R&D – The trendy concepts of Harley-Davidson electric bicycles and scooters – Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON


The trendy concepts of Harley-Davidson electric bikes and scooters

R & amp; D - The trendy concepts of Harley-Davidson electric bicycles and scooters - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON

Harley-Davidson took advantage of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to reveal the very high price (33,900 €!) Of its LiveWire electric motorcycle. But that’s not all: the American manufacturer also presented a scooter and a derivative of electric mountain bikes…. 

Let it be said: Harley-Davidson is ready to explore all avenues, including routes that are difficult to access for such a traditionalist manufacturer. Recall that the recovery plan unveiled by the American manufacturer provides for the launch of a new maxitrail and motorcycles from 250 to 500 cc manufactured in India at "" !

  • MNC of January 30, 2018:
  • MNC of January 8, 2018: 

The other rather unexpected part of this new strategy called "" revolves around electric propulsion: the marketing of its electric motorcycle will begin normally "in 2019", four years later. A daring bet given the character, say, "conservative" of the H-D clientele…

This LiveWire at 33,900 euros (more expensive than one!) Would only be the first step towards a range of electrified motorcycles in the years to come. Even more astounding: Harley-Davidson develops other means of transport powered by batteries, as revealed by the prototypes presented at CES in Las Vegas (United States).

  • Harley-Davidson LiveWire Test : 
  • Harley-Davidson LiveWire : 

The first vehicle takes the main characteristics of a large mountain bike with a fork, handlebars, brake discs and wheels identical to an enduro or downhill mountain bike. The solid frame in two parts inside which the battery and the saddle are housed, on the other hand, refers more to the bike..

R & amp; D - The trendy concepts of Harley-Davidson electric bicycles and scooters - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON

The transmission is by belt as on all Harleys and some bikes, while the engine is below the battery for better mass centralization. In terms of geometry, the Harley prototype is directly inspired by VTTAE (electric-assisted all-terrain bikes).

However, this concept moves away from the electric bike due to the absence of pedals, which makes its propulsion completely autonomous. In France, it would be considered as a "motorized two-wheeler" and not as a bicycle. Driving it would require at least the road safety certificate (BSR). Insurance, lighting and license plate would also be expected.

I don’t need anyone on a Harley-Davidson scooter !

In 1968, Brigitte Bardot interpreted "Harley-Davidson" written by the brilliant Serge Gainsbourg and ensured that the "tremors of (his) machine" made "desires rise in the small of (his) backs" … Without doubt the one of the most sensual motorcycle related songs, besides being quite relevant to a certain extent.

R & amp; D - The trendy concepts of Harley-Davidson electric bicycles and scooters - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON

Five decades later, a change of scenery and … mentality? At 84, the fatal beauty of the 60s has become a staunch defender of the animal cause and Harley-Davidson is releasing a prototype electric scooter! All the talent of Gainsbarre would no longer be enough to make the crowd sing around this type of battery-powered two-wheeler derived from schoolyards … Yes my pôv ‘lady, everything’s going to hell !

"Part of a transition to a different future, these concepts explore a new potential for urban mobility and adoption of two-wheelers", assures the American manufacturer who wishes to offer "new experiences on two-wheelers". Like many others, finally, the history of motorcycles is full of examples that are supposed to reinvent the wheel…

For the biker, the experience promises to be confusing: despite its solid inverted fork, its large spoke rims and its handlebars evocative of the chopper style, this concept remains … a simple scooter. Difficult to associate the iconic "Motor Company" with this kind of vehicle and yet, Harley believes it !

"These two concepts are a first concretization of this vision (…) and give a glimpse of the vast portfolio of electric two-wheelers that will make the company the leader in electrification over the coming years and inspire new motorcyclists wishing to know new sensations on the handlebars ", considers the brand with deserving optimism. 

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After all, why not … But wouldn’t it be wiser to restrict this radical transition with "simple" electric motorcycles, or even a new three-wheeler? MNC faith, a hybrid Trike would make more sense (ation). And this is not the space that is lacking on American tripods to accommodate a gasoline engine and a second electric motor !

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