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BMW R 1150 R endurance test

In quick succession

It gave a brief and rarely controversial guest appearance: the BMW R 1150 R covered its 50,000 kilometers in just under 15 months. Almost without any problems. Nearly.

It was a day like in a really nice MOTORCYCLE on the road story. Airy clouds flitted across a bright blue spring sky, the temperature should rise in the middle of the twenties ?? and colleague Schröter announced during the morning conference that he had just transferred the long-term test R to the editorial garage.

The majority of the test team then continued to discuss comparisons between GSX and RSV and CBR. However, a minority started planning their vacation.
This faction took it seriously: the BMW R 1150 R was allowed to tour large parts of Europe in no time at all, but the speed with which it went through the test shows that even athletes did not hesitate to grab the heated handlebars. Everyday, Sundays, vacation days. A first summary: The R is not everyone’s taste, it even requires getting used to from some, but can be moved by everyone pretty easily. Because it is also very practical, it never stops long. Actually only for minor repairs (very rarely) or inspections (every 10,000 kilometers).
There is no arguing about taste, so let’s get used to the problems: For an extra charge, the editing machine carried the ABS ordered by almost all BMW customers. Here in a partially integral version, in which the brake lever activates all, the pedal only activates the rear of the three disc brakes. This whole integral BMW invention has long been known as digital ABS at regulars’ tables, and indeed: if you have hands like a vice, you only brake fully? or not. But who has hands like … It doesn’t matter, even weaker people could be shocked, namely when braking hard for the first time or when gently applying the brakes in the morning traffic jam. That really takes getting used to. And then again, when it’s really quick for the first time on the home route. In short, a few 100 kilometers in a row are necessary to learn new braking and to be able to really enjoy the brutal stoppers.
A few 100 kilometers in a row also initial cause complaints in the knee area for many. The R has its notches almost at the height of the ears, in other words: cylinder height, and then those who complain especially loudly about the considerable lean angle are the ones who are grumbling. Unfortunately, the causal relationship between joy and sorrow cannot be broken in this case, which was revealed by installing driver pegs a few centimeters lower (see box on page 43). With this, some complainers drove much more comfortably, but the rest stops surprisingly early.
The BMW received unanimous praise from its drivers for the accommodation from thighs upwards. Seat okay, knee joint okay, handlebar okay. The seat pad was the taller one from a two-piece collection, and it doesn’t seem to be an issue with it. The lower one is supposed to convey intimate contact with the base plate after a few 1000 kilometers. The tank fits everyone, only the very tall ones have to spread their legs more widely. And the handlebars provide good contact with the motorcycle when the sitting position is appropriately upright.
At this point ?? but that’s no wonder with such a versatile motorcycle? the narrative thread threatens to fray. That is why it is divided: First, a description of what has space on this BMW. Then what you can do with her. Well, the most beautiful place on the R 1150 R is for the passenger. Whenever he ?? like with MOTORCYCLE ?? gets the comfort seat cushion for free. Then the upholstery is right and the knee angle is right too. Apart from the notorious "don’t drive so fast" there are simply no complaints from behind. The luggage is also well stowed, the suitcases on the well-known and discreet BMW carrier system, the luggage roll on a stable, albeit somewhat narrow luggage rack. The suitcases carry the company’s typical locking system, which no longer puzzles anyone, but still raises the question of why closed suitcases always have to be locked. This makes handling more difficult beyond the motorcycle. No puzzles, however, when stowing a tank bag, even huge parts lie on the surface of the tank and hardly hinder the driver.
Packed in this way, the BMW was in a class of its own, because when driving it hides the whole load better than many other travel machines. Also better than the in-house GS with its significantly higher center of gravity. The rather simple spring elements require a little sensitivity when adjusting the rebound damping: a quarter turn too much, the damper rod almost gets stuck, a quarter too little, then the load swings up and down without will. With patience, however, you can find a setting that ensures a lot of driving fun even with maximum payload.
The Redaktions-R also mostly tackled solo rides in a very tightly coordinated manner, with the rear spring base almost fully extended. This added an extra touch of handiness and gave an even more direct feel to the front wheel. And complaints? There were no complaints about the chassis, the very cheeky demanded even more lean angle. Especially for driving in pairs (!). Opportunity arouses urges, which is why some sports fans want a more agile engine. Nobody denies the Boxer-Twin nice power development in the lower and proper power in the middle speed range, but beyond 6000 revs it runs out of breath.
On tour, the engine made itself popular as an undemanding journeyman who never consumes very little even when strolling around in the extreme, but who, on the other hand, is not tempted to drink in the heart of the country road or highway stretches. More than seven liters flowed through extremely rarely, which was certainly helped by the fact that this R had one of the overdrive that many valued and that nobody drives around for long at top speed on a naked bike. After all, thanks to the small BMW windshield and protected by a large tank bag, speeds between 160 and 180 km / h can be sustained. Always ?? just by the way? without any chassis dodging.
During the holiday-free period, the engine had a little slack, did not want to start properly in the cold, died again after starting and needed a noticeably long warm-up phase. As part of an inspection, he was given a helping hand. Carburetor synchronization, new candles. The usual. And then it was spring again.
But it got off to a good start: "The gear jumped out." It says in the logbook. Two weeks later: "Transmission doesn’t shift well." Was the R tired of spring? "The struts are wearing off." Bad memories were awakened of the R 1100 RS, which had dragged itself to the end of the endurance test with heavy use of materials. Nothing there, this BMW came through easily, even if slight weaknesses made an exciting slaughter party expected.
In fact, the gear shift dogs show slight curves. With less concentrated shifting, a gear can jump out again. Otherwise, the often maligned switch box ends the test in very good condition. The rear shock absorbed a little more, but was usable until the end. Nonetheless, such an expensive and, in its entirety, valuable motorcycle would have deserved solid, durable suspension elements. Further in the text: It is not uncommon for the exhaust valves to no longer seal one hundred percent after 50,000 kilometers. Their seats need to be reground, the valves can still be used. Pistons, cylinders, everything immaculate.
AT.With the wear of the rear brake disc, the integral ABS is certainly the main culprit, three sets of rear brake pads have not yet been used by many long-term testers. But, as always, the strongest comes at the very end: In the depths of the engine, surrounded by nothing but parts that are as good as new or that are not significantly worn, are the sad remains of a timing chain tensioner. It must have been shredded immediately before the end of the test, probably during the final measurements. In any case, this defect could not do any major damage? Skipping the timing chain, crooked valves, you don’t even want to think about it? dish up. Like in a very good story on the road: a lot of luck.

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BMW R 1150 R endurance test
In quick succession

Accessories put to the test

The accessory market for the most popular BMW models is booming, and besides BMW, the well-known suppliers Wüdo (phone 02301/91880, www.wuedo.de), Wunderlich (phone 02642/97980, www.wunderlich.de) and Fallert are benefiting from this (Telephone 07841/62050, www.fallert.com). MOTORRAD mainly tried out parts that were supposed to meet frequently expressed requests for improvement. On the subject of wind protection: The small windshield from BMW (158 euros) brings a surprising amount, especially a clear flow of air towards the upper body. Significantly less wind pressure again? and practically no suction ?? whoever installs the two-part windshield from Wunderlich (1) has to put up with it. The incline and height can be adjusted to the driver’s length. The panes from the Wüdo range (2), which can be attached just as quickly but more securely, also offer good functionality. However, even the higher ones do not completely protect Lange. The Fallert cladding (3) lifts itself very well into the wind, taller drivers only complain of loud turbulence in front of the helmet from 150 km / h. Deeper notches help against knee angles that are too acute. With the well-made lowering kit (6) offered by Wunderlich, for example, long journeys are much more relaxed. Unfortunately, the lean angle is greatly reduced, and because the feet are further out, it is particularly difficult to operate the foot brake lever. If the handlebars seem too sporty as standard, thanks to Wunderlich, among other things, you can raise them 2.5 centimeters higher (5): Some find this more relaxed, while others’ shoulder muscles cramp over the long term. Opinions on the Wunderlich bench (4) are equally contradictory, although they do not sit well, but are quite tight in the normal version. The passenger seat could be more comfortable, the comfort pillion seat (124 euros) from BMW, which MOTORRAD launched shortly after the start of the test, offers great comfort. The foot protectors (7) from Wüdo are more suitable as a reminiscence of the old days, as they provide effective protection against splash water ?? just what’s the point in the Gore-Tex era? A well-known annoyance of the oven-valve boxer is the constant speed jolt. In the case of the R 1150 R, BMW has reduced this annoying pushing and tugging at constant gas and low speeds to an acceptable level. The people of Munich use double-diode spark plugs; the iridium candles by Denso (9), sold by Wunderlich, are supposed to ignite lean mixtures even better. Sensitive people actually feel less jerking. Clearer praise drive the struts ?? front and back ?? by White Power (8), with which the landing gear really seems to float under a soloist. As sensitive as the response, so unmoved is the compression on rough waves. If a pillion rider gets on, however, the dampers get into the high-speed range, which clearly seems designed for extreme loads. It’s quite tough, as the standard and by far not so high-quality struts overtake and win the comfort rating. Finally, a commendable sentence for the BMW tank bag (10), which is ?? with a reasonable volume and solid execution ?? popular thanks to its smart assembly lock. Click, it’s easy. And if he’s too small for you, you can hang up the good old elephant boy. Still went well with every rubber cow.

BMW comments…

…Broken tensioning rails are not an issue at all in the field, with our customers. We may have one damage per year on all boxer motorcycles combined … for pitting on a bucket tappet We are aware of this problem from a few individual cases. We are working on it …. on the tracks on the rocker arm axles We consider this to be insignificant because no functional impairment is present or expected …. on the broken seats of the exhaust valves We are not aware of such problems in the customer field. Because the compression diagram was flawless, we also assume that it is functioning properly … the rounding of some shift claws Rounding are normal signs of wear at this mileage, these can be intensified by incomplete shifting processes … the defective drive belt of the alternator We are aware of defective poly V belts. In this context, we would like to point out that, according to the service information from August 2002, as part of the 10,000-kilometer maintenance service, re-tensioning of the belt is mandatory … for defective storage of the rear axle drive We are aware of a few cases, an extensive damage analysis is currently in progress. … on the wear of the rear brake disc During normal to brisk driving, the mileage (structural design) of a brake disc is in the range of 50,000 kilometers. The described wear is therefore normal … on the diminishing effect of the rear shock absorber We have not yet received any reports from the field, as the mileage is far from being reached.

Reading experiences

I bought my R 1150 R in June 2001. Since then I have driven 12,000 kilometers mainly on country roads and motorways. In order to do the latter quickly and stress-free, I retrofitted a slightly higher pane. So I was able to complete stages like from Bozen to Hamburg in one go in just ten hours. The agile handling and the high-torque boxer inspire on winding roads, and the relaxed seating position on the motorway. For me, with a modern engine, the oil consumption of around 0.5 liters / 1000 kilometers is incomprehensible (significantly more with a lot of motorway). The ABS is awesome, and now I even appreciate the heated grips. Nevertheless, after a year I broke up with the R: It is simply too rational for me for the great passion. Ernst BaaderHamburgOstern 2001 I took a test drive with the R 1150 R. I have never felt so comfortable on a motorcycle right away. The chassis is brilliant, the brakes impressive. You have to have gross motor skills to not be able to cope with the dosage. A week later it’s mine! Mileage meanwhile: 26,500 kilometers. The transmission can be shifted indifferently right from the start, and sometimes a gear jumps out. After BMW has agreed to assume the costs, the transmission is removed and measured (mileage 14,000). The axial play is incorrect and the selector shaft is slightly crooked. After this repair, the gearbox shifts almost "Japanese"! At 17000 there are brief engine misfires lasting milliseconds. The hall transmitter announces its end. Apparently the component is installed in a thermally critical manner. Exchange on guarantee. Otherwise no defects so far. Detlev GerretsNienborstel Bought a new machine with ABS, heated grips, low seat and long sixth gear in June 2001, almost 25,000 kilometers in 14 months. So far there have been a few problems with the first dealer, but the bike has always been without problems or problems. I have adapted the Q to my idea of ​​a naked bike with a few optical modifications. The BMW, which was not unsportsmanlike from the start, became one thanks to the loss of around twelve kilograms (removal of unnecessary parts), a more manageable chassis geometry with even more freedom from leaning by lifting the rear and minimal changes that help the engine to become significantly more enjoyable almost perfect country road surfer for small and very small roads. What I particularly like about the R 1150 R is the almost sporty seating position, the ingenious chassis, the brakes and the ease with which the motorcycle has worked so far. Bernd Jungmann

Tire recommendation

MOTORRAD checked the four most popular tire pairings of the wide range for the BMW R 1150 R in a short test run. Bridgestone BT 56, Dunlop D 207, Metzeler ME Z4 and Michelin Macadam started, the BT 56 delivered the best handling and harmonized perfectly at this level with the very neutral and curvy BMW. In very fast corners, however, slight unrest creeps in. And comfort is also better. The Metzeler, for example, which apart from handling ?? and then only opposite the BT 56 ?? there is no nakedness. Good grip, little tendency to stand up when braking, straight-line stability. The Dunlop can also serve this purpose, and its high braking stability is also pleasing. Unfortunately, it shows shimmy when cold and clearly stands up when braking. Braking in an inclined position hardly challenges the Michelin, and it also remains stable when decelerating. However, it shows very slight unrest at high speeds in inclined positions and takes a little longer to reach operating temperature.

Performance – BMW R 1150 R

1600 km 49500 km Top speed solo 212 210 Acceleration solo 0-100 km / h sec 3.8 3.80-140 km / h sec 7.2 7.10-200 km / h sec 21.8 22.0 Pull-through (with pillion passenger) 60-100 km / h sec 5.4 ( 7.2) 5.3 (7.1) 100-140 km / h sec 6.0 (8.3) 5.8 (8.1) 140-180 km / h sec 7, 9 (12.9) 7.7 (12.7) Average consumption over 500,000 kilometers Fuel (super) liters / 100 km 6.6 Engine oil liters / 1000 km 0.14

Condition – BMW R 1150 R.

Cylinder head: Two exhaust valves are slightly leaking, the seats on all four are slightly broken. The dimension of an exhaust valve guide is outside the tolerance. A bucket tappet shows significant pitting and needs to be replaced, the running surface of the corresponding cam shows signs of wear, but the camshaft can still be used. All rocker arm axes have rotated in their bearings, as a result of which they have significant pressure points. Cylinder: There are slight grooves on the cylinder liners, but overall there is a good wear pattern. The overall appearance of the pistons and connecting rods corresponds to the mileage and is okay. Crankshaft: All crankshaft bearings have very little tracks and are almost in new condition in terms of wear and tear. Clutch: The drive plate shows a picture appropriate to the mileage, the pressure plate is in good condition. All gear wheels are in good condition, some shift claws are slightly rounded, the tracks on the shift forks are small and the mileage is appropriate. Chassis: The rear shock absorber has noticeably decreased in the rebound damping. The front strut is fine. The rear brake disc is worn, the front ones show a very good picture. The frame and all bearings are in very good condition.

Maintenance and repairs – BMW R 1150 R

Spark plug cover on the left renewed 1111 kmRear tire renewed, Metzeler ME Z4 8213 kmBulb renewed 9287 kmRear brake pads renewed 9287 kmTire front and rear renewed, Metzeler ME Z4 15,802 km Rear tire renewed, Metzeler ME Z 22,706 km Front tire renewed, Metzeler ME Z4 24,137 km Brake pads renewed, Metzeler ME Z4 24,137 km renewed 27,240 km Heat grips repaired (guarantee) 28,446 kmBulb renewed 28,384 kmRear tires renewed, Metzeler ME Z4 31,217 kmTyres in front renewed, Metzeler ME Z4 36,429 kmBrake pads in front renewed 39,414 kmTyres in front and rear renewed, Bridgestone BT 56 40,510 km, Michelin Macadam renewed 469 km, tires front km


Maintenance and repair 18.75 liters of oil at 8.43 euros 158.06 euros 5 oil filters at 10.92 euros 54.60 euros 1 air filter 14.50 euros 4 spark plugs at 7.95 euros 31.80 euros Front brake pads 33.21 euros 2 rear brake pads each 33, 21 Euro 64.42 Euro 0.75 liter gear oil 29.58 Euro 10 cylinder head cover gaskets at 2.04 Euro 20.40 Euro Spark plug cover 7.16 Euro Fuel filter 13.62 Euro 2 Bulbs 2 87 Euro Small parts 25.71 Euro Inspections and wearing parts, repairs and parts 1486, 03 Tires (including assembly, balancing and disposal) 1674.00 Fuel (3300 liters at 0.99 euros) 3290.00 Total costs 6450.03 Acquisition price (including cylinder protector set, system case left and right, badge “BMW”, emblem “Touring”, Lock set according to code) 11469.00 Loss of value 4969.00 Estimated price (dealer selling price) 6500.00 Costs per kilometer (without loss of value) 0.13 euros Costs per kilometer (with loss of value) 0.23 euros

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