Character test two-cylinder

Sound and feeling

You have to get out, drive, it’s inside you. Motorcycle crazy, says the neighbor, totally crazy. Maybe he’s right. However, I have no idea what it really is. Let’s call it the sense of the quake. And try to find out about it on four two-cylinder engines.

It starts with the first breath of an internal combustion engine. When the starter engages, the crank pins rotate in their orbits, the pistons, mixed with fresh oxygen and gasoline, compress in the cylinder, valves tap dance and a redeeming spark brings these cold mechanics to life. Big cinema. But this is not the case with all motorcycles. In contrast to multi-cylinders, in which the engine buzzes waking up after the first piston strokes, two-cylinders react almost humanely when starting. Almost as if one were to startle a sleeper.

The BMW R 1150 R and Guzzi Griso 1100 twitch briefly around the longitudinal axis due to their pistons kicking across the direction of travel and shake briefly like wet dogs. 240 kilograms of Guzzi throw themselves against the petite side stand. Every piston stroke is a stress test. The BMW comes across much more relaxed. Your automa-
Increase in idle speed prevents that boxer bubbling that still resonates in the ears of some of the two-valve BMWs: when in freezing cold and around 500 rpm every new piston stroke seemed like a small miracle.

If you still want to wonder today, you should grab the Buell. With her, the pressure on the starter triggers the tremor of the 45-degree V2 with a time delay. After a second of prayer, during which the starter shaft audibly finds its destination, it feels like the battery is thinking about it again. Hmm, ten to one compression, stroke 96.8 millimeters ?? Does this really have to be now?

It seems that every start-up procedure for a Buell is preceded by the starter’s consideration of whether to strike. Somehow it always jumps on, wobbles in its rubber mount in the chassis, as if Russian vodka had been poured into the tank.
This entertaining start-up procedure is provided by the Yamaha M.T-01 even exceeded. If you bring it to life, the MT-01 reacts as if it had been kicked in the rear.

The huge rotating masses? we’re talking about 1670 cm³ displacement, large pistons with a 113 millimeter stroke and a crankshaft that is guaranteed to cut a good figure even in smaller marine diesel engines ?? ensure a real jump-on-the-spot. And that’s not just entertaining to start the day.
You don’t even have to drive with such internal combustion engines, they are a lot of fun even when the car is stationary. For example in front of red lights. Suddenly you’re a solo entertainer at the intersection. You cast a spell over waiting drivers and pedestrians alike. Hop up and down 800 times a minute and even when it rains you look like you’ve just been given a villa by the sea. This works perfectly on the MT-01. Similar good on the Buell. Because the XB12Ss rasps the seconds before the traffic light starts almost as entertainingly as an MT-01. The epicenter of the quake with 1202 cm3 is of course far below what the Yamaha caused. All of a sudden, however, a completely inappropriate tone mixes in the drum concert ?? An electric fan is responsible for cooling the rear cylinder of the Buell and hums, yes whistles permanently when the engine is hot.

The Guzzi behaves cooler. Prerequisite: hands off the handlebars. Tea
then tumbles happily back and forth, it bobbles mechanically hard from the depths of the immense torso, and you can’t get rid of the feeling that the machine could buckle in the middle like a wheel loader. That was already the case forty years ago and has not changed despite more precise processing and the use of many electronic brownies.

The way the BMW boxer kicks and rocks is a bit uneventful compared to the three character actors. Most likely to be described as Schunkel fever at the Oktoberfest. What is already amusing when stationary and idling finds its climax when the traffic light turns green and the four to 100 km / h are fully charged.

In terms of noise, a bike dominates the action here: the Yamaha MT-01. In the first tuning stage (stage 1 kit, see MOTORRAD 22/2005) with slip-on bags from Akrapovic, it distributes the thunder with such pressure waves that the expressions of life of the other three simply get lost. TÜV? Yamaha says yes. Even with the standard rear silencers, the MT-01 sound chart suspects. Nobody drums in the chill-out banter. That’s drum and bass, the deep one
skin into the hollow of the stomach.

Although both Guzzi and Buell are strongly reduced in terms of dB, they also provide the driver with sufficient listening pleasure. The Buell sound is full, powerful and sustaining, especially in low and medium speeds, while the Guzzi acts more restrained below and only presses a deep-bass thump through the huge rear silencer in the last third of the speed. In contrast to the rough, straight skirt ?? not ?? Roll by Yamaha, Guzzi and Buell, the BMW sounds more like Bon Jovi unplugged in the Philharmonie. Thoroughly honest. Because BMW doesn’t want to see itself as a rocker at all.
When someone talks about the “real engine feeling”, besides sound, it’s primarily about the beat that an engine conveys. Assuming you were to describe the heartbeat of these large-volume, air-cooled engines to people who drove four-cylinder all their lives, it would go as follows: The 90-degree V2 of the Guzzi has to be imagined as an old forge in which two guys are thrashing on the anvil. Hard, metallic, merciless. Every stroke of the hammer from the two muscle-bound painter can be felt muffled in feet and hands. Power and torque come linearly, the response is fantastic, even at the top the drive yaws with zest for life until the limiter puts an end to driving at 8200 rpm. 85 measured horsepower are not Olympic-ready, but the way the V2 generates it, so hearty, persistent and brilliant, is great.

The BMW boxer reveals its most characterful side below 3000 laps. Keyword swivel fever. It boxes very harmoniously up to 5000 revolutions. And, at least that’s what the bubbling sound suggests, the healthiest. Like a champion continuously working a punching ball. The boxer engine vibrates at a fine frequency above this, but turns, albeit slowly, up to 7800 rpm. The MT-01’s 48-degree V2 comes across as completely relaxed, but incredibly powerful: The Klitschko brothers face each other and take turns lifting each other. Tea throttle response occurs spontaneously. No swallowing. No hacking. Already at 2000 tours the monster lifts 130 Nm, 155 are then at 3900 rpm, at 5100 rpm it’s over. End, limit. Until then, however, the Vau of the MT-01 has celebrated a unique performance of elasticity and strength. If ever an engine has produced good vibrations, it is this: You perceive every piston stroke and feel how every revolution of the crankshaft is converted into propulsion. There is something.

The beat of the Buell’s 45 degree V2 is also strong. But comes a bit like a bell that has been poured out with rubber. The thick silent blocks in which the
Ex-Harley drive fidgets, yes prevent cracks in the frame. However, the huge flywheel is always present. The two-cylinder chokes every now and then when the gas bursts spontaneously, bubbles very calmly up to 3500 rpm and transfers this to the driver. But if you open the shower properly, you let out a little pig: 98 hp at 6700 rpm. Although the Buell drive seems quite sluggish when idling, it wants to climb the top of the engine speed like a man possessed on command. Which means nothing else than that it can be unlocked for strolling as well as for attacking with a twist of the hand.

All two-cylinder, and yet such big differences? In fact, it doesn’t take long to experience the extremely diverse characters. The four motorcycles inevitably communicate from the first meter. Driving a BMW R 1150 R is like a long-distance boxing match-
see. Well lit, comfortable, excellent all-round visibility, free of side effects. With the Buell you sit right on the ring. It gets loud, you are emotionally involved, cheer with enthusiasm or boo along with it. You are even closer to the action on the Griso 1100. As a trainer, so to speak. Fully involved, on the same level as the fighter, 100 percent adrenaline. And the Yamaha? Forget about watching. Driving the MT-01 is like stepping into the ring of the fight club yourself. You can hardly experience more.

This experience comes into its own especially at country road speed. Short digression: Meteorologists call the perceived temperature the chill factor ?? 20 degrees plus can seem ten degrees colder due to the influence of the wind. Transferred to motorcycling, that would be the felt speed. With a brand new super sports car, you can do 150 things on the idle and it feels like you’re standing. Such an interceptor only presses adrenaline into the blood when the engine is properly squeezed out, 180 or more on the clock. You have to drop anchor at 200 because a Dutchman has moved his place of residence to the left lane for a short time. Or would like to try out when the thing will finally take off. But where’s the kick if you stick to regulations on the country road? A maximum of 100 km / h is allowed. In words: one hundred. In values: Yamaha MT-01, fifth gear, 2200 rpm. Guzzi Griso, sixth gear, 3000 rpm ?? Beat until you drop. Kawasukihoya 1000: sixth gear, 4500 rpm, Hoover vacuum cleaner. Any questions?

Conclusion: Certainly the BMW brakes are great. And the Bavarian boxer is easy to clean, easy to steer and great to sell again. Compared to the beat of the other three, his works
Running culture, however, is already too balanced. The Buell, on the other hand, comes much closer to the maximum heart rate accelerator. The American double whopper wriggles completely disconnected in the frame. And the four centimeters more wheelbase, which gave the XB12Ss the nickname Lightning Long, don’t tear it out either. A 45 degree cylinder angle, frame as a fuel reservoir, rocker arm as an oil container and the asynchronous heartbeat of the extroverted American, however, score points with every casting.

Likewise the Guzzi. Actually, the 1100 should be delivered from the factory with 50 boxes of Chianti. Because the Griso is simply beautiful. Even twenty years from now, you will secretly walk around the garage before you go to bed and toast her. And who would have thought that the aged V2 would still cause palpitations, the Griso works excellently? Brakes, gimbal, chassis? an Italian BMW. With a strong sharpener Amore.

There’s not much to say about the Yamaha. The MT manages the balancing act between Rossi and Captain America. This motorcycle is beyond known pattern. And it has at most one flaw: It comes from Japan, a country where funk has always been an emotion-
tion had to subordinate. Not that the MT is ugly. An Italian, however, would not only have polished and chrome-plated this block, but probably made it into art. Nevertheless: A test ride on the 1670 brings the world of emotions to collapse. See, feel, hear, smell ?? a new dimension on the MT. Tell your neighbor about it.

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Character test two-cylinder
Sound and feeling

Technical data: BMW R 1150 R

Air-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine, bucket tappets, bore x stroke
101.0 x 70.5 mm, displacement 1130 cm3, 84 hp at 6800 rpm, 98 Nm at
5300 rpm, six-speed gearbox, cardan shaft, load-bearing motor-gearbox units,
Bolted subframe, weight 256 kilograms, price 12,085 euros


Air-cooled two cylinder 45 degree V engine,
Bumpers, bore x stroke 88.9 x 96.8 mm,
Displacement 1202 cm3, 101 hp at 6600 rpm,
110 Nm at 6000 rpm, five-speed gearbox,
Timing belt, aluminum bridge frame,
Weight 216 kilograms, price 11,249 euros

Technical data: MOTO GUZZI GRISO 1100

Air cooled twin cylinder 90 degree engine, bumpers, bore x stroke
92.0 x 80.0 mm, displacement 1064 cm3, 88 hp at 7600 rpm, 89 Nm
at 6400 rpm, six-speed gearbox, gimbal, double loop frame off
Steel, weight 243 kilograms, price 11,990 euros

Technical data: YAMAHA MT-01

Air-cooled two cylinder 48 degree V engine,
Bumpers, bore x stroke 97.0 x 113.0 mm,
Displacement 1670 cc, 90 hp at 4750 rpm,
150 Nm at 3750 rpm, five-speed gearbox,
Chain, aluminum bridge frame, weight
267 kilograms, price 13,295 euros

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