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Ducati supplies a racetrack accessories package for the Panigale V4. The brake lever protection comes from Rizoma.


A cover plate covers the opening of the dismantled license plate bracket.


Carbon protection for the chain.


Covers for the rearview mirror mounting points.


The complete titanium exhaust comes with a new air filter and adapted mapping.


The swingarm can be protected with a carbon cover and titanium grinder.


A complete racing fairing package is of course also available.


The alternator is fitted with a carbon grinding protection.


Ready to Race: Track Pack for the Panigale V4.

Ducati Panigale V4

Track pack for racing fans

For drivers who want to hit the racetrack with their Panigale V4, Ducati offers a comprehensive range of accessories designed to improve both the racing look and performance.

AT D.ucati Panigale V4 already offers plenty of potential in the series trim, but the Italian super sports car can still be further optimized for use on the racetrack. Those who do not want to wander into the distance will also find plenty of accessories in the Ducati range. The Italians have put together a special racing accessories package for their superbike.

Exhaust with new mapping

This includes the following components: A complete titanium exhaust system, which was developed on the basis of the V4 R exhaust system and comes with a polyester air filter from racing and a new mapping.


The series fairing can be replaced by new, unpainted racing fairing parts. A new, larger windshield improves wind protection and aerodynamics. The carbon rear swing arm cover enhances the look, and the integrated titanium grinder protects against descents. The grinding protection for the alternator cover is made of carbon. The openings in the removed rear-view mirrors close off Rizoma milled parts. The aluminum specialists also contribute the brake lever protection elements. The Track Pack is rounded off by a cover for the removed license plate extension, carbon frame covers, a carbon chain guard and anti-slip side stickers for the tank.

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