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How did the R 1200 R fare over 50,000 kilometers?


BMW R 1200 R in the long-term test


BMW R 1200 R in the long-term test

Thomas schmieder

With Thomas Schmieder from Ruhrpöttler on a flying visit to Duisburg’s inland port.


Even without full fairing, the R was often used with full luggage as a full-fledged tourer.

Kristjan ticak

Our Croatian colleague Kristijan Ticak enjoyed the R 1200 R on a tour to Krk.


The small tracks on the main bearings and the cylinder walls are harmless…


…and the components are absolutely true to size…


Safe running tracks

It’s hard to believe that there are 50,000 kilometers between the two compression diagrams.


Both pistons are quite unimpressed by the mileage.


The connecting rod bearings show somewhat stronger, but according to BMW harmless tracks.


Connecting rod bearings close up


The combustion chambers offer a pleasing picture.


Almost free of deposits, the valve seats, as seen above, in good condition, only one inlet valve leaked minimally.

Georg jelicic

The gearing of the rear-wheel drive shows signs of beginning pitting.

Georg jelicic

When driving, the gimbal behaved acoustically unobtrusively.


Even if the gearbox shifted noisily and the shift work via the blipper meant additional stress, it still looks dewy.


The compact clutch is also hard to see that it already has 50,000 kilometers under its belt.

mps photo studio

Bridgestone T 30 Evo: In the most recent MOTORRAD touring tire test, rather inconspicuous, the T 30 harmonizes surprisingly well with the BMW R 1200 R. It convinces with good steering precision and sufficient grip, but is a bit uncomfortable over edges. The Bridgestone are the most straight-line stability pair in comparison. Good wear behavior.

mps photo studio

Continental Road Attack 2 Evo GT: The Conti cannot play to its strengths, the agile steering behavior, on the BMW R 1200 R. Maybe because the GT version was developed for heavy tourers. Nevertheless: Neutral turning, low pitching torque and good feedback speak for the RoadAttack. According to the manufacturer, the improved wet grip on the new GT model was not tested as part of this tire recommendation. Conclusion: a decent, inconspicuous one

mps photo studio

Dunlop Roadsmart 2: The Dunlop doesn’t like low temperatures. But he drove warmly as a good-natured fellow. While it rolls uncomfortably through the stiff carcass on light motorcycles, the weight of the BMW (242 kg) helps it. He also provides good feedback on it. Its low erection moment is also pleasing. Nevertheless: Roadsmart is not the first choice for the BMW R 1200 R..

mps photo studio

Metzeler Z8 Interact "M / O": The Metzeler conveys trust from the first meter. Good feedback, short warm-up phase – this tire is fun. Self-damping, ride comfort and steering precision are also pleasing across the board. Good wet grip and moderate wear round off the positive overall impression. The tip for the BMW R 1200 R..

mps photo studio

Michelin Pilot Road 4: The strengths of the Michelin are clearly defined: In wet conditions, it offers the best grip on the test field and impresses with its extreme handiness. The latter in particular suits the stability-oriented BMW R 1200 R. The Pilot Road 4 also pulls out of the affair very well when it comes to wear and tear. Ultimately, the proper internal damping and the good feedback complete the positive impression.

mps photo studio

Pirelli Angel GT: Don’t be fooled: Despite the abbreviation, the GT was not designed for heavy touring machines. On the BMW R 1200 R, he builds a relationship of trust from the first meter. He steers in with great precision. The good self-damping also provides the basis for the clear feedback. The grip level is good both in the dry and in the wet. But: The wear and tear is relatively high.

mps photo studio

Akrapovic Slip-on: The workmanship of the Slovenian silencer is great, the fit is very good. At 4.1 kilos, the damper saves just 600 grams compared to the 4.7 kilo original part. The torque is above the standard exhaust, especially in the lower speed range. Relatively loud.


Akrapovic Slip-on: Weight: minus 13%; Performance: over 1.6%; Price: 965.33 euros; Sound: bassy, ​​aggressive

mps photo studio

Remus HexaCone: The workmanship and accuracy of fit of the Austrian silencer are impressive. The weight (only 3.1 kg) as well. The Remus probably owes its lower volume to its higher volume compared to the series part. The performance differs over the entire speed range only within the scope of the measurement tolerance.


Remus HexaCone: Weight: minus 33%; Performance: plus 0.8%; Price: 780 euros; Sound: sonorous, aggressive

mps photo studio

High windshield from BMW, 201 euros, holder 40.75 euros.
Considering the size of the windshield, the windbreak could be better. The head wind (driver around 1.80 m, highest seat) still completely grips the head, which is why continuous speeds of over 160 km / h with the BMW R 1200 R remain exhausting despite this sign.

mps photo studio

Small sports windshield from BMW, 175 euros.
The small hood from the BMW catalog fits harmoniously into the overall look of the BMW R 1200 R. On top of that, the R logo left out of the material adds a nice visual touch. Despite the significantly reduced size compared to the high windshield, the windshield offers acceptable wind protection that is sufficient for a continuous speed of up to around 150 km / h. Both BMW panes are tension-free, attachment is a matter of minutes.

mps photo studio

Low driver’s seat from BMW, seat height 760 mm, 257 euros.
Even those with very short legs can stand securely on the lowest bench in the BMW range. And: Despite the comparatively thin upholstery, the seating comfort is surprisingly good.

mps photo studio

High driver’s seat from BMW, seat height 840 mm, 257 euros.
The favorite of the editors and of drivers from around 1.80 meters upwards is the highest bench for the BMW R 1200 R. Advantages: open knee angle and the most generous of the upholstery, which is also very hard.


Wrapped up: With its windshield and luggage system, the naked bike became the editorial team’s favorite tourer.


BMW R 1200 R..


Help: Top of the line – but constant speed and low speeds push the shift assistant to its limits.


Bits and bytes: The damping adjustment of the semi-active suspension turned out a little too soft in road mode.


The only defect in the test: the original navigation system stopped working after almost 20,000 kilometers. Replacement was available on guarantee.

Rainer Froberg

Saubermann: Due to current events, the exhaust gas values ​​of the endurance test BMW were also measured. The boxer was well below the limit values.

Kristjan ticak

Getting the hang of it: the endurance test BMW in front of the bridge to the island of Krk / Croatia.

Thomas schmieder

With the BMW R 1200 R in front of the theater in Duisburg.

Thomas schmieder

With the BMW R 1200 R at the XXL chopper in the Harz Mountains.

BMW R 1200 R in the 50,000 km endurance test

Boxer with a high level of maturity

The BMW R 1200 R had already done exemplary for over 25,000 kilometers. But what about after the full 50,000 kilometers of the MOTORRAD endurance test?

BMW Boxer and the MOTORRAD endurance test – a story so far without a happy ending. The white and blue figurehead of the R 1200 GS went wrong in 2005 with damage to the rear-wheel drive, and two years ago the long-distance test of the water-cooled BMW R 1200 GS ended with a gearbox defect. Which was probably an isolated case, which is why the water boxer got a second chance. This is what BMW did R. 1200 R at the beginning of 2015 to scratch this gap. She hurried to the mid-term balance sheet with seven-mile boots. It took just nine months, then she had the first 25,000 kilometers on the clock.

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BMW R 1200 R in the 50,000 km endurance test
Boxer with a high level of maturity

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Original seat too low for many

mps photo studio

Long test drivers love the high BMW retrofit bench.

Special incidents until then: none, zero, zero. Only the defective navigation system was replaced under guarantee. However, it runs under accessories and cannot really be blamed on the BMW R 1200 R. Until then, the motto was refuel, control oil and air and continue. Our long-term test copy was spared from defects such as a leaky fork or misted headlight, as they are occasionally mentioned in letters to the readers. Also, hardly any tester complained about the number one criticism of the readers’ letters, the noise development when engaging first gear. Reader Reinhold Schmid even said: “I’m sure that the transmission won’t hold up in the long run.” Well, more on that later.

Until then, the entries in the logbooks will also be read enthusiastically. Only the low original seat of the BMW R 1200 R met with almost no approval from readers and testers, so a higher seat was often retrofitted. For a fee, of course, for 257 euros. Bad tongues have spoken of sales aid for the in-house range of accessories. Anyway, BMW is aware of this fact, but is sticking to it as the best compromise.

BMW R 1200 R in demand for long journeys


BMW R 1200 R..

And because the second and third inspections were still acceptable at 273 and 387 euros, respectively, the BMW R 1200 R received undivided praise at the mid-term review. Only editor Peter Mayer kept a low profile: “I like them, but I won’t cheer until later. Then, when the 50,000 kilometers are behind her – without any defects, when it can be proven that it is lying on the workbench intact. ”But before that cam, she still had 25,000 kilometers to go.

And they were almost even more unspectacular and problem-free than the first. Except that the second 25,000 kilometers were already unwound after eight months. The BMW R 1200 R was in demand for long journeys. Thanks to the case system and windshield, it also displayed amazing touring qualities. So high travel cuts were just as much a part of her as untroubled fun in the country road chase. The stable, manageable chassis, the beefy engine, the comfortable seating position with a higher seat bench, thanks to its enormous versatility, it gained merits as a sporty country road companion and as a travel support. The only criticism: the poor response of the fork was not convincing, and colleague Ralf Schneider attested that its driving behavior was a certain susceptibility to worn tires. The drivers had long since come to terms with the loud gearbox or the automatic gearshift, which did not act particularly smoothly at low speeds.

“What a terrifyingly perfect motorcycle,” stated FUEL front man Rolf Henniges. Criticism of the display, which was difficult to read, the mirror arms that were a little too short, or the cladding window that was dazzling at night and high beam also came up from readers, but there wasn’t much more to chalk up. Especially since the BMW R 1200 R was gracious to the wallet on the way.

Consumption leveled off at 5.6 liters

Thomas schmieder

With Thomas Schmieder from Ruhrpöttler on a flying visit to Duisburg’s inland port.

The initially somewhat high consumption of over six liters leveled off over the entire distance to 5.6 liters. That’s absolutely fine. On their last, almost 8,000-kilometer tour through Scandinavia, marathon man Tobias Thirty only refilled 200 ml of oil. Otherwise, the BMW R 1200 R performed brilliantly, and the only abnormality was again reserved for the navigation system, which got rid of its lock on this trip. Otherwise nothing except expenses.

However, the last two inspections had a bigger impact with 492 and 613 euros. With the former, the due fork oil change drove up the costs; with the latter, the front brake pads had to be changed, which BMW was otherwise very careful with. Could a lot of trouble come to light? On the test bench, the BMW R 1200 R showed itself to be absolutely in force during the final measurement, as well as in the performance measurements. And the pressure loss test of the two cylinders did not reveal any abnormalities either. Sounds almost like a model student, doesn’t it? But the unvarnished truth only comes to the (workshop) table when it is dismantled. In the end, the innards of the engine and transmission were neatly lined up on the workbench.

The first glance was on the transmission. The crash when engaging first gear must have left its mark. Plus, blipper downshifting on a large twin puts a lot of strain on the transmission. However, the gearbox could well have come from the spare parts shelf, it was so immaculate. Reader Schmid can lean back and relax. Despite all the noise, the switch box of the BMW R 1200 R seems extremely robust. With changes to the shock absorbers, shift drum actuation and transmission shafts and bearings (see also MOTORRAD 23/2016), the 2017 gearboxes now function at least with less noise. Unfortunately, these changes cannot be retrofitted. There were only tracks on the middle shift fork.


How did the R 1200 R fare over 50,000 kilometers?

Next stop on the check list: the pistons of the BMW R 1200 R. They held up perfectly. Only minimal deposits on the piston crowns, hardly any running marks on the shirts. Even the friction-reducing Grafal coating on the shirts is completely intact except for a tiny area. The piston pins also show no signs of wear. The only noticeable feature: Although the running clearance is absolutely within the operating tolerance and despite the good visual condition, both pistons move at the wear level. A curiosity: For the GS, whose engine is identical and uses the same pistons, BMW specifies a different level of wear. If this were to be used as a basis, the pistons would still be well within the tolerance. According to BMW, however, a completely normal picture (see: "The manufacturer takes a position") and therefore completely harmless.

And what does it look like in the cylinders? The honing marks from production can still be seen on the running surfaces. But also vertical tracks. These are only superficially visible and do not represent any grooves. They come from the upper piston rings, which are fixed with a pin to prevent them from twisting, so that the joint of the rings always runs in the same place in the cylinder, as the rings can no longer rotate. This measure is intended to prevent blue smoke when starting.

The camshafts, cylinder heads and valves of the BMW R 1200 R have also held their own. No measurable wear on cams, bearings and valve stems. Only one exhaust valve seat on the right cylinder showed minor deposits. This results in a minimal leak, which can also be read in the pressure loss measurement.

Clumsily placed vent hole

The surprisingly compact clutch gives no cause for criticism, the friction disks are still approximately their original thickness. Neither can the oil pump and shift drum be exposed. And the crankshaft and main bearings can just about fit back into the engine housing.

Visible tracks are only reported by the connecting rod bearings, but they are both still within the installation tolerance, and according to BMW, replacement is not necessary. The cardan drive, however, showed signs of pitting. Whereby bevel and crown gears can easily cover many more thousands of kilometers.

The leakage of the water pump complained about in a letter to the reader turned out to be an inappropriately placed ventilation hole, which could give the impression of a leaking pump if a few drops of coolant leaked out. But BMW has already done this by moving the outlet from the world.

High level of maturity of the BMW R 1200 R.

Like the mechanics, the peripherals of the BMW R 1200 R also passed the endurance test with flying colors. The surface and paint quality were of a quality that one can expect given the purchase price. And at least on our test machine, there were no problems with leaky fork seals or defective handlebar fittings. The seat cushion is as tight as on the first day, the steering head and wheel bearings are free of play, and the chassis still makes a very good impression overall.

So the bottom line is that the BMW R 1200 R has a high degree of maturity. With this, she confidently wiped out the gap of her boxing predecessors, more than fulfilling the high expectations placed on her. And not least because of its absolute reliability, it climbs to the top of the endurance test table alongside the Honda CBR 650 F.

Normally, endurance test machines tend to deliver a little less power during the final measurement and thus also a somewhat weaker performance than at the beginning. The BMW R 1200 R manages the rare feat of even adding a touch of power across the entire rev range, and thus underpins the good result.

Balance after 50,000 kilometers

  • Cylinder heads: An exhaust valve is slightly leaking, the valves and valve seats are in very good condition, only very little carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. The camshafts and the valve guides show hardly any wear.
  • Cylinder / piston: Both pistons are at the wear limit, but apart from a small detachment of the coating, they show almost no running marks and only very little oil carbon deposits, the cylinders and piston rings are also OK.
  • Crank drive: The main bearings have inconspicuous tracks with a uniform contact pattern, one connecting rod bearing has minimal breakouts (cavitation). The connecting rod eyes and piston pins are in very good condition.
  • Power transmission: The transmission is in very good condition apart from slight wear marks on a shift fork, the clutch shows hardly any wear apart from slightly discolored steel disks. Minor material breaks can be seen on the ring gear of the cardan drive.
  • Frame / chassis: The workmanship makes a good impression, there are hardly any signs of wear apart from minimal flaking paint. Steering head and swing arm bearings are OK.

Costs and maintenance


total cost 7,712.12 euros
Operating costs over 50,000 kilometers
20 liters of oil at 19.99 euros 399.80 euros
5 oil filters at 17.45 euros 87.25 euros
2 air filters at 23.63 euros 47.26 euros
4 spark plugs at 14.94 euros each 59.76 euros
1 set of rear brake pads at 81.82 euros 81.82 euros
2 sets of front brake pads at 81.82 euros 163.64 euros
Fork oil 19.61 euros
Small parts, lubricants 75.22 euros
Seals 22.69 euros
Inspections and repairs 1,079.44 euros
Tires (including assembly, balancing and disposal) 1,858.00 euros
fuel 3,817.63 euros
acquisition cost 12,950.00 euros
Depreciation 5,470.00 euros
Estimated Price (Dealer Selling Price) 7,480.00 euros
Costs per kilometer (without loss of value) 15.4 cents
Costs per kilometer (with depreciation) 26.4 cents

Maintenance and repairs (mileage)

Front and rear tires renewed, Bridgestone Battlax T 30 Evo 9,542 km
Front and rear tires renewed, Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact 15,456 km
Front and rear tires renewed, Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact 23,162 km
Rear brake pads renewed 29,883 km
Front and rear tires renewed, Dunlop Roadsmart III 31,257 km
Front and rear tires renewed, Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact 40,324 km
Front brake pads renewed 40,335 km

The manufacturer comments

Yvonne hertler

The BMW delegation with Rudi Probst, Jens Staebe and Bernd Scherer (from right to left) were delighted with the condition of the BMW R 1200 R..

… the amount of wear on the pistons.

The piston manufacturer produces uncritically in the lower range of the tolerance range. The pistons of the endurance test vehicle show normal running-in behavior. In addition, the pistons adapt to the combustion chamber through thermal loading. The sum total is the piston diameter determined by MOTORRAD. The pistons are perfectly fine.

… to the tracks on the rear-wheel drive.

The ring gear shows marks on the tooth flank thrust side, which are harmless. The reason for this can be stamping in overrun as a result of a sporty, dynamic driving style. We are not aware of any customer complaints regarding wear on the rear axle drive.

… to the leaky forks complained about by some readers.

The sealing rings of the fork legs are filled with grease during assembly. During operation, a "grease ring" can form on the fork legs, which could be interpreted as a leak. In this case, wiping the spars will help. We know of very few really leaky forks from the customer base.

… to the transmission

The priority in the development of the new BMW R 1200 boxer engine was to develop the sporty, dynamic character with direct response. In order to do justice to the higher performance, the drive was equipped with an oil bath clutch which, in addition to the necessary higher load capacity, also has a higher speed stability. Furthermore, the manual force could be significantly reduced with the wet clutch concept. The disengagement behavior that is typical for such types of clutches, in contrast to dry clutches, is slightly poorer, when engaging and changing gears, especially in the lower gears, in a not completely avoidable development of noise.

… to fogged headlights.

Depending on the weather conditions, the headlights may temporarily fog up slightly. When the motorcycle is parked, the heated air inside the headlights cools down. Depending on the degree of moisture saturation of this heated air in the headlight, water vapor may condense on the cover pane when the outside temperature is cool. The task of headlight ventilation is to ensure that this fog disappears again through air exchange.

Reading experiences

Stefan Weidner: "After an S 1000 R, I now drive over 7000, mostly very entertaining and enjoyable kilometers of the BMW R 1200 R. If the four-cylinder often gave me the feeling that I had to drive ever more and ever faster, the boxer exudes a sovereignty that inspires. Whether alone or with a pillion passenger, on the home route or on extended tours through the Alps, the pressure from below and the comfortable and easily controllable machine is what I was looking for, a driving machine for all purposes. But unfortunately there is also a bit of shadow in the otherwise bright overall impression. Even before the drive-in inspection, the headlight fogged up at low temperatures and was criticized at BMW. Sobering answer from BMW: Is state of the art, due to construction, headlights are not replaced. The speedometer also formed condensation in one corner. All in all, the BMW R 1200 R still looks very good, technical difficulties or defects did not occur. If it weren’t for the headlight thing, the overall impression would be perfect."

Dr. Wolfgang Happel: "I bought a BMW R 1200 R in exchange for an S 1000 R. Meanwhile, 9,300 km are on the clock, so far without a defect. Two weeks ago I added 200 ml of oil. I am very satisfied with the performance (despite the disarmament of the S 1000 R), the 125 hp are also perfectly sufficient for fast stages. The response behavior of the chassis (ESA) is satisfactory, but the S 1000 R was much more sensitive. The often complained problem with the side stand – the machine is very steep – I cannot understand. One nuisance is the instrument design. Who wants an analog speedometer with small numbers and a rev counter with a bar chart? Triumph solved this better years ago: analog tachometer and speed digital. The BMW R 1200 R has retained the usual BMW problem of loudly engaging first gear. Overall a good buy, especially for those who are too small or who are aesthetes and for whom a GS is therefore out of the question. Find my granddaughter too."

Volker Bleil: "Since April 2015 I have covered 23,000 kilometers on the water-cooled BMW R 1200 R. Mostly at a very brisk pace, often in the Alps, with an average consumption of 6.0 liters. Problems: zero point zero! Not even with the transmission. The BMW inspires me in all respects thanks to the combination of sporting potential, understatement and real touring suitability. I am often on the road with some KTM Super Dukes and have never been left behind on the country road despite the extra weight, but rather slight advantages through ESA, a little more torque from the very bottom and the wonderful shift assistant Pro. If you don’t want to go off-road, the water-cooled BMW R 1200 R has the wool-milk boar laying eggs."

Torsten Geritz: "In June I fulfilled a long-cherished dream and exchanged my old F 650 CS for a BMW R 1200 R LC at the BMW dealer. I had read a lot about the new boxer model beforehand, so the expectations were correspondingly high. They have all been met or, better yet, exceeded. On a larger tour – Alps and Northern Italy – and many smaller ones, I just couldn’t get the rays of joy out of my face. My old one was also pretty agile and very reliable, but the new one is just amazing. Performance, handling, sound, reliability – everything at its finest. Only repair so far (guarantee) at approx. 8,000 km: USD fork at the front leaking on both sides."

Michael Müller: "After years with the Japanese and a Triumph, BMW R 1150 R, the "old" R 1200 R with ESA, I decided on the current BMW R 1200 R without ESA and so far have not regretted the change. A smooth engine in a great chassis. Saying goodbye to the Telelever is easy. So far absolutely reliable, without technical defects – very pleasant to drive. The loud and choppy switching noise is well known – I can live with it."

Endurance test rating

BMW R 1200 R endurance test

The rating table gives an overview of the MOTORRAD endurance test machines from recent years. A maximum of 100 points can be earned, divided into five partial scores. The costs per kilometer include expenses for inspections, spare and wear parts, tires and chain sets. In terms of gasoline consumption, the average is calculated over the entire 50,000 test kilometers. The depreciation is based on a DAT estimate. The relation to the list price is evaluated at the beginning of the test. Extraordinary workshop visits lead to the deduction of one point each. Breakdowns on the way will be penalized with a five point deduction. No unscheduled stops or visits to the workshop, moderate cost per kilometer, low wear and tear and a good general condition bring the BMW to the top.

1) without depreciation and fuel costs; 2) Average consumption over 50,000 km; 3) according to DAT assessment; 4) unscheduled workshop visits; 5) assessed: dimensional accuracy, wear pattern, spare parts requirement; 6) minus points because of engine damage; * Reorders by phone 07 11/1 82-12 29

Price comparison for used BMW R 1200 R in Germany

1000PS marketplace app

Many used BMW R1200R are already equipped with accessories.

The BMW R1200R also shows its great popularity as a touring motorcycle in the motorcycle exchange. Used BMW R 1200 R of all series can be found in large numbers at very different prices and kilometers. Many specimens of the BMW touring motorcycle are already equipped with accessories, so you could find a real bargain when buying a used motorcycle. Here is an overview of all used BMW R 1200 R: used BMW R1200R in Germany.

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