CF Moto 1250 TR-G with KTM-1,279 cm³-V2: 2021 for the Chinese market

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CF Moto

The CF Moto 1250 TR-G will be presented in Chongqing at the China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition.

CF Moto

The large tourer is equipped with a further developed LC8-V2 from KTM.

CF Moto

It provides 140 hp and 121 Nm from 1,279 cm³ for the CF Moto tourer.

CF Moto

This makes the CF Moto 1250 TR-G the most powerful production bike in China.

CF Moto

It will roll onto the Chinese market in the first half of 2021.

CF Moto

The cockpit is equipped with a 12.3-inch TFT screen.

CF Moto

The menu is navigated using the rocker switch on the handlebar.

CF Moto

The sound system comes from JBL.

CF Moto

Brembo radially mounted calipers.

CF Moto

Fuel cap of the CF Moto 1250 TR-G.

CF Moto

In 2017, KTM founded a production joint venture with the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CF Moto.

CF Moto

From autumn 2020 the Chinese will build the KTM middle class.

CF Moto

The Austrians hold 49 percent of the joint venture named CF MOTO-KTMR2.

CF Moto

In March 2018, the construction of a joint plant at the CF Moto headquarters in Hangzhou, China, 200 kilometers south of Shanghai, began.

CF Moto

As KTM boss Stefan Pierer confirmed in February 2018, CF Moto in China will build the entire KTM middle class for the world market from September 2020.

CF Moto

From model year 2021 onwards, all KTM 790 and 890 models are expected to roll off the production lines of the Chinese joint venture.

CF Moto

In May 2020 the CF Moto 1250 TR-G was presented as a police motorcycle in China.

CF Moto 1250 TR-G is coming in 2021

Asia tourer with 1,279 cm³ V2 from KTM

No, this is not a BMW R 1200 RT, but the CF Moto 1250 TR-G with the 1,279 cm³ V2 from KTM, which was presented in China as a police motorcycle and will be launched in 2021 as a production bike.

Tea VS.F Moto 1250 TR-G looks a bit like a Bavarian tourer, but rolls in with an engine and technology from Austria. In May it was presented as a new police motorcycle for the Chinese authorities, and the production model is now available at the CIMA motorcycle fair in China. It will be launched in the first half of 2021 and is initially only intended for the China. Equipped with the LC8 engine from the KTM, which the Chinese have further developed into a 1,279 cm³ V2. This makes the CF Moto the most powerful production motorcycle on the Chinese market to date.

Cooperation between KTM and CF Moto

KTM and CF Moto are linked by a partnership that we don’t really notice in Europe, as it is primarily about KTM sales on the Asian markets and joint production in China. It is not uncommon for two manufacturers to not only share sales opportunities, but also technical developments. In the CF Moto 1250 TR-G, the V2 develops 140 hp and 121 Nm – enough for the largest touring bike that the Chinese motorcycle market has seen so far. The basic layout of the engine remained unchanged, but some components such as cylinders, housings and cylinder heads were changed.

CF Moto

The first CF Moto 1250 J went to the Chinese government, only then did the series motorcycle come onto the market.

Equipment of the CF Moto 1250 TR-G

In addition to the V2 with a displacement of 1,279 cm³, the CF Moto 1250TR-G rolls out onto the streets with WP suspensions, radially mounted brake calipers from Brembo and a lavishly dimensioned cockpit. Information such as tire pressure and chassis settings are displayed on the 12.3-inch TFT screen. Navigation, four driving modes and the multimedia system are also controlled here. Bluetooth functionality, heated handles, heated seats and an electrically adjustable windshield complete the touring package. The sound system comes from JBL. Unusual for such a large tourer: it is not driven by a cardan shaft, but by a chain. This is where the KTM genes come through. They also ignite with the design, which comes from Kiska – now also a subsidiary of KTM.

CF Moto

The digital display in the cockpit of the CF Moto 1250 J: certainly easy to read, but the characters cannot be deciphered for us.

The manufacturer has not yet announced how much the CF Moto 1250 TR-G will cost.


As with the 650 cm³ series, CF Moto will probably build more motorcycles based on this new V2 platform. It wouldn’t surprise us if a streetfighter or adventure bike from CF Moto were to come out of China very soon.

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