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The XR range has so far been made up of the S 1000 XR alone. Now the BMW F 900 XR join them.


It costs from 11,400 euros. LED lighting, TFT cockpit, ABS and traction control are standard equipment.


If the systems are to work depending on the incline, there is an extra charge.


The sitting position is suitable for lounging and traveling.


When it comes to seat heights – depending on the seat – it starts at 825 millimeters, with tapering ex works it can also be 775 millimeters.


With the extra-high bench, a seat height of up to 870 millimeters is possible.


The BMW F 900 XR can be turned over with ease.


Compared to its predecessor, the 800 series two, there was an adrenaline injection for the new engine.

BMW F 900 XR in the driving report

Travel and lawn combined in harmony

A mid-range motorcycle that wants to meet high demands in terms of both sportiness and comfort – that should be the F 900 XR. We have already driven it.

W.hen there is a motorcycle in the large BMW range that seeks to unite two apparently incompatible worlds, it has recently been called not GS or RS but XR, more precisely the S 1000 XR. An aggressive and borderline row screamer with maximum back-friendly ergonomics.

If you have two similarly positioned hearts in your chest, but have a little less courage and / or money in your wallet, you can now enter one floor below. In parallel to the F 900 R, the Bajuvaren are now also offering a raised version with the new two-cylinder. The hardware is largely identical, that is, thanks to two millimeters more bore 895, a very lively cubic centimeter displacement, a stiff bridge frame and contemporary electronics. Only the outfit and the shoe fashion were heavily adapted. Translated into motorcycle terms, there is now a sleek front mask with windshield and increased suspension travel, as well as less sporty and therefore more versatile initial tires (Michelin Road 5 GT instead of Bridgestone S21).

Can be directed effortlessly at the touch of a finger

As with its big sister, the S 1000 XR, the word “terrain” did not play a role in the background in these measures. Much more, the now thoroughly sporty DNA of the new 900 series should be made more versatile and thus even easier to use. The F 900 XR’s seat triangle, which is slightly defused in all dimensions, is typical of the genre.


Who the seduction of the "Making a cross" in the configurator, the BMW F 900 XR can be purchased from 11,400 euros.

Travel and lawn combined in harmony, so. And according to the concept, lawn is by no means the wrong word here. The compact BMW F 900 XR can be swiftly tossed from one corner to the other, directed effortlessly by pointing the finger and, as is now the case, thanks to the crank pin offset with V2 feeling, it can now be fired much more strongly from the corners. Tea powerful injection of adrenaline into the combustion chambers, which in the 750/850 GS still seem almost tired, is undoubtedly the most sustainable measure of the new 900 architecture. The highly cultivated twin doesn’t quite offer the punch of a Multistrada 950 and also not the sheer speed power of a Tracer 900, but you never feel badly dressed with it.

BMW F 900 XR with Dynamic ESA suspension

The chassis is never unsuitable either, with the test machine being equipped with the “Dynamic-ESA” electric chassis, which is subject to a surcharge. Although this only regulates the shock absorber and also only in the rebound damping, it finds a good compromise between firmness and comfort. If you are more serious, switch from “Road” to “Dynamic”. Those who are even more serious are probably poaching in the wrong regions anyway.

Ordinary standard equipment

Speaking of overload: There are of course some of them typical of the brand, even if the series package is quite contemporary. LED lighting all around, the brilliant TFT cockpit known from other models and a basic ABS and basic traction control are always on board. All of this in lean angle-sensitive – i.e. cornering lights, ABS and traction control – costs extra and is bundled in cleverly packed packages that somehow always lead to full equipment. The Munich-based company remains true to its line. However, this also includes a not too expensive entry if you resist the temptation to make a cross. And, for example, use the aforementioned Ducati Multistrada 950 for comparison. Then 11,400 euros must be transferred to Munich from now on.

Peace, Joy, Free State? Nearly. The gearbox is short, crisp but also bony and the thing with the (of course optional) shift assistant is still not quite clear in Bavaria with fewer than four cylinders. It tends to jerk more than desired. Not bad for a debut.

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