Bullit Heritage 50

Dax-style mini bike

With the Heritage 50, the British manufacturer Bullit has been offering a chic little mini bike for the youngsters with a Dax look since this year – but not in Germany for the time being.

W.Unsurprisingly, the new Mini-Bike from Bullit wants to attract attention with its charming retro look rather than technical innovations.

Technical marvels are not needed for a bike of this displacement class anyway. The Bullit Heritage 50 is powered by an air-cooled single-cylinder engine with 50 cm³, with a maximum speed of 45 km / h. This means that the bike is theoretically suitable for owners of the AM license. In practice it will be difficult to get hold of a Bullit copy because it is not sold in Germany.

Available in two colors

With a mini bike in the 50s category, not only the look but also the dimensions should be interesting. Bullit specifies 1,570 mm for the length. Height and width should be 1,015 mm and 570 mm. The seat height is 780 mm, the wheelbase is 1.065 mm. The mini bike should weigh 82 kilograms.


The Bullit Heritage 50 is also available in a black finish.

When it comes to tires, Bullit relies on 100 / 90-10 dimensions at the front and rear. A telescopic fork is also on board. A single disc brake should bring the Bullit Heritage 50 to a standstill. Otherwise, Bullit concentrates on the essentials: a classic round headlamp is used at the front; the bench is also rather simple and in black. In addition, a Bullit lettering can be seen in two places. The mini bike is available in two colors: silver and black.

No dealers in Germany

On the official manufacturer website, Bullit names a price of 1,690 euros. However, no dealer for Germany is listed on the same. The closest dealers are located near the border in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Apart from that, the Bullit bikes are offered in Europe in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Great Britain. Incidentally, in Germany the Monkey and Dax replicas offered by Skyteam could be an alternative to the Heritage 50 from Bullit presented here.


The Bullit Heritage 50 should be more for enthusiasts than for pure beneficiaries – a simple 50s scooter should in any case tear a much smaller hole in the wallet. Visually, the mini bike is very reminiscent of older Dax models from Honda, which were very popular at the time and now enjoy cult status. It’s just a shame that it will not be easy to get a copy in Germany.

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