Race – Lucy Glöckner, Bol d’Or 2017 star! – Used BMW


Lucy Glöckner, Bol d’Or 2017 star !

Race - Lucy Glöckner, Bol d'Or 2017 star! - Used BMW

But who can thus stand up to Sébastien Gimbert, an old wolf of world endurance, in a head-to-head fight for third place in the Bol d’Or 2017 after more than 23 hours of fierce racing? ?

Lucy Glöckner, the young German driver of the mixed team of the BMW n ° 48 Völpker NRT, who finally fails with 9 small tenths of the podium…

A real revelation of this, the German Lucy Glöckner kept the spectators in suspense during the whole last part of the race during her mano a mano with, fighting for the third step of the podium with times of 2’00, before getting your hair done at the pole for 9 tiny tenths…

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Admittedly, the Honda n ° 111 had been slowed down by electrical problems and a faulty alternator, but the performance of Lucy Glöckner at the handlebars of the BMW n ° 48 of Völpker NRT, a mixed team composed of two men (Jan Bühn and Stefan Kerschbaumer ), wonderfully animated an end of the race without much suspense for victory or second place !

"The finish was worthy of a MotoGP or Superbike race and honestly, I put all my energy into this end of the race", admits Sébastien Gimbert after this superb fight: "during the last 20 minutes, I attacked to the maximum of my possibilities. OK we finished third, but this podium tastes of victory ".

Race - Lucy Glöckner, Bol d'Or 2017 star! - Used BMW

Third Superstock in (7th scratch), third Superstock in (8th sratch) and third in the 2016 FIM Endurance World Cup, the German team unfortunately had to abandon them. The team was riding in the Superstock category, before moving up this year to the EWC to compete .

In the cradle of German motorcycles

Daughter of German motorcycle rider Holger Glöckner, Lucy was born on August 14, 1990 – one year after the fall of the Berlin Wall! – in Zschopau, the headquarters of the DKZ motorcycle factories and in the 1950s (MZ stands for Motorradwerk Zschopau, which means "Zschopau motorcycle factory"). Suffice to say that it was born in the cradle of the pre-war German motorcycle !

"I have been in contact with motorcycles from a young age", confirms the young rider who devotes a cult to Max Biaggi "for his riding style and his successes".

Race - Lucy Glöckner, Bol d'Or 2017 star! - Used BMW

At the age of 10, she started competing in a minibike and then moved on to 125 as part of the German Superbike Championship (IDM). In 2007, she participated in the Red Bull Rookie Cup in MotoGP and then rose through the ranks in IDM with the Wilbers BMW Racing Team (2nd Superstock 1000 in 2014).

Proudly sporting a lip piercing, Lucy Glöckner now lives in Nordhorn, near the Dutch border, where she enjoys snowboarding, cross-country skiing, motocross and rock climbing. She discovered endurance in 2016 with the 24H of Barcelona then competed in them, already alongside Stefan Kerschbaumer and Jan Bühn.

His favorite quote – "the future belongs to people who believe in themselves and in the realization of their dreams" – will undoubtedly have resonated in his mind for a long time yesterday after this anthology finale … while waiting for a podium at the 24H Motorcycles 2018 ?!

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Race - Lucy Glöckner, Bol d'Or 2017 star! - Used BMW

Race - Lucy Glöckner, Bol d'Or 2017 star! - Used BMW

Race - Lucy Glöckner, Bol d'Or 2017 star! - Used BMW

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