Accessories for the BMW R nineT Racer: Road replica conversion kit from Wilbers

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The conversion kit from Wilbers is intended to make the R nineT Racer more suitable for everyday use.


With the multi-adjustable handlebar halves from ABM, the seating position is much more relaxed. The chic fork bridge also comes from ABM, but is not part of the Wilbers kit.


The accessory suspension strut increases the seat height, but together with the lower rests than standard, a comfortable knee angle is created. The quilted seat is a Wunderlich accessory and is not included in the kit.


The adjustable steering damper is part of the kit and comes from the BoxerCup machines.


Including assembly, the conversion kit from Wilbers costs 2,255 euros.


For comparison, the standard BMW R nineT Racer.

Accessories for the BMW R nineT Racer

Road replica conversion kit from Wilbers

Anyone who wants to drive the BMW R nineT Racer has to be capable of suffering due to their ergonomics, which are not very suitable for everyday use. The road replica conversion kit from Wilbers, inspired by the fast BoxerCup machines, provides a remedy.

Sometimes you don’t get what it says on the outside. A standard BMW R. nineT Racer is a good example of this. Due to its bold look, the retro-sporty dressed boxer looks pretty fast and dynamic. But the bold addition to the name "Racer" unfortunately does not survive an extensive test drive. On the one hand, the air-cooled flat twin impresses with its sporty features such as its powerful acceleration, the engine is also properly tuned and can also go through low-speed rumbling through the city in higher gears without complaint. Even the brakes grab a lot. So far, everything is well and good, if it weren’t for that awkward seating position that soon turns the ride on the retro racing boxer into an ordeal.

The difference can be experienced directly

The driver crouches down behind the long tank and stretches far forward towards the slightly too narrow halves of the handlebars. Trying to control the vehicle, you let go after the start and are really happy when the engine is allowed to run freely at speeds higher than walking pace, because the racer is finally stable. The machine tends to tip over, especially at low speed, such as in heavy traffic, and one constantly tries to control the nervous front wheel. Phew – brave bends on the home stretch and carve around the radii on deep slopes? D rather not! It can be done better with the street legal BoxerCup Road Replica kit from Wilbers. It contains a Wilbers accessory shock absorber (Adjustline type 640), a special fork spring set (ZERO friction) with suitable fork oil and the adjustable Wilbers steering damper Hyper Race.


Including assembly, the Wilbers conversion kit costs 2,255 euros.

The machine gains ten millimeters of spring travel at the front (from 125 to 135 mm), and even twenty millimeters at the rear (from 120 to 140 mm). In addition, the caster is reduced from 103.9 to 99.5 mm. The kit also includes a Gilles footrest system, multiclip handlebars from ABM, a 50 mm higher windshield from Wunderlich and a side stand extension. The difference between a standard R nineT Racer and a machine equipped with the Wilbers kit can be experienced directly: the bike with the Wilbers kit provides more comfort thanks to the 40 mm wider and multi-adjustable handlebars, and they also increase control over the front wheel. In addition, you sit 15 mm higher (820 instead of 805 mm), but a bit more upright and with a more relaxed knee angle, which is easy on the back.

Components of the Wilbers conversion kit

The BMW Motorrad BoxerCup Road Replica Kit costs 2,255 euros plus assembly and can be installed at any BMW dealer or directly from Wilbers in Nordhorn. Wilbers estimates around four working hours for the installation and conversion. Here is an overview of the individual parts:

  • Adjustline shock absorber type 640 from Wilbers
  • Fork spring set from Wilbers
  • Hyper Race steering damper from Wilbers
  • Multiclip handlebar from ABM
  • Adjustable footrest system from Gilles
  • Higher windshield from Wunderlich
  • Side stand extension


In terms of chassis technology, the Wilbers machine springs and dampens more pleasantly and at a higher level than the production motorcycle – which not only increases the fun on the country road, but also makes the R nineT Racer easier to handle in everyday life.

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