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The seating position is somewhere between cruiser, dragster and muscle bike.


Shortened, now diagonally cut silencers give a clear view of the feather-light forged wheel with the 240 Pirelli roller.


Diavel-DNA: single-sided swing arm, wheel-encompassing license plate holder, tubular space frame, side water cooler.


The standard Diavel is actually monochrome, namely kept simply diabolical in black.


Only a bird’s eye view shows how much color the Diavel Carbon has, here with red paint.


20,000 copies in three years are a real number for Ducati with a maximum of 45,000 motorcycles built annually.


Compared to its predecessor, the Diavel Carbon offers a more comfortable and longer seat.


Cornering artist, not your usual cruiser: The Diavel goes quickly and diagonally around the corner, touches down late.


Thanks to its extremely round contour, the Diavel Carbon is particularly curve-friendly.


Own: LED light strips under the rear for taillights / brake lights and indicators. Can be hidden from view: passenger pegs and grab handle.


It’s better: The cross-stitched bench has become more comfortable and leaves more space for gymnastics. Pillion seat cover is standard.


The front wheel always remains on the ground even when accelerating violently.


Martial macho bike, potent power cruiser or a damn agile, non-conformist naked bike?


The Diavel has been a motorcycle that sets the tone since the beginning of 2011.


A phalanx of several Ducati Diavel Carbon steals the show from the Lamborghinis, Porsches and Audis in Monaco.


Toys for the rich and famous like in front of the casino in Monte Carlo? The eventful Ducati is far too good for that.


Ducati offers a comprehensive update with the Diavel.


Combi-pack: indicator lights, LCD speedometer / tachometer on the handlebar, color display on the tank for driving mode and gear indicator


The Ducati Diavel Carbon has new headlights: full LED low beam and high beam.


In addition to the carbon version, Ducati also offers the Diavel in a standard version that is 3500 euros cheaper.


The readers of MOTORRAD have just chosen the Ducati Diavel as the "Motorcycle of the year" in the category "Cruiser".

Ducati Diavel Carbon in the driving report

Macho bike or potent power cruiser?

Few motorcycles offer such an experience value as the Ducati Diavel. After three successful years, the powerful and individual dragster concept is now being updated with a modified motor, fresh styling and modern lighting technology.

Monte Carlo in April 2014. Shortly before Formula 1 takes off for the Schluchtenflitzen, other vehicles in this melting pot of the beautiful, the rich and the very rich are causing a stir: a phalanx of 30 to 40 Ducati Diavel Carbon steals the Lamborghinis, Porsches and Audis the world famous casino the show. When mouths stay open here, necks stretch, that’s really special. Goal achieved. Ducati knows three target groups for this unconventional model: In addition to “progressive cruiser drivers”, there are also “crossover customers” who love this concept because of its 162 hp peak performance and a comfortable seating position. And then there are “urban extroverts” who live out the lifestyle on two wheels. You celebrate with the D.iavel himself.

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Ducati Diavel Carbon in the driving report
Macho bike or potent power cruiser?

Ducati Diavel a motorcycle that sets the tone. Because it breaks the box: martial macho bike or potent power cruiser? Or is it a damn agile, non-conformist naked bike? Also, but more than that. Unmistakable from the start, the Diavel created its own successful niche. 20,000 copies in three years are a real number for Ducati with a maximum of 45,000 motorcycles built annually. So that the flow of buyers does not stop, there is now an extensive update with the Ducati Diavel Carbon.

Double ignition Testastretta as in the Multistrada

Now the “devil”, that is to say Diavel in the Bolognese dialect, still doesn’t wear a Prada. But probably the double ignition Testastretta, as it already fires the Multistrada 1200. It is discreetly hidden behind the modified covers over the side water coolers and the oil cooler hidden in the front spoiler. The new, dominant air inlets made of brushed, black anodized aluminum became cleaner. The Ducati Diavel Carbon is anything but ordinary. Also applies to the arm-thick elbow snakes. They flick out of the desmodromic, positively controlled cylinders, which are arranged at a 90-degree angle.

Within a radius of around two meters, the on-board electronics recognize the remote control ignition key in your pocket, deactivate the steering lock and activate the ignition. Begin! Dozen V2 staccato shakes the ground in the epicenter of the chiceria. The chorus snorts and trumpets from the now knobby, short muffle horns with exhaust flap. Quiet people sound different. First gear engages with a hard click. The Ducati Diavel Carbon starts moving very easily. “Smoother”, the modified high-tech engine should be softer. Nevertheless, its huge 106 pistons cannot deny their super sporty origins. You only have a short 67.9 millimeter stroke in front of you and you need some speed.

Chopper / cruiser

Ducati Diavel in the top test

Muscle bike, dragster, streetfighter or athlete in disguise?

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Chopper / cruiser

MV Agusta Brutale 1090, KTM 1190 Adventure, Yamaha YZF-R1 and Ducati Diavel Carbon in the test

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Race bike Zietech-Ducati Diavel in the test

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Ducati Diavel Carbon with 162 hp in touring mode

In gears one to three, the Ducati Diavel Carbon goes smoothly forwards from 2000 tours, in gears four to six only from the 3000 mark. City traffic is maximum in fourth gear without chopping. In urban mode, one of the three driving modes, the ride-by-wire implements gas commands gently, while peak power is limited to 100 hp. Still more than we can just gallop. Get out of Monaco, this microcosm, down from the boulevard of the money nobility, into pleasure. Where to go on the narrow streets with the full 162 hp in touring mode? But the more direct response, the spontaneous, progressive opening of the oval throttle valve is pleasing.

Always inspiring: short intermediate sprints in which the power pack flexes its muscles. This fine V2 has a great punch and hangs greedily on the electric gas. Despite the lightweight construction, the front wheel always stays on the ground even when accelerating heavily. Wow, that goes beyond the 5000 tours! Is the now promised 4.5 percent more torque at 6000 rpm, a slightly fuller power curve? No matter. Because the way the Ducati Diavel Carbon rolls and how it rolls is simply inimitable. So precise, so steadfastly neutral and so nimble. Cheeky and daring. All of this despite what appears to be a two-meter wheelbase (in real terms it is “only” 1.59 meters). The hinterland of the Côte d’Azur is a rich area. Rich in curves. The roast of Satan easily masters turn after turn.


From the very beginning, since 2011, the Ducati Diavel has been a motorcycle that sets the tone.

Its 240 mm rear roller commands respect when parking. But when in motion the Black Bomber sails lightly and easily around corners. Pirelli developed the tire especially for the Ducati Diavel Carbon. Its extremely round contour makes it particularly curve-friendly, without ever lacking grip. And the complete wheel consisting of eight-inch rims and Pirelli tires weighs just 13.2 kilograms. That lowers the gyroscopic forces. Lustfully sporty and at the same time completely neutral and homogeneous, the Hammer-Duc carries you up from sea level up to 1000 meters. And if the footpegs rarely scratch, you are already on the wrong track.

The chassis reveals its tight basic set-up on bad passages. A crisp motorcycle like the Ducati Diavel Carbon cannot and does not want to be a comfort litter. The spring elements provide good feedback and offer plenty of reserves. The Sachs shock absorber has a practical hand wheel to adjust the spring base to the load. And the Marzocchi fork has mighty 50 mm stanchions, now also in the basic version with a friction-reducing carbon coating. When things get slippery or the immense power briefly overwhelms the grip, traction control comes into play. It is linked to the driving mode, but can also be set individually. It intervenes earlier in urban mode and allows the most slip in sport mode. The throttle response is also aggressive.

Sitting position somewhere between cruiser, dragster and muscle bike

The brakes of the Ducati Diavel Carbon are famously anchored. Brembo’s monoblocks bite into the slices incredibly powerful and heavenly finely dosed. And this time it’s the rear wheel that stays on the ground as if pegged, resulting in impressively short braking distances with excellent stability. As the icing on the cake, there is practically no righting moment at all when braking in an inclined position, not even if you only slow down the wide rear tire.

The ergonomics fit the whole spectrum from promenading to touching better than ever. The extended seat recess of the Ducati Diavel Carbon now gives the driver more space in the longitudinal direction. And is comfortably upholstered. The knee angle is surprisingly open, even for tall guys. Smaller drivers, on the other hand, are happy about a moderate 77 centimeter seat height, and get both soles of their feet on the ground. So you can safely control the lightest of all power cruisers (dry weight according to Ducati only 205 kilograms) even while standing. Hardly cranked, the handlebar comes out little, but far enough towards you.


Toys for the rich and famous like in front of the casino in Monte Carlo? The eventful Ducati is far too good for that.

The seating position is somewhere between cruiser, dragster and muscle bike. A projectile that merges with its rider. That fits, belongs to the martial concept, to the macho attitude. The instruments work in two parts. An LCD on the handlebars of the Ducati Diavel Carbon indicates speed, engine speed, temperature and time. The color TFT display on the tank reports the driving mode, the gear engaged and the sensitivity of the traction control. In addition, since 2014, the gasoline level – and warns of the still unfolded side stand. In tunnels and at night, the display switches to reverse night mode.

During the day, the LED position lights and the redesigned front of the Ducati Diavel Carbon give the Ducati Diavel Carbon a striking aura. At night, the two-part LED headlights shine brightly ahead of the power figure. Visually, the Diavel breaks the mold, technically it is completely convincing. The readers of our magazine have only recently named the Ducati Diavel “Motorcycle of the Year”" in the “Cruiser". The thrill is a fun statement on two wheels: I drive, therefore I am!

What’s new?


Shortened, now diagonally cut silencers give a clear view of the feather-light forged wheel with the 240 Pirelli roller.

  • Testastretta 11 ° engine of the latest generation with modified cylinder heads, camshafts and pistons; Compression increased from 11.5: 1 to 12.5: 1
  • Dual ignition and new software for ignition / injection – for smoother engine running at low speeds
  • Injection nozzles positioned differently: now aim directly at the hot rear of the intake valves instead of the colder wall of the intake tract
  • slightly fuller torque curve: now a maximum of 130.5 instead of 128 Newton meters at 8000 rpm
  • new secondary air system for exhaust gas afterburning
  • shorter, slanted rear silencers
  • new headlights: full LED low beam and high beam
  • more comfortable, longer bench
  • modified, forged Marchesini rims with milled edges
  • Redesigned radiator covers and air inlets
  • Draft deflector, headlight cover and mounting modified
  • Fuel gauge (bar) and side stand warning in the TFT display

Diavel versions: Devilish Siblings


The standard Diavel is actually monochrome, namely kept simply diabolical in black

It doesn’t always have to be high-end: In addition to the Ducati Diavel Carbon, there is also the 3500 euro cheaper standard version. In 2014 it will also receive a carbon-coated fork and the same technical changes to the engine, seat, lighting and exhaust. However, plastic is used instead of carbon: for the tank, front fender and pillion seat cover. The standard Diaval is kept completely dark: silencers, “bodywork”, frame, wheels – all monochrome black.

With the Ducati Diavel Carbon, on the other hand, the 9.5 kilogram tubular space frame is painted in color, the milled rim horns and polished stainless steel end pots shine. The cast wheels of the standard Diavel with 14 spokes are 2.5 kilograms heavier than the nine-spoke forged wheels of the carbon, a significant increase in unsprung mass. Overall, the base Diavel should be five kilograms heavier, according to Ducati, its dry weight is 205 instead of 210 kilograms. The standard version costs 17,490 euros – plus 345 euros for additional costs. A proud 20,990 euros are due for the carbon. Long, cost-effective service intervals are commendable: 15,000 kilometers for an oil change, only every 30,000 kilometers for an extensive valve clearance check.

Technical specifications


Ducati has given the Diavel an extensive update.

Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 90-degree V-engine, two overhead, toothed belt-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, rocker arm and rocker arm, operated desmodromically, wet sump lubrication, injection, Ø 56 mm, 430 W alternator, 12 V / 10 battery Ah, hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch (anti-hopping ), six-speed gearbox, chain, secondary ratio 2.867.
Bore x stroke: 106.0 x 67.9 mm
Displacement: 1198 cm³
Compression ratio: 12.5: 1
Rated output: 119.0 kW (162 hp) at 9500 rpm
Max. Torque: 130.5 Nm at 8000 rpm

landing gear
Steel tubular frame, upside-down fork, Ø 50 mm, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, disc brake rear, Ø 265 mm, two-piston fixed caliper, ABS, traction control.
Forged aluminum wheels: 3.50 x 17; 8.00 x 17
Tires: 120/70 ZR 17; 240/45 ZR 17

mass and weight
Wheelbase 1590 mm, steering head angle 62.0 degrees, caster 130 mm, spring travel f / r 120/120 mm, empty weight 234 kg, permissible total weight 400 kg, tank capacity / reserve 17.0 / 4.0 liters.
Guarantee: two years
Colors: black, black / red
Price: 20,990 euros
Additional costs: 345 euros

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