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Stefan Baldauf.

Ducati is working on a new generation of monsters.

Stefan Baldauf.

The tubular steel frame is replaced by a construction made of cast aluminum profiles.


The shock absorber is directly hinged and is supported on the two-arm swing arm and the engine.


The Ducatisti probably use the water-cooled midsize engine as drive, which is now probably 950 cm³ instead of 821 cm³.

Just like it is used in the Multistrada 950.

Ducati Monster (2021) caught as Erlkönig

With aluminum frame and less weight

Unexpectedly, our Erlkönigjäger hit a Ducati. It is unmistakably the successor to the Ducati Monster. The hammer: Instead of a steel tubular space frame, the Bolognese are now using aluminum.

When it first appeared in 1992 it was D.ucati Monster a groundbreaking motorcycle. The Ducati developers combined the chassis of a super sports car, the Ducati 888, with the look of a classic street motorcycle. The Italians used the good 900 V2 from the supersport models as a drive. Air-cooled, a good 70 hp and relatively durable. For many years the Monster shaped the Ducati model range and was a guarantee for good sales. The monster family grew over all possible displacement classes, from the 400 to the powerful 1200 with a water-cooled 150 PS Desmo, everything was on offer.

New engine with 950 cc

The series came under increasing pressure. From below by the Ducati Scrambler, which certainly fished off a share of those interested in monsters, as well as from above, since the Streetfighter and especially the Streetfighter V4 offer highly attractive and very sporty naked bikes. Not to mention the keen competition from BMW to KTM and Triumph. So it is high time for Bologna to thoroughly renovate the monsters. The new edition runs under the development code Project 1803. And as our unfortunately blurred photo reveals, Ducati will use aluminum as the frame material, as with its Panigale super sports bikes. Paradigm shift also in the processing of the material: instead of pretty cane mesh, cast components are used to connect the chassis and engine.

Stefan Baldauf.

Not very sharp because it is quite far away: the monster prototype during test drives.

The front structure that houses the steering head is obviously screwed together from two parts. The rear frame also seems to be a cast construction. We cannot tell whether two halves are screwed together here as well. The V2 engine hangs in between. The weight should drop by around 10 kilograms. The once dominant exhaust with its baroque manifold design gives way to a lighter, more integrated version. The two short exhaust stubs stretch up boldly, the main work in terms of noise abatement is done by a front silencer under the gearbox. The shock absorber is directly hinged and is supported on the two-arm swing arm and the engine. The Ducatisti probably use the water-cooled midsize engine as drive, which is now probably 950 cm³ instead of 821 cm³. Just like it is used in the Multistrada 950. A fine engine, but it will probably not stay with it alone.


In terms of price, the new frame construction will certainly change a lot for the better. The construction with aluminum cast parts is significantly cheaper than a steel tubular space version.


Gone are the days of the tubular space frame. The manifold pipes will also be hidden in the future. For the engine, the 950 V2 should come into play. As is easy to see, the new Ducati Monster can look forward to lots of updates.

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