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BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

BSA Gold Star DBD 34.

Comeback of BSA

Indians bring back cult brand

In 2016, an Indian company bought the international trademark rights to the former British manufacturer BSA. Two years later, the first new BSA bikes were due to arrive. The year 2021 is now announced for the comeback.

B.The company was actually called the irmingham Small Arms Company, but is known by the abbreviation BSA. The British brand became world famous with its single-cylinder Gold Star, which was built into the 1960s, before it went into decline in the early 1970s.

At the end of 2016, the Indian Mahindra Group bought the trademark rights to BSA through its subsidiary Yezdi and announced that it would again build motorcycles under the name and bring them onto the international market. Two years were named as the period for the BSA Comback at the time. In August 2019, Yezdi announced with a post on Instagram "a comeback" at. Which models, however, remained completely open. A BSA start failed to materialize.

BSA from England and also as electronic versions

Now, Anand Mahindra, Indian billionaire and chairman of the Mahindra Group, said in an interview with the British newspaper "The Guardian" the comeback plans resumed. BSA is scheduled to start in 2021 – with a production facility in Great Britain. Currently there are still uncertainties due to Corona and Brexit, but the plan itself is in place. Initially, BSA is to start with motorcycles with internal combustion engines, but later switch to electric drives. In which "later" already means the end of 2021. Mahindra will shortly begin construction of an R&D facility in Banbury

Over 200,000 employees worldwide

Mahindra is by no means unknown in the motorcycle scene. Since 2011, the Mumbai-based group has successfully started the Moto3 World Championship as a designer with its own team. Mahindra is one of the big names in India as a supplier of cars, motorcycles, agricultural machinery and aircraft.

The group employs over 200,000 people worldwide (for comparison: BMW has 122,500 employees worldwide). At the same time as purchasing BSA, Mahindra also acquired the Indian license rights for the Czech brand Jawa. The first new Jawa models are already on sale. The motorcycle and scooter division of Peugeot is also part of the Indian portfolio.

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