Mandatory equipment on a motorcycle: safety above all

March 8, 2017

Are you about to take the motorcycle license and you want to know what are the essentials for both the biker and his motorcycle? We take stock of the mandatory and recommended equipment for riding a motorcycle.

Mandatory equipment on a motorcycle: safety above all

Mandatory equipment for the biker

As for the mandatory equipment for the biker (and this for your own safety), you are required to wear:

– A approved helmet : since the law of July 1, 1973, the wearing of an approved helmet is compulsory for anyone driving a motorized two-wheeler. If applicable, the driver incurs a fine of up to 750 euros and a withdrawal of 3 points on the license

– Approved gloves: just like the helmet, the rider must wear certified gloves. Otherwise, he will have to pay a fine of 68 euros and will lose one point.

– The yellow vest : if it does not have to be worn while driving, the yellow vest must be placed in an easily accessible place in the event of an emergency stop, and this since January 1, 2016. The absence of a yellow vest is punishable by a fine of 11 euros. In addition, this vest must be worn as soon as you get off the motorcycle in the event of an emergency stop. If this is not the case, the fine can be up to 135 euros.

Optional equipment for the biker

While this equipment is not mandatory, it is nevertheless recommended in order to minimize damage in the event of an accident:

The jacket : in addition to its practicality when driving, it protects the upper body in the event of a more or less serious accident. To maximize its effectiveness, the jacket must include approved protections and it can be lined depending on the season. Back protection for the jacket is therefore a good choice to protect the spine in the event of an accident.

Boots / shoes : In order to protect your feet and ankles, your motorcycle boots or shoes must also be approved. The choice between boots and shoes will depend on your driving habits: rather boots for "sport" or "road" driving, rather shoes for urban driving..

Trousers : for the lower part of the body, wearing approved pants is recommended. He too must be accompanied by suitable protections for maximum protection.
In addition, if classic jeans are strongly discouraged, reinforced jeans can be a good choice for urban driving, if accompanied by a kevlar lining at the waist and knees..

Please note, when passing your motorcycle license exam, wearing a suitable jacket, pants and motorcycle shoes is mandatory, so invest in approved equipment from the start !

In order to best equip yourself for your safety and driving comfort, do not hesitate to compare prices online to identify specialized sites offering unbeatable prices on all motorcycle equipment such as Speedway.

And for the equipment of the motorcycle then ?

Riding a motorcycle requires you to wear certain equipment, but also to have certain equipment on your vehicle.
Of course, your motorcycle must be properly registered, with a legible plate, respecting all the size and layout criteria imposed by the European standard. If your plate does not follow these standards, you will have to pay a fine of 68 euros, unless you were registered before December 31, 1992, in which case you can keep the original black and white plate. The presence of the manufacturer’s plate and an identification number are also mandatory.

On the driving side, certain equipment is absolutely essential to guarantee safe driving of your motorcycle. This is the case with left mirror, of the’buzzer, of speedometer, of odometer, of the crutch, of suppressor and of course brakes (two in number, they must be able to be used independently).

Finally, you must of course be clearly visible on the road, which is why the blinkers must meet standards, as well as headlights.

In general, if in doubt, do not hesitate to inquire twice rather than once, because not wearing mandatory equipment puts you at risk, not only for the law but also for your own safety..

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