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MotoCorsa has converted a 1199 Panigale for off-road use.


The bike was baptized with the name Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa.


MotoCorsa has given the TerraCorsa new tires, among other things.


The paint is called "Desert Storm".


The TerraCorsa had to prove its off-road suitability over 1,200 miles.

Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa from MotoCorsa

Panigale as an off-road motorcycle

A Ducati Panigale that can also be used off-road? Sounds crazy. But MotoCorsa has put just such a bike on its wheels with the Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa.

Admittedly, the one built by MotoCorsa is brand new D.ucati 1199 TerraCorsa not. The American Ducati dealer converted the Panigale into an off-road motorcycle back in 2013. Correspondingly, the TerraCorsa could already have run into one or the other attentive motorcycle enthusiast in the social networks. The question of why no current Panigale was used as a basis should also have been resolved.

Test drive over 1,200 miles successfully completed

The usefulness of the Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa may of course be questioned – nevertheless we did not want to withhold this work from MotoCorsa from you. It shouldn’t be a secret that an enduro like the Multistrada is much better suited for off-road excursions. The spring elements have been adapted accordingly for off-road use of the 1199 Panigale. In addition, studded tires were fitted by Continental and the electronics were adapted to enable off-road driving. The exhaust, which is additionally protected during the conversion, also had to be replaced.


The Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa was put on wheels by MotoCorsa.

To round off the “off-road look”, MotoCorsa decided to give the 1199 Panigale a fresh paint job called “Desert Storm”. Anyone who thinks that the Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa is a pure show bike is wrong. According to their own statements, the "Offroad Panigale" was driven over a distance of over 1,200 miles – including off-road, of course. However, simpler field and forest paths should have been the focus. Extreme off-road routes were avoided on the exit. If you want to convince yourself of the off-road properties of the TerraCorsa, the following video from MotoCorsa is recommended:


Total nonsense or a nice idea? As mentioned at the beginning, the usefulness of the off-road Panigale presented here can at least be discussed. Regardless of this, the TerraCorsa is definitely nice to look at.

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