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Ducati is giving the Scrambler Icon some updates in the 2019 model year.


We were able to convince ourselves of the new features on a first test drive.


The biggest innovation is likely to be the cornering ABS from Bosch.


It is still driven by an air-cooled two-cylinder engine with 803 cm³.


It will cost 200 euros more than its predecessor.


Speaking of the predecessor: Ducati is starting a discount campaign that will make the old Scrambler 803 euros cheaper.


Buyers had to pay 8,990 euros for the "old" Invest in scramblers.


Here is another overview of the prices for the new model: Variant "62 yellow": 9,190 euros plus 305 euros; Variant tangerine orange: 9,290 euros plus 305 euros.


The yellow variant is also appealing.


This painting is called "Atomic tangerine".


If you don’t like the orange, you can name it with the paintwork "62 yellow" a second alternative.


The seat height of the new Icon is 798 mm.


When dry, it will weigh 175 kilograms.


Ducati has not yet commented on the price. However, despite the new features, it shouldn’t be much more expensive.


As is typical for Ducati, various adjustments can be made during configuration.


For the first tires, Ducati opted for Pirelli rubbers.


The engine develops 73 hp at 8,250 rpm.


An LCD cockpit provides all the important information.


It is not yet known when the new Ducati Scrambler Icon will be available.

Ducati Scrambler Icon 2019 in the driving report

First exit with the new scrambler

Ducati will bring a revised Scrambler Icon onto the market in autumn 2018. It will get new security technology and fortunately it will not be much more expensive. We had the opportunity to try out the new Scrambler.

For some time now, Ducati has been committed to greater safety for motorcyclists. This is clearly visible in the “Safety Road Map 2025” that the Italian manufacturer is pursuing. The most important component of this road map at the moment is cornering ABS, which Ducati is gradually planning to offer as standard on all motorcycles. The Panigale, the Multistrada, the Monsters and the S.crambler 1100 already have it – and now the Ducati Scrambler Icon, the cheapest variant of the 800 series, is also getting it.

How does the new Scrambler drive?

There were two main criticisms of the 800s. The bench had a deep hollow directly behind the tank, which deprived you of freedom of movement, which ultimately resulted in poor comfort. It has now practically disappeared, and the upholstery is also a bit thicker and more valuable. So comfort problem solved. Second, the undercarriage looked a bit chunky so far. Poor response, suspension a bit too tight. This is where the developers have made the decisive advance. A completely new setup with progressive fork springs, a new damper setup and a modified spring progression at the rear gives the Icon the smoothness in handling that one has wished for.


The biggest innovation on the Icon is undoubtedly the cornering ABS that is now available.

In terms of the engine, everything stays the same, apart from the black paintwork on the cooling fins. Good thing: The Desmodue not only has enough pressure for appealing driving performance, but also character that is no longer possible. But pack it in extremely neat manners. While the former monster unit still carried two throttle valve bodies at the time, the switch to a single one gave the 803 cubic engine much milder manners. A new throttle, as it was already used in the Desert Sled, no longer implements forward commands linearly, but progressively. The result is an even more sensitive throttle response and easy drivability. The new hydraulic coupling acts in the same direction. It reduces the already very low hand force a little, and the dosing is excellent.

And so the bottom line can only be: everything done right, Ducati. Even after the update, the Scrambler remains the uncomplicated fun device for which it is so loved.

800 scrambler most successful in Germany

The Ducati Scrambler Icon was the first scrambler to hit the market in the 2015 season and was a big hit. In Germany, the 800 scrambler was already the best-selling Ducati in its debut year, also in 2016 and 2017. Its popularity has not changed to this day, due to its smart looks and its concept as an entry-level motorcycle with a simple structure and a comparatively low weight of 186 kilograms.

The low price for Ducati, currently just under 9,000 euros, also plays an important role. In addition, like no other Ducati, it is suitable for customizing.

The first-born Icon is now being revised as the first in the Scrambler series. In addition to cornering ABS, there are other changes: The new LED indicators and modified headlights also serve to improve safety. A flatter seat bench and a new chassis setup should provide more comfort, and the LC display now also has a gear and fuel gauge.

Engine unchanged, price almost too

The air-cooled 803 cm³ V2 engine with 75 hp and a maximum torque of 67 Nm will remain unchanged next year. Visually, handwork was applied to the cover of the muffler, the heat shield on the manifold, the main headlight (now with daytime running lights), the seat shape, tank panels and the indicators (now with LED technology). Colors: As before, the Scrambler Icon is still available in yellow, with a new, bright orange shade called "Atomic tangerine".

The EIA for the "old" Ducati Scrambler Icon was so far 8,990 euros. The new model costs almost 200 euros more. As part of the “803 reasons” campaign, Ducati is currently granting a discount of 803 euros on the previous year’s model.

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