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Doohan iTango and iTank at INTERMOT

Electric scooter with double front wheel

The KSR Group is now bringing the electric scooters from the Chinese manufacturer Doohan to Germany. The scooters with the double front wheels have now been presented at INTERMOT.

M.ith the iTango and iTank models, two more electric scooters from Asian production enrich the European range.

The special thing about these two electric scooters is their double front wheel technology.

Up to 76 km range

The two front wheels are guided in parallel on a swivel suspension – even in an inclined position – this should bring more safety, but also more driving pleasure. The maximum inclination mentioned is 30 degrees. Since the front track width is less than 60 cm, the two front wheels count as a double wheel. The whole vehicle is therefore a two-wheeler (and not a tricycle) in the sense of the law.


The electric motor sits in the rear wheel.

The drive is provided by a rear wheel hub motor from Bosch, which, depending on the version, delivers 1 to 1.2 kW in the iTango and 2 to 4.2 kW in the iTank. The capacity of the removable lithium-ion batteries also varies. In the iTango between 960 Wh and 1.25 kWh and in the iTank between 1.56 and 3.12 kWh. The iTango runs at a top speed of 25 to 45 km / h, with the iTank a top speed of 45 to 70 km / h can be selected. The ranges are between 45 and 76 kilometers, the charging times between 5 and 7 hours. There is a deceleration with three disc brakes that recuperate. The lighting technology exclusively uses energy-saving LED technology.

From mopeds to light motorcycles

The 25 km / h version of the iTango can be driven with a moped driver’s license. Both 45 km / h variants are allowed with the
Small motorcycle driving license AM can be driven from 15 or 16 years, depending on the country. Any other driver’s license such as class B is also sufficient. The iTank is also available in a 70 km / h version with 2 batteries and falls into class L3e-A1 ("125 class"). At least an A1 motorcycle license is required for this vehicle.

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