New Releases – Updated Tourings by Harley-Davidson … and its Customers! – New products from the 2014 Touring range


Harley-Davidson Updates … and Customers !

New Releases - Updated Tourings by Harley-Davidson ... and its Customers! - New products from the 2014 Touring range

Harley-Davidson has completely revised its Touring range for 2014 thanks to an ambitious project called Rushmore. On the program: two new Twin Cam 103 – including a liquid! -, combined braking, more comfort, style and sophistication !

New in the 2014 Touring range

On the engine side first of all, the Twin Cam 103 installed on undergoes a double update, since Harley Davidson introduced in 2014 the "Twin Cam 103 High Output" and the "Twin-Cooled Twin Cam 103".

The first "High performance" version, which will henceforth equip the Road King Classic and the Street Glide, receives a new camshaft in charge of reinforcing the torque at low revs. According to in-house engineers, this "new" Twin Cam 103 "offers 5% more torque than the standard Twin Cam 103 engine".

The second "dual-cooled" version combines, as its name suggests, traditional air cooling with a new liquid cooling system. But beware, this is not a "new liquid cooled engine", warns us Harley-Davidson France !

To hear our French interlocutors, the arrival of a "new semi liquid and semi air cooling system"must not call into question the name of the mill, nor its nature. After all, at the end of a similar development, BMW did not rename its Flat Twin to" Fleet Twin " ?!

We also note that the second "water" system – present on the Electra Glide, the Ultra Limited and the Trike – has been carefully camouflaged: "coolant is routed through the cylinder heads in the area surrounding the exhaust valves and heat exchangers ("radiators" if you prefer, Editor’s note)are located in the lower arms of the left and right fairing".

According to US officials, the "Twin-Cooled 103 can maintain peak performance under the most demanding loads and driving conditions and allows a 10.1: 1 higher compression ratio for more power and efficiency".

Indeed, the Twin-Cooled 103 would develop "10.7% more torque and 10.6% more horsepower than the standard Twin Cam 103 engine". The technical sheets on the official French website specify that the maximum torque reached at 3,750 rpm is 138 Nm.

On both versions, a new air box would allow "provide more legroom for the pilot and facilitate air circulation around him". Wouldn’t be just a bad memory? Site can’t wait to verify…

In addition, all "Grand Tourisme" motorcycles and tricycles receive "a new hydraulic clutch control that maintains clutch-lever effort, despite stronger clutch springs fitted to these 2014 models".

On the chassis side this time, the new Harley-Davidson Touring range is equipped as standard with a new and original electronic combined ABS braking system: independent under 25 mph (i.e. around 40 km / h), the front and rear brakes become linked beyond !

When combined braking is activated, the use of the front lever, the pedal or both controls activates the front and rear brakes "in a proportion determined by the Reflex brake system (that’s his name, Editor’s note!)to optimize performance".

The Fantastic Four also welcome a new fork fitted with stiffer legs and triple trees: "the fork diameter goes from 43.1mm to 49mm (14%)", specifies the manufacturer before adding that"the suspension damping has been readjusted for a smoother ride over uneven pavement, such as bands of tar".

Finally, last modification to the "Control" section: the Electra Glide Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited and Tri Glide Ultra Classic are fitted with LED lighting as standard "Daymaker", while the Road King Classic and Street Glide models receive dual halogen lighting"significantly more efficient than a halogen headlight on its own in strong fog", we promise in Milwaukee.

The second file studied by Harley-Davidson and its customers concerned infotainment and work ultimately resulted in the birth of a "Boom! Box", a module that combines audio, communications, navigation and vehicle information (ambient and engine temperatures, oil pressure).

Controls on the handlebars allow the pilot to use the radio (satellite!), His MP3 player, his mobile phone (via Bluetooth) or the GPS (on version 6.5 GT), to converse with his "co-pilot" or with "Young Lady" on the Citizen Band (the "cibi").

The display of menus, info or sext (that English-speaking bikers can dictate on the way) is entrusted to a 4.3-inch screen on the Street Glide and Electra Glide, while the Ultra Limited and Tri Glide Classic benefit from a screen of 6.5 inch, better suited for on-board GPS.

Comfort and style, closely related concepts, have both been the source of many improvements: "almost every visible element of these five 2014 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike has been redesigned, including the wheels, body, saddlebags, display, manual controls, each with the goal of improving both the appearance and functionality of each item"says Harley-Davidson.

The famous Batwing fairing was notably "subtly redesigned and revamped", to "reduce vibration without completely isolating the pilot in a pocket of saturated air, while maintaining the necessary airflow for engine components".

The key element that ensures this perfect balance claimed by Harley-Davidson? The windshield ! "The ventilation system (the "Splitstream Event" in English, Editor’s note) can be opened in almost any condition, but a valve controlled by a One-Touch button closes it in case of rain", reassures the manufacturer.

"The standard windshield on the Electra Glide, Ultra Limited and Tri-Glide is 3.25 inches high, which is smaller than the dimensions on previous models, a change that is instrumental in the design of the new fairing.", add the Americans.

Passengers also have a better welcome – so it was possible! -, thanks to an elongated seat widened by one inch. The speakers are moved apart accordingly, the shape and angle of the armrests and backrest are revised, the bags are lowered and moved back to make room for the calves.

The designers took the opportunity to refresh the lines of these bags and those of the Tour Pack which, although more compact, would have 4% more capacity. Fans of the brand will note for example the appearance of "new Premium hinges that eliminate exposed rivets".

HD bikers will be able to admire a host of other small details (new controls, new indicators, etc.) in the MNC photo gallery on the next page, or on the official videos to watch on the last page !

2014 Harley-Davidson Touring prices

  • FLHRC Road King Classic
  • Black: € 22,990
  • Color: 23 190 €
  • Two-tone: 23,690 €
  • FLHX Street Glide
    • Black: € 24,290
    • Color: € 24,490
    • Custom paint: 25,690 €
    • FLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic
      • Black: € 27,190
      • Color: € 27,390
      • Two-tone: € 27,890
      • Custom paint: € 28,590
      • FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited
        • Black: 28,290 €
        • Two-tone: € 28,990
        • Custom paint: 29 690 €
        • Matthieu BRETILLE – Manufacturer photos

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