Bonneville competition: Brixton with 1200 cm³ displacement for 2021 possible

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A Brixton with 1200 cm³ could be particularly interesting for price-sensitive fans of modern classic bikes.


Series production could start as early as 2021.

Jörg Künstle

The large Brixton was designed in Austria in the KSR design center.

Jörg Künstle

In contrast, it will be produced in China.

Jörg Künstle

Here you can see an early, but possibly very close to production design that was shown at EICMA 2019.

Brixton Bonneville Competition

Brixton with 1200 cc displacement possible for 2021

It’s not official yet, but everything indicates that Brixton is aiming for series production of a model that will position itself clearly opposite the Triumph Bonneville.

AT.At EICMA 2019, most of Brixton’s focus was still on motorcycles with up to 500 cc, but that could soon change. According to Chinese reports, the future Bonneville competitor will come with a 1200 cm³ parallel twin and thus position itself directly at the height of the popular Triumph bike.

This could actually be interesting for one or the other, because Triumph bikes have their price – a significantly higher price than the Brixton models. The brand is part of the Austrian KSR Group, which imports a whole range of Chinese bikes, but also produces its own motorcycles. The new Brixton will most likely be produced in China, but it was probably designed in the newly opened KSR design center in Austria.

Statement doesn’t reveal much, but neither does it contradict

There is no official information from Austria about the Bonneville competitor yet, but the statement from Austria that the machine presented here "shows the way from Brixton Motorcycles to even higher displacement classes and proves the development competence of our brand", coincides with our assumptions.

At EICMA 2019, KSR presented the Crossfire 500 and Crossfire 500 X, the Brixton models with the largest displacement to date: A2-compatible, 47 hp motorcycles with 486 cm³ parallel twins each. That was already twice the size of anything that was offered under the Brixton brand name before autumn 2019. The models presented in autumn 2019 came into series production a year later, which indicates that the new 1200 cc Brixton could be ready for series production as early as 2021. The manufacturer himself does not specify a specific time span: "It is a declared goal that this motorcycle should also go into series production. When that will be has not yet been determined. We want to create a technically mature vehicle without any time pressure that does more than just meet the high quality requirements in these displacement classes".

Apart from that, KSR recently reintroduced the Malaguti brand and is also the importer of Royal Enfield.

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