Custom Bike Top Mountain Indian Bagger from Styrian Motor Cycle

Markus Krasser

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Markus Krasser

The conversion of Styrian Motor Cycle is based on an Indian Chief Vintage.

Markus Krasser

The converted Indian is known as the Top Mountain Indian Bagger.

Markus Krasser

The oversized front wheel measures 26 inches.

Markus Krasser

The Indian jewelry on the fenders immediately catches the eye.

Markus Krasser

A Flying Merkel is depicted under the museum emblem.

Markus Krasser

The paintwork comes from the Austrian company Airvolution.

Markus Krasser

The museum emblem is used more often on the Top Mountain Indian excavators.

Markus Krasser

The basic Chief Vintage comes from the 2016 model year.

Markus Krasser

For the tank, the makers used the Victory Hammer.

Markus Krasser

In winter, the Top Mountain Indian Bagger can be viewed in the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum.

Markus Krasser

The Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum in the Ötztal.

And this is how the Indian Chief Vintage originally looked.

Top Mountain Indian excavator from Styrian Motor Cycle

Custom bike based on the Chief Vintage

Content of

Markus Krasser from Styrian Motor Cycle has knotted a 2016 Indian Chief Vintage and made a handsome custom bike from it: the Top Mountain Indian Bagger.

The Indian VS.Vintage is hardly recognizable anymore. The engine and some applications identify the base of the Top Mountain Bagger as Indian. Fortunately, the trained car mechanic Markus Krasser used the brand name on the motorcycle. The motorcycle was built for Attila Schreiber, the owner of the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum in Ötztal (Austria). The paintwork in particular, which comes from the Austrian company Airvolution, contains many museum details.

For example, an exhibition room can be seen below the seat. The museum and its emblem can be found on the plaques and the tank on the side. The tank itself is from a Victory Hammer. A Flying Merkel is depicted below the emblem. This motorcycle was built by the American manufacturer Merkel in the years 1911-1915.

Oversized front wheel should not be missing

Also very noticeable: the Indian jewelry on the swinging designed fenders. An oversized front wheel should of course not be missing on a custom excavator. The Top Mountain Indian Bagger opted for a 26-inch wheel. The two fenders, the side panels, the central exhaust and the air filter were specially manufactured by SMC.

Over the winter, the Top Mountain Indian excavator is among the museum exhibits. In summer, the custom bike is occasionally carried out by the owner, even if it is definitely not suitable and intended primarily for cornering.

The basic model: the Indian Chief Vintage

This is what the Indian Chief Vintage actually looks like.

In principle, the Indian Chief Vintage hardly differs from the Classic variant. The difference between the two models is the removable window, a pillion seat and leather bags, which are only available on the Vintage. Otherwise, the Vintage inspires with great seating comfort and excellent properties for longer tours. The editors have been able to convince themselves of this over the past two years. At the end of 2017, the Chief Vintage successfully completed the MOTORRAD endurance test and placed itself in a stable 22nd place in the endurance test ranking.

Chopper / cruiser

Indian Chief Vintage in the 50,000 km endurance test

The great Indian persevered

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Technical data Indian Chief Vintage

Air-cooled 49-degree V2 engine, displacement 1,811 cm³, bore / stroke 101.0 x 113.0 mm, 55.0 (75 hp) at 5,075 / min, 162 Nm at 3,000 / min, six-speed gearbox, toothed belt, aluminum Backbone frame, central spring strut with lever system, seat height 725 mm, weight with a full tank of 400 kg, tank capacity 20.8 liters, price 25,290 euros (plus ancillary costs).

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