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The headlights on this BMW also shine asymmetrically.

The standard steering damper is not adjustable.

















The number of switches on the handlebar controls increases with special equipment.

Redesigned cockpit with analog tachometer and lots of information. However, some of the fonts got very small (example: driving modes).


Volkmar Jacob: BMW goes wild! A few years ago no one would have dreamed that Bayern would one day put such an angry naked bike on its wheels.











BMW S 1000 R in the PS driving report

Wolf in sheep’s clothing? Nah, wolf without fur!

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The proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing is well known. There are also sheep in wolf’s clothing. The BMW S 1000 R is a completely new breed: the wolf without fur! Hunter or prey?

M.The noise of the engine tears apart the silence, headlights penetrate the night. A mysterious figure appears. Suddenly tires squeal. Artificial light envelops the rising smoke in dark red, an acrid smell creeps into the airways. Then the nocturnal rider storms in a wheelie towards the astonished journalists and lifts his vehicle onto the front wheel just in front of them. After further acrobatic performances, the show finally ends with a mighty burnout. Little by little, the puffing smoke reveals the machine: the brand new BMW S 1000 R.

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BMW S 1000 R in the PS driving report
Wolf in sheep’s clothing? Nah, wolf without fur!

Rob S 1000 R from the competition. In return, BMW not only stole an “R” in the name of the superbike, it also took it off. At least almost, because a lamp mask with a small wind deflector adorns the nude actress as well as slim radiator and side panels. As always, Bavaria relies on asymmetry in the design of the headlights. The design of the BMW S 1000 R can be argued about, but not about its recognition value: the Roadster – as BMW likes to call its Nakeds – visually clearly bears the genes of the RR.

Control times changed, intake ports modified

The BMW S 1000 R is also technically similar to its sister. The Munich-based company only adapted the engine and chassis to the needs of a naked bike. Therefore, they changed the timing and modified the intake ports of the cylinder head. As a result, the torque up to 7500 rpm should be up to ten Nm higher than that of the superbike, while the peak value of 112 Nm remains the same. The maximum output of 160 hp is already at 11,000 rpm, 2000 rpm earlier than the 193 stallions of the RR. Apart from a modified mapping of the new engine control, the drive remained otherwise unchanged.

Get on and gas! Brutal how the super-naked goes off! Even just above idling speed, the engine grabs so much that it takes your breath away. The BMW S 1000 R pushes further, further, and further, until the power decreases somewhat near the red area.

Naked bike

BMW S 1000 R in the driving report

"Maybe we calculated the price a bit cheap"

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The front wheel struggles to stay on the ground

The front wheel only stays on the ground with difficulty, and when shooting over hilltops, the BMW S 1000 R even performs like a man in fourth gear. Wow, what a ride! The acceleration orgies are accompanied by a violent four-cylinder roar, and even when coasting, the R gurgles greedily from the exhaust thanks to the special sound design. Stop and see: is this really a BMW? No confusion, the characters and the typical propellers clearly identify it as a Bayern bike. Incredible!

As usual with BMW, the BMW S 1000 R also has plenty of electronic driving aids. As standard, it offers ABS, the ASC anti-slip control and two driving modes, “Road” and “Rain”. With the latter, the BMW accelerates a little more gently, and this level also limits the output to 136 hp. “Road” releases all of the punch and the throttle response is a bit more direct, but still very pleasant.

MOTORCYCLE test ride BMW S 1000 R

The “Sport Package”, which costs 790 euros, includes two additional speed levels. These influence the ABS and the traction control including wheelie control included in the package. The BMW S 1000 R is thus also aimed at very sporty drivers. The package also offers a quickshifter and, please hold on, a cruise control! "He’s on board because of Switzerland and Austria," grins a BMW manager. “Speed ​​tickets are very expensive there.” The “Dynamic Package” for 910 euros includes the DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) electronic chassis as well as heated grips, LED indicators and an engine spoiler. With a base price of 12,800 euros, the Munich-based company is calling for a fully equipped bike to be 14,500 euros.

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Rain, four degrees and snowfall in the mountains

Only completely upgraded machines are available for the presentation on Mallorca. Advantage: In the crap weather – rain, temperatures around four degrees, snowfall in the mountains – the traction control can show what it’s capable of. On the sometimes extremely slippery roads, the rear wheel spins mercilessly even when the gas is moderately open. But the electronics intervene in good time and confidently keep the wheel spin in check. This creates trust and awakens the instinct to play on a straight line: Make the stop stop and fully load the gears! Sssswiiiiischhh – with the rear wheel rotating at different speeds, the BMW S 1000 R can accelerate to almost 200 km / h – a lot of fun!

At noon the sun finally squinted through the clouds, the streets were drying up. On to the second part of the test track with fluid curve combinations! This is where the DDC system of the BMW S 1000 R shows its qualities. As usual, the complex electronics record the driving condition and regulate the damping of the fork and shock absorber accordingly. This works very well on the mostly flat roads. Only at racing speed does a little restlessness get into the framework, and the compression level of the shock absorber is slightly underdamped when powering out of fast corners. But for this the pilot has to pull the cable very hard.

He doesn’t need that to check the fine handling of the BMW S 1000 R. With a full tank of only 207 kilos, the Super-Naked sticks willingly, neutrally and precisely in and through the arches – great! For the changed conditions with the pilot sitting upright and high handlebars, the technicians changed the geometry by modifying the chassis: slightly lowered front, lower pivot point, different strut length, new deflection with greater progression, longer wheelbase. These measures also turn the BMW into an extremely powerful projectile – and not just for stunt shows.

Differences to the RR

• Less and earlier peak power (160 hp at 11,000 rpm)
• more torque in lower and medium speeds
• changed tax times
• modified intake ports of the cylinder head
• new motor control hardware
• changed mapping
• Sports package (special equipment)

landing gear
• changed geometry
• new shock absorber
• Changed deflection of the shock absorber
• Dynamic package (special equipment)

• new cockpit

PS data

BMW S 1000 R.

Drive: Four-cylinder in-line engine, four valves / cylinder, 118 kW (160 PS) at 11,000 / min *, 112 Nm at 9250 / min *, 999 cm3, bore / stroke: 80.0 / 49.7 mm, compression: 12.0: 1 , ignition / injection system, 48 mm throttle valve, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath anti-hopping clutch, six-speed gearbox, chain, G-Kat, ASC or TC.

Landing gear: Light alloy bridge frame, steering head angle: 65.4 degrees, caster: 98.5 mm, wheelbase: 1439 mm, inner fork tube diameter: 46 mm, spring travel from / h .: 120/120 mm.

Wheels and brakes: Cast light alloy wheels, 3.50 x 17 / 6.00 x 17, front tires: 120/70 ZR 17, rear: 190/55 ZR 17, 320 mm double disc brake with four-piston fixed calipers at the front, 220 mm single disc with single-piston floating caliper at the rear, C-ABS.

Weight (full tank): 207 kg *, tank capacity: 17.5 liters super.

Base price: 12,800 euros (plus ancillary costs) *.

* Manufacturer information

PS judgment

Volkmar Jacob.

BMW goes wild! A few years ago, nobody would have dreamed that Bayern would one day put such an angry naked bike on its wheels. The BMW S 1000 R embodies pure driving dynamics: stormy, aggressive, fast. Of course it can also handle the moderate pace, but it is actually much too good for that. What’s next?

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