multi-plate dry clutch transfers the torque to a Harley five-speed transmission. While the fork of a Suzuki GSX 1400
the front wheel leads, the chassis including the swing arm and the entire periphery, from the tank under the seat to the exhaust system, were created
with soot particle filter, in meticulous student teamwork. After the prototype has been completed, the project will now go into driving tests.
MOTORRAD already had the opportunity in advance to collect their first driving impressions with the EDIMO, which weighs 287 kilograms, including 15 liters of diesel. And they are very promising, especially since consumption is likely to be extremely low. A detailed test will follow soon, in MOTORRAD. If you want to marvel at the original EDIMO, you have to go to the Intermot in Munich from
September 15th to 19th opportunity. The diesel motorcycle can be viewed at the MOTORRAD stand in Hall B2.

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