Final endurance test balance MV Agusta F4 1000 S

With timpani and trumpets

What was planned as a long tour became a brief appearance by an Italian diva, which ended with a theatrical departure. The protocol of the "long" distance test of the MV Agusta F4 1000 S.

W.e tested Ducatis over 50,000 kilometers, BMWs anyway, Triumph or Buell models as well, even an exotic Cagiva.

But an MV ?? that was awesome when she im
Spring 2005 was integrated into the long-term test fleet. Especially since it came out of the blue. When the importer was unable to deliver a machine for the Supersport comparison test (MOTORRAD 6 and 7/2005) at the beginning of the year, MOTORRAD quickly bought one. And if you have your own machine in-house
is, the thought is no longer far,
the qualities of Italian grace
consider a longer period of time.
So the plan was to accompany the 1000 MV for two years and 50,000 kilometers. And, noble part or not, she shouldn’t get any special treatment. On the contrary, as already mentioned, the F4 was hit hard. Already when comparing with the Japanese competition in Spain it became clear that
the MV is not an undemanding motorcycle, rather a capricious diva with a certain something
Quirks. So it is quite stubborn in terms of chassis, off the race track there is hardly any talk of comfort. It is also extremely sensitive to any change in the many screws on its spring elements. Just next to it, and steering behavior, handling and suspension no longer work at all
so perfect. For that I liked the excellent
Stability of the F4 chassis.
The engine also showed ups and downs. On the one hand the enormous top performance and the maneuverability are impressive, on the other hand the four-cylinder is nowhere near as smooth as the one
a Suzuki GSX-R 1000. It feels as if the throttle valves are stuck closed. Particularly uncomfortable when rolling around easily or when starting the traffic light. But even on the slopes, the insensitive response is not much fun if you want to gently pull up the gas at the apex of the curve.
A good 1000 kilometers were on the clock when the MV came back from the comparison test. And test editor Ralf Schneider noted as early as 1330 km: Third gear howls like a pack of coyotes. When the noise level increased alarmingly, the first unscheduled visit to the workshop took place after 2000 kilometers. After dismantling the engine, the reason for the whine was quickly apparent: the third and fourth gear wheels were extremely rough. One believes that only the finest mechanics are built into such a noble machine, and then one finds gears like those used in agricultural machinery. It may be an isolated case, as other MV owners are not aware of such defects. During the repair, the Speer company replaced not only the corresponding pairs of gear wheels, but also the input shaft and the three shift forks ?? a precautionary measure rather than a technical necessity.
The noises were thus eliminated, but there were other points of criticism: With the new gearbox, the idle was only reluctantly engaged at the start, which improved later. With its low hit rate, the indicator light was unfortunately not a reliable aid in the idle search. Otherwise there are hardly any comments on unusual incidents in the logbook for many thousands of kilometers. Here and there
a light, new Pirellis and in between at 6000 kilometers the second inspection. Speaking of the inspection: While the second was still affordable the first was quite expensive after 1000 kilometers, as major adjustments to the valves were necessary.
In addition, the powerful four-cylinder served a lot of fuel: it was 7.7 liters on average. May also have something to do with the fact that the MV liked to move quickly. For example from the action team-
Employee Michael Joos, who was in the left lane from Mannheim to Frankfurt late in the evening. When there was finally free rein and the euphoric colleague wanted to recharge properly? Mileage 12341 ??, the engine suddenly said goodbye to the eternal hunting grounds at 250 km / h without warning signals. Michael Joos being lucky
can say that it was only straight ahead at this point. Because after the end-
rolling, it turned out that the engine oil had spilled onto the rear wheel on the shoulder of the motorway.
A damage diagnosis was quite easy even with the engine installed, as a huge hole in the front of the housing allowed a clear view of the interior. The screws on the
The connecting rods of the third cylinder were cracked. An overload of the screw connection is conceivable as the cause, but also
loosening a screw would ultimately have similar consequences. The engine is currently in the factory and is being analyzed, MOTORRAD will report on the results.
The endurance test of the MV came to an abrupt end because the units was on-
can no longer be repaired due to the extensive damage. It’s a shame, the long-term test fleet is about one
Attraction poorer. Until the end, it caused a lot of stir, the MV.

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Final endurance test balance MV Agusta F4 1000 S
With timpani and trumpets

MOTORCYCLE measurements

Initial measurement 700 km
0 100 km / h sec 3.3
0 ?? 140 km / h sec 4.9
0 200 km / h sec 8.0
60 ?? 100 km / h sec 3.5
100 ?? 140 km / h sec 3.4
140 180 km / h sec 3.2
Average fuel consumption over 12,341 km
Fuel (super) l / 100 km 7.7
Engine oil l / 1000 km ??


Operating costs over 12,341 km
6.5 liters of oil at 14.18 euros, 92.17 euros
2 oil filters at 22.33 euros each 44.66 euros
Small parts, lubricants 26.16 euros
Seals 2.09 euros
Inspections and repairs 782.00 euros
Tires (including assembly, balancing and disposal) 687.00 euros
Fuel 1072.94 euros
Total costs 2707.02 euros
Acquisition costs 20,000.00 euros
Loss of value 5000.00 euros
Estimated price (dealer selling price) 15,000.00 euros
Cost per kilometer (without depreciation) 0.22 euros
Cost per kilometer (with depreciation) 0.62 euros

Maintenance and repairs

Gearbox partially renewed (3rd and 4th gear), guarantee mileage 2020
Bulb indicator renewed 5889
Front and rear tires renewed, Pirelli Diablo Corsa 6153
Rear tire renewed, Pirelli Diablo Corsa 12171
Engine damage, replacement engine installed (guarantee) 12341

Michael Joos, employee


action team – I loved you ?? until the last minute

I hereby confess
officially guilty. I have
the beautiful Italian
into the eternal hunting grounds
cleverly. And that as one
of the few in the editorial team,
who really loved the MV dearly. No one else was allowed to use me in such pitches
yell at and so hard too
be my body. The gentleman
be gracious to her soul.

Andreas Holzer,

Managing Editor MOTORRAD

action team – great appearance, flaws in detail

Again and again I can choose
inspires the many high-quality detailed solutions. And if
the four-cylinder roars: what
for a sound! But about "Bella Macchina". The rough throttle response is extremely annoying in tight traffic. In addition, the four-pipe exhaust fries your bum. MV driving always means one
Little stress ?? there also changes
the great handling not much.

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