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Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

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Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

It’s hard to believe: this motorcycle was originally a BMW R 1100 S..

Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

The custom bike was built by Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper.

Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

Nothing remains of the fairing of the original motorcycle.

Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

Instead, lots of aluminum components are used.

Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

The bike won a design award in Italy.

Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

The rear of the bike is very narrow. The rear silencer has been integrated.

Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

The light elements should be reminiscent of a robot.

Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

The engine has an output of 98 hp.

BMW R 1100 S Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

Radical custom bike from Italy

The BMW R 1100 S from Officine Mermaid & Radikal Chopper won a design award at the Moto Bike Expo 2020 in Verona. Not much is left of the original BMW sports tourer.

D.he first thing observers should notice when looking at the custom bike based on the BMW R 1100 S presented here is the numerous shiny aluminum parts. When building the Officine Mermaid & Radikal Chopper on the wheels of custom bikes, the focus was obviously on leaving as little of the original BMW as possible. If you compare the naked bike shown here with the BMW sports tourer, this task may be ticked.

Aluminum as far as the eye can see

The Italian tuners do not reveal which model year the basic bike of the radical custom bike comes from. The original model was built between 1998 and 2005. The aim of the conversion was to combine futuristic parts with classic components. The original Telelever fork was exchanged for a specially made and polished trapezoidal fork with a completely new front subframe. A new subframe was also adapted at the rear. The entire fairing of the original motorcycle had to give way. The new frame parts were nickel-plated. The exhaust system was also specially made for the conversion. The rear silencer is hidden in the aluminum monocoque, which bundles the rear seat and tank cover. In order to give the bike its own touch, the valve covers and the tank were given new emblems. Apparently, various adjustments had to be made to the geometry of the vehicle.

Officine Mermaid & Radical chopper

Not much can be seen of the original BMW R 1100 S..

The original R 1100 S is hardly recognizable at the front either. The customers also donated idiosyncratic lighting elements to the radical renovation, reminiscent of a robot, a new handlebar, new rims, new brake components from Discacciati, a new seat and various smaller new items. All components fit seamlessly into the "Metal design" of the rest of the motorcycle. As already mentioned in the opening credits, the custom bike seems to be receiving some approval – at least the converted BMW received a design award at the Moto Bike Expo 2020 in Verona. How much time the conversion took and how much money the makers had to invest is not mentioned.


There is hardly anyone who would realize that this motorcycle was originally a BMW R 1100 S. Officine Mermaid’s customizers & Radikal choppers have made every adjustment to match their conversion "metallic" Miss look.

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