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Blue-white-red paintwork and the RR lettering on the side panel – the Moto S 450 RR copies the BMW S 1000 RR. / BMW Motorrad (right)

The Moto S 450 RR is visually almost a clone of the great super athlete.

The lettering "S450" on the sides does not necessarily ensure that the small machine stands out clearly enough from the BMW S 1000 RR (right).

Bmw motorcycle

Here you can see the original. To say that the Moto S 450 RR was inspired by the S 1000 RR would be an understatement.

We have not yet received any information as to whether BMW is considering legal action against this copy.

The cockpit of the Moto S 450 RR.

Bmw motorcycle

Both digital, yes, but otherwise not much in common.

The front of the Moto S 450 RR. In the further course we will introduce you to further motorcycle copy attempts from the Far East.


Jonway JJ 250: According to the Chinese manufacturer, this model is based on the BMW F 650 CS, which was built from 2001 to 2005.


The Wonjan WJ 300 GS imitates the Ducati 1098.


According to the manufacturer, only one was made of the Ducati imitation "Limited edition" produced.


Lifan Hunter 125: This model has clearly taken the Ducati Scrambler Icon as a template. A bit of Honda MSX 125 at the front is also to be suspected.


The small Jiajue 400 seems to want to be confused with a Kawasaki Z 1000.


It is powered by a 400 cc twin cylinder with a maximum of 20 hp.


Jiajue C8: 125 cm³ or 150 cm³ single cylinders provide propulsion for this Duke plagiarism.


The look is copied from the first generation of the Duke 125, 200 and 390.


The China Duke is not only available in orange, gray is also available.


Tastefully? The advertisement with the aircraft carrier in the background and a lady with a captain’s hat.


The maximum speed of the Duke plagiarism is said to be 90 km / h.


Jiajue R15: a copy of the Honda CBR 250 R.


Although it looks less like the little CBR from the front.


Kengo 350: Not painted in Kawasaki colors, but exposed as a would-be ninja 300.


Kengo 350: The cockpit generously shows up to 13,000 rpm, but the engine only turns up to around 8,500 rpm.


Kengo 350: Kengo is also variable in terms of color, after all the customer should have a choice.


Kengo X 350: What about Kawa "Z", is that with Kengo "X" – Kango doubles the Kawasaki Z 300.


Winjan WJ 300: This plagiarism was obviously modeled on a Ducati Streetfighter that is no longer up-to-date.


Here an imitation of a Honda MSX 125 is advertised, which is very popular in the entire Asian market.

Ali Baba

Technically, the Mini Dodge Tomahawk has nothing in common with the real Dodge Tomahawk, which incidentally costs half a million euros.

Moto S 450 RR – S 1000 RR clone from China

BMW is investigating the matter legally

Blue-white-red paint, RR lettering on the side panel and a modified logo – it is crystal clear that the Moto S 450 RR wants to copy the BMW S 1000 RR. that still flattery? We doubt it. Rather brazen calculation. Because a "small" Making a motorcycle look like one of the most successful large sports motorcycles guarantees attention and, most likely, successful sales figures in the Asian markets. When we asked how the German manufacturer assesses the appearance of such a plagiarism and whether it plans to take legal action against it, BMW Motorrad replies that they take the issue of product copies very seriously and therefore also in this case the copy of the S 1000 RR will investigate legally.

Actually propeller in the logo

The Moto S 450 RR creates the amazing similarity to the BMW S 1000 RR primarily through the lines on the fairing with almost identical graphics and of course through the blue-white-red color scheme. The gag with the logo: The modified emblem shows a propeller and probably refers to the rotating aircraft propeller, which is repeatedly associated with the original logo. The fact that the BMW logo shows a spinning propeller is a rumor. The blue and white fields in the logo refer to the Bavarian national coat of arms. Whether intended or not – one or the other will smile about it.

Plagiarism with 24 hp at 6,500 rpm

The name of the Chinese BMW replica is not particularly original either. Plain and simple "Motorbike" is the name of the brand. The model designation of the S 1000 RR is also imitated, except that the information on the displacement between the letters has been adapted. Because the engine of the S 450 RR has nothing in common with the over 200 HP original: The small in-line two-cylinder generates around 24 HP at 6,500 rpm from an estimated displacement of around 450 cm³.

The Moto S 450 RR is equipped with an adjustable upside-down fork at the front and a monoshock damper at the rear. Braking is carried out with radially mounted four-piston brake calipers, which are probably connected to an ABS system.

Price is the equivalent of 1,800 euros

The Moto S 450 RR is offered in Thailand, for example. The price is 67,000 Baht, which is about 1,800 Euros. However, we strongly doubt that this model will roll onto the European market.


It’s pretty bold how the BMW S 1000 RR should serve as a template here. Then it would be better to use cardboard clothing that was lovingly handcrafted and used for personal use, as the boys from Vietnam demonstrated.

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