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BMW rumors

Recent rumors

The manufacturer who is currently trusted to do almost everything. Four engine series, modular system, super sports prototypes and
Above all, enormous development dynamics ensure that the Bavarians are associated with a never-ending flood of new models.

The expected R 1200 R takes a conservative approach so that the "old" fans don’t wander over the many new things. That was already the case with the first report in MOTORRAD 3/2006
suspect. According to the modern drawing from back then, the current computer retouching, which only differs from the existing R 1150 R in a few optical details, should come very close to the truth.
This does not mean that the information that led to the drawing in Book 3 was incorrect. They probably just belonged to another model. We call it the R 1200 S Hypermotard, which is also an uncovered 1200 boxer machine, which is the current trend towards extremely dynamic, lightweight naked bikes
records. Consequently, such a lighter is not based on the GS, but on the recently presented S, whose engine has an output of 122 hp. To glow together with Tuono, Speed ​​Triple and Co.
As BMW Motorrad boss Herbert Diess himself has already more than indicated, the one presented at the same time as the R 1200 S. F. 800 S is still good for some variants. He has almost admitted an F 800 GS, but it is doubtful whether it follows the model of the 1200 GS as closely as our Photoshop juggler imagined. It is based on a well-measured mixture of differences
and similarities arrive in order to use the reputation of the 1200s without their
Scare off owners with an inexpensive 800 replica. With the far from the
The future of the F 800 R, which has received the face of the K 1200 R, is similar. Even though the front of the K fits in perfectly with the look of the F 800 engine.


The top management has barely
from Piaggio ?? the new owner of Aprilia ?? 100 million
Euro development budget up to
Approved for 2008, the announcements, information and rumors regarding new models are already rolling.
Given the excellent sales of the middle class-
The new bosses at Aprilia have announced that motorcycles in Europe will enter this segment with more sporty machines
to want. However, this will not primarily lead to this,
that street motorcycles are built with the delicate V2 engines of the RXV / SXV 450/550. More like models based on previous developments by other brands within the Piaggio Group. Like the Gilera Ferro, a study that was shown at the 2003 exhibition in Milan. It is powered by a simply constructed V2 with a displacement of 850 cm3. It would also go with the secretly whispered information that Aprilia is building an automatic motorcycle. Because the study is equipped with a gearbox that allows you to change gear by foot, by pushing a button, or fully automatically.
Regarding the new flagship sports car from Aprilia, it can be said that the 1000 V4 has almost certainly prevailed over the in-line engine variant. At the same time, MOTORRAD can make a drawing
that comes closer to the design of the machine than
in the last issue.


Honda boss Fukui had it for one last fall
Announced in a somewhat cryptic way, now it is coming true: the study DN-01, a mixture of motorcycle and scooter,
driven by the Deauville 680 V2 and equipped with an automatic gearbox, goes into series production. However, the prospects of being able to buy the hybrid bike in Germany are not good. In contrast to Italy, Spain or France, only a few use such a vehicle as a means of local transport. "Two-wheelers in general are considered to be recreational objects with us, and as such a large wheel scooter does not seem to be very attractive, "said a Honda spokesman.
It is strange with the Supermoto machine FMX 1000. Spanish and Italian informants speak of this project independently of each other, but Honda itself continues to deny it.
The product planners are probably just still thinking about things
no decision made.

Moto Guzzi

What started with the Breva 750 and about the Breva 1100 and the Griso
went on, will not stop at Le Mans
make: the modernization of the Guzzi-
Palette. One athlete is still pending, with whom the northern Italian engineers have come a long way. At least one company spokesman named this as the presentation dated for the Milan trade fair in November
Year. His V2 will have a displacement of 1200 cm3, but it has not yet been known whether the chassis will be built in the style of the Breva or Griso frame. At an earlier stage in the project, both Op-
pursued. MOTORRAD recommends the Griso frame;
As the figure shows, it can be dynamic
Model the lines of the tank, seat and trim.


The new Suzuki-Hayabusa has been roaring through the Internet in the recent past. And she’s coming, that’s for sure. If only because she has a lot of fans in the USA? Suzuki sold over 10,000 units there last year, but is now facing increased competition from the Kawasaki ZZR 1400 and perhaps also a large Honda CBR.
But mostly the new Hayabusa was the wrong engine
sealed. The six-cylinder in-line engine of the study
Stratosphere is supposed to be, and that doesn’t make any
Sense. Because despite the well-known high cruising potential of the Busa, it will remain a speed bike. An in-line six-cylinder, which is hardly wider than a four-cylinder, but has more area in the wind, would be more of a hindrance. No, the Hayabusa will keep in its next edition
a four-cylinder, namely a 1400. As has been leaked in the meantime, such an engine is currently being developed for the B-King (see MOTORRAD 6/2006), so it makes sense to create a tightened version at the same time . What will happen to the six-cylinder cannot yet be foreseen. "We don’t have a motorcycle for it yet," said a Suzuki spokesman.
Difficult to grasp, but by no means out of thin air, concern a successor to the Bandit 1200 and another area of ​​application for the huge V2 of the M 1800 R. In terms of engine performance, the Bandit will see a drastic change in 2007
at; With the old air / oil-cooled four-cylinder, the Euro 3 homologation will only be achieved with great difficulty and with a loss of performance. As documented in the adjacent computer retouching, many scene stop connoisseurs
even a completely new motorcycle like the GSR 600 for probably, powered by water-cooled engines with 1000 or 1200 cm3 displacement and high-torque performance characteristics.
The B-King with 1800 V2 is not intended as an announcement of a new model, but rather a pictorial expression of the consideration that such a unit in a road chassis of the Yamaha MT-01 could make a lot of steam. The 2007 model of the GSX-R 1000 is not in the picture, but is already being discussed. Suzuki is sticking to the two-year model upgrade cycle and can already foresee that the athlete will gain a few kilograms. Because of a more voluminous exhaust system.


Many had taken it for granted, but the project was already in the trash. A new, big Daytona,
has sports bike that can handle the frighteningly fast
and perfect 1000s from Japan would be compared, Triumph wanted after the experience with the four-
Do not use Zy-Linder-600s and -650s anymore.
The Daytona 675 presented this spring, which is well received by testers and customers alike, seems to cause a rethink. And to promote the realization that a European manufacturer is also in a clearly defined segment like
can recommend to super athletes as an alternative to Japanese producers. Provided that the alternative is recognizable as such and convincing, such as in the case of Aprilia and Ducati with their V2 engine concepts. Or with a three-cylinder, whose sound and running behavior also offer very special emotional added value.
That the documents on the topic of Daytona 1050 plus x
have just been snatched from the shredder means a long wait for longing three-cylinder friends. Such a motorcycle can hardly come onto the market before 2008, and if it succeeds, it will probably not be until late summer of the year.


It’s hardly a secret anymore that Yamaha made the last
Vmax presented in October will build. One ran at the dealers
Survey how much displacement this motorcycle should have. Most of them voted for 1,800 cm3 and were thus close to the level aimed at by the developers. Whether the 1800s the enormous torque of the
Can Triumph Rocket III with 2.3 liter displacement? He will certainly not become a sad child.
As for the MT-02, which was announced at last year’s company birthday
As for it, it all boils down to a redesigned TDM-900 engine as the drive. The BT 1100 V2, which was also under discussion, has too little reserves for Euro 3 homologation and could not stand out from the MT-01 single-cylinder. The TDM in-line two-cylinder will also have to give up, but should push a full torque with a good 70 hp.

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