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Too cool for this summer

It was the fly. Sat lascivious on the leather jacket and shit carefree. "With freedom it’s vinegar," said Matze, killing her with the palm of his hand. At the end of that day, nothing should be the same as it was before.

Matze smoked. It looked like it was hurting.

The sun hung in the sky like a floodlight, mouse-gray sadness dripped from the window of the building. We brushed against them
Oakleys on their noses and peered into des through blue lenses
Daily mission: referendum. Which of our bikes comes across as the coolest? A not inconsiderable reason to get one
Eisengebirge to buy. Summer rolled out in front of us like a red carpet and was just as fat as our power cruisers: Honda VTX 1800 ?? uncrowned two-cylinder displacement queen. Harley-Davidson V-Rod ?? with a cool 1200 engine developed by Porsche. Kawasaki VN 1500 Mean Streak ?? six quintals of freedom as a dumping offer. Yamaha Road Star Warrior ??
1700 cm3, none has more torque.
The same question arose: where to? Well, there was this street. Seemingly infinite. The horizon as a goal. At least that was how it felt to us. Four open face helmets. 6067 cubic. Eight pistons. 370 hp. 510 Nm of torque. Thunder rumble, earthquake. Matze stopped unexpectedly. It was a school playground. Flickering tar, 36 degrees in the shade. Drops of sweat like pearl necklaces. We draped the motorcycles. 50s scooters surrounded them snubbed. 13 minutes until the big break. Two cigarette lengths. Take a deep breath. Lean against it, wait. The 12th grade kids poured themselves over the bikes like water from a dam. Which cruiser is the coolest? Clear separation of opinions.
The boys: “Anyway, the main thing is Harley. That’s image. Money doesn’t matter. There’s no substitute for the real thing. ”We’d heard that before somewhere. In the cinema? As a post message? The Harley V-Rod was in the shadow of the 1800 Honda. There was disagreement among the babes. “Harley? clearly the
optical favorite. Shiny, delicate and soooo quiet. “So loud is out? "We don’t like to attract attention, to be the center of attention." Another claim that today’s youth are selfish.
“Otherwise the Honda seems to have the only comfortable pillion seat. There’s a top case on it to lean on on long journeys, and it’s perfect. ”We had no answer to that. What stood out was the linguistic aesthetics of the girls.
Words like awesome were foreign bodies. Practical thinking gave birth
her favorite: the Honda VTX. An unusual grin cemented itself on Rainer’s face.
It got lost like our trail. At least if you didn‘t pursue the remains of sanded footrests. A restaurant of the world’s largest American fast food chain appeared out of nowhere in front of us. About as indispensable as non-alcoholic caipirinhas. The bikes waited ticking in front of the entrance.
And got company in no time. Four young women from Dresden.
Cindy, Nastasia, Nicole and Doreen. Nurses. After circling the test subjects once, their diagnosis was clear: Harley just ahead of Yamaha. “Because the Harley is so sporty because of its chrome. And the warriors because of the thick pipe. ”Thick pipe? "Sure, for the sake of the line." Oh. The circle of reviewers grew. For Shelby from Oklahoma, the Kawasaki was ahead: "It looks the most feminine. "Turhan, a regular customer, was more into technology:" The Yamaha is absolutely amazing.
Great workmanship, great exhaust, double disc in front. ”They all have it. "Really, ey?" A Harley pulled into the yard. Fat Boy, 45 degree cylinder angle. Owner Nick Haag straightened his glasses and looked around: “As a Harley fan, I can only do something with the Kawasaki. Nice lines. The V-Rod looks like my 250 MZ. "Safe,
Man, so cool. Would he buy it, the Kawa?
“Never a Japanese. If it absolutely has to be, then just do it
but the V-Rod. "
If it is absolutely necessary. Twenty years ago we would have fought over a Harley. Why? The small amount of trainee money limited the choice. Honda CM 400 T, Kawasaki Z 440 LTD, Yamaha
XS 650 Custom, Suzuki GS 450 L. The Japanese were extremely painless: step seats, twisted high handlebars, fringes ??
the chopper was ready. The worst: Outlaws among the driving school teachers used these torture instruments. And plunged a whole generation of potential bikers into misery. To give up! Everything wasn’t better in the past.
We survived. Depression-free, no other damage. Rocked out with the bolides in search of suitable parking spaces two decades later in front of a trendy hairdressing shop. Mod ?? s Hair: Paris ?? Tokyo ?? Milan ?? Moscow ?? Reutlingen. There you are. Who else, if not the ladies for hair styling, could judge what‘s hip. Owner Katrin Schmid and employee Grafika Essid climbed our iron mountains. Grafika, who just had her motorcycle license, made the choice easy: »Harley V-Rod. Because it is so nice and small and compact and it shines the most. “We already knew that. Boss Katrin: “Definitely the Yamaha. Pompous appearance, very masculine, extremely masculine. What is still missing is the personal touch. Airbrush on the side covers and tank, maybe rivets or fringes. "Well, if you believe the trend goddess Madonna, fringes have been back in style since her penultimate album Music.
And since her last album American Life out again. There was a snack bar across from Mod ?? s Hair. We settled down. Breadcrumbs, chewing gum, dog hash. On the left, three ladies tried to stir the bottom of their coffee cups. On the right, two gray-haired men with brewery ulcers saved a few square meters of rainforest. Germany, where did you end up? Drinking beer for the WWF, 30 km / h zones because of wandering frogs. Unthinkable in France. “Which of the four Harleys drives best?” A long overdue question. The one with the big exhaust. “Knew it. You’ll see in a moment. ”The gray-haired man turned around. Proud, as if he had invented tear-resistant toilet paper. And again dedicated himself to saving the rainforest. What we lacked was the representative voice of the people. Broad range.
Aldi-Süd, a few minutes later. Our bikes are in the limelight against a backdrop of shopping carts. To avoid misunderstandings, we changed the question: Which of the oven Harleys do you like the most and why? The age range was wide. Between 17 and 70 years. Mostly the V-Rod impressed. Especially women. "Petite, shiny, feminine." That seemed to confirm an old prejudice: it is not only in shoe stores that women purposefully grab the most expensive items. Particularly interesting: veteran bikers. At the well-deserved retirement age, time and
Memories abound: "… and then we got this French Eumel. It ate gasoline, you don’t believe that. And oil. It had a sidecar drive and a gate shift, was a long-stroke engine with only 1: 7 compression. And then in the Afrikachor, I say ?? you guys … by the way, I think the Harley is great. If we had had that back then … "Thank you, Herr Eisenmann. The Fenglers, married for 40 years, wanted to try out the Honda VTX. Love at first sight. Because of the classic shape. He: "… have ?? drove them all. Jawa 250 and 350, then came the war. At the end of 45 I saw her dusty in the barn. A 450 triumph. Built in the beginning of 30. In exchange for four tons of coal, it was mine. Fuel was only available on application, ten liters per month with approval. What a drama when you want to drive. "She:" Those were the best vacations, with the motorcycle. Suffered together, rejoiced together. It was totally welded together. ”Like Kai, she came out of the box. A blonde. Right next to us. A biker maiden. Never driven, not remotely thought of. "What is supposed to be true of these bikes and motorcycles?"
Okay, baby, if you want to know: Power cruising is the smell of endless wheat fields. A lonely road to the horizon. A mechanical friendship that caresses your damaged ego. A face of rain behind which the sun shines permanently. Tunnel, in
That you let yourself fall back to soak up the sound of catching up. A trapper’s handshake. The riffs of Hendrix,
Kravitz and Morissette, doused with honey. Shop window as a mirror of freedom. Shredded mosquitoes. Dust jewelry. Headwind from the eye of the hurricane. Piston strokes like wellness. Power cruising is
independently. Independent. Outstanding. The only kind of motorcycling that is slow as emotional as it is fast. The non-stop feeling that the world is yours. It doesn’t get any cooler than this. Blondie bought three four-packs of left-rotating lactic acid yogurt. And disappeared.
"With freedom it’s vinegar," said Matze, killing the fly on the tank of the Kawasaki. It was one of his hobbies. "What we need is the judgment of an expert." The sun was sloping slightly, and tanned skin strolled in front of the lounges. There was someone who had to know: Stefan Kraft, designer. One man fewer but more meaningful words. “About these two,” he said, his finger pointing at Harley and Yamaha, “you just talk. Not about the others. Too many of them look alike. The Harley looks like a homogeneous mass with a fine structure, milled from solid. The Yamaha moves away from the usual cruiser image, looks beefy, martial. A new breed of motorcycle. A mix of speed bike, dragstrip and streetfighter based on cruising. "
The sun brushed the horizon, and two dogs were barking at the end of the long road. We stood at the clubhouse of the Hell? S Angels Stuttgart. Men with Harley genes. Always good for a surprise: »The Yamaha sounds better than any new Harley out of the box. And is the only one of the four without that newfangled water-cooling frippery. The Kawa’s handlebars and exhaust system aren’t bad either. You can even make something out of the Honda. ”And the Harley? “Which Harley? That thing isn’t a Harley. The cylinder angle isn’t even right anymore. "
Shivering bubbling echoed off the walls. The world was crazy. Mean Streak and V-Rod ?? the most feminine temptation since
es Powercruiser. Honda VTX ?? oversized towing factor due to seating comfort. And finally the Road Star Warrior: male, potent, conspicuous. At the last set of traffic lights, Honda and Yamaha wrote an acceleration greeting. 15 meters long, six inches wide.

How? ‘Or’ What: Cruisin ?? Black Forester

Comment: Cruisin ?? Black Forester

Cruisin ?? is cool. But what do you need for perfect cruising? Sure, preferably a flywheel like an old Lanz Bulldog and just as much torque. So that you can drive off even in fifth gear. And leaves it in until the Last Judgment. Draft in its fattest form. But what makes a combustion engine a steam hammer? Moderate control times and inlet cross-sections ?? all kid stuff. Only big bores and long strokes bring real torque, so a lot of cubic inches. With the V-Rod, the following applies: cool engine, but lean displacement. It works like hell, but it has an infinite ratio and needs speeds like an athlete. Nothing. Kawasaki Mean Streak: Big volume, but no pressure. Forget it! Honda VTX 1800 ?? two measures of displacement, happiness guaranteed. More fun? Only works with the Road Star Warrior. The Yamaha boys got the most Newton meters out of the limp Wild Star. And that at the lowest speeds. Brothers and Sisters, it doesn’t get any cooler than this.

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