Endurance test interim balance for the Suzuki GSX-R 1000

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Endurance test interim balance for the Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Sprinter in good condition

Oops. Completely unnoticed, the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 cheated its way past the half-time balance of the endurance test to mileage 34071. No wonder. As smoothly as everything went so far, she was just too busy to take a short break for the record.

Ob that goes well? This question is likely to have been asked by some on August 11, 2005 when the Suzuki GSX-R 1000, or K5 for short, was put to the endurance test in the editorial garage. After all, was she ?? very immodest ?? the most powerful superbike on the market. And a pretty radical chunk at that. With titanium valves and exhausts and everything else. Correspondingly, she dealt radically with her competitors in comparison tests? by simply knocking them out of the field. That such a
Kaliber has to prove whether it also has standing qualities is only logical.
And so the entry into the editorial office begins after a short break-in phase with the obligatory visit to the test bench. The result: 168 HP on the crankshaft. A good deal of
removed the certified 178 hp, but there are still no complaints about lack of performance in the logbook over the entire distance. On the contrary. The first contact leaves only traces of enthusiasm.

“Great motorcycle”, “just great”, “very, very impressive” or simply “the best motorcycle I know” can be read in the driver’s log. And the praise comes not only from the full throttle group, but surprisingly also from the travel department. The first 7000 kilometers are free of unpleasant incidents except for an embarrassing high-sider when turning in the city. Refueling, lubricating the chain and checking the oil every now and then, that’s it.

Shortly afterwards, the first entry appears in the logbook by gently rubbing the clutch. Otherwise: business as usual. A little later, the GSX-R has to go down again, which means that a new exhaust is required, which at around 1340 euros tears a considerable hole in the cash register. The exhaust test of sister magazine PS, for which the GSX-R has to serve, comes at the right time. Before that, she’s still allowed to go for an inspection. With almost 8000 kilometers on the clock a little later than originally planned? after all, the sports cannon has to be serviced every 6,000 kilometers ??, but the adjustment of the valves, which is only due after 24,000 kilometers, is brought forward to make it fit for the upcoming test bench stress.

A wise decision, because during the test bench marathon, 171 performance measurements for the replacement silencers, which cost less than half as much, rattle on the Suzuki, which it gets through without complaint. The price hit Hurric RAC 1 costs less than a quarter of the original ?? with even slightly higher performance.

After this part-time job as an altar boy, everyday life is again the order of the day, which is only interrupted by a squeaking rear wheel bearing and the increasingly often slipping clutch. Winter operations and messaria have obviously left their mark. They will be eliminated during the second inspection. New wheel bearings front and rear, new clutch, and off the post. But to date no one has seen a wanderlust armchair in her. Because the way to the third inspection, which is due at 18,000 kilometers, the GSX-R has to spend primarily with low-level activities such as transporting the editor to and from the workplace. And a little bit of grumbling about the comfort qualities of the standard shock absorber promptly found its way into the logbook. Her on-
Traditional terrain, the racetrack, is hardly seen by the GSX-R during this time. Perhaps that’s why the steering head bearing snaps into place a little later in the middle position instead of guiding cleanly. On what it will be replaced at inspection. In the meantime, the engine has also drawn attention with a fluctuating idle. After adjusting the throttle position sensor and idling, this flaw has been remedied.

And there are also entries such as "great bike", "robust sound" or "what a motorcycle" and "just awesome". One colleague even notes: “You’re really off your socks if you haven’t ridden with them for a while. You should buy the part. “A thought that, after a direct comparison with the current K7 (MOTORRAD 6/2007), some colleagues are now secretly dealing with.

Tea days ripple on like this. It is possible that the sporty, aggressive appearance of the Suzuki or its nimbus as a flawless sports file prevents someone from taking courage and taking the GSX-R on an extended holiday tour. It takes more than three months for the Suzuki to roll into the workshop for the next inspection. There, after 24,000 kilometers, the front brake pads are replaced and the brake pistons cleaned for the first time. Incidentally, the long-term test machine did not have problems with the pressure point of the brake system, which can afflict some drivers on the racetrack. As a remedy, in addition to meticulous bleeding, some pilots swear by stainless steel brake pistons, which are also available with carbon or titanium nitride coating (Speer Racing, telephone 07121/959350, HH Racetech, telephone 07472/281706, from around 100 euros / set). The adjustment of the valve clearance is postponed by one inspection, as it was already done unscheduled during the first.

The next six months and thus over ten thousand kilometers happened ?? Nothing. Nothing at all. Zero, nada, niente. Vehicle washed and chain lubricated, these are the highlights in the logbook. Apart from the fact that the Kilo-Gixxer sips raffinate sparingly for a blast furnace of its performance class with almost five and a half liters of super per hundred kilometers in everyday life. And slowly the word got around which long-range qualities are in the Supersport grenade? especially if it is equipped with a more effective windshield. In addition a set of footrests, which expects the feet further back than the original-
Parts, this is how long tours can be tackled surprisingly relaxed. This is what the head of the department on the road, Annette Johann, is pleased to see during a week-long tower of Alsace. And service colleague Jörg Lohse uses the insider tip for fast kilometer eaters for a trip to the Serbian exhaust forge in Akrapovic and a short trip to the Alps.

But gradually the ravages of time seem to gnaw at the substance of the Suzuki. The morning cold start no longer goes on with the usual smoothness, in addition to which there is again a fluctuating idle speed and rattling, rattling engine noises when stationary. Some feel reminded of old Kawas carburetor. Innovations specialist Ralf Schneider taps an elongated timing chain. "Otherwise still a really great motorcycle," ends his entry. Its fascination is not diminished by the ignition lock that gets stuck now and then.

Between Christmas and New Year, a race track trip is finally due with colleague Mini Koch. Calafat in Spain is the name of the goal, shock absorber test, laps pop until you drop. Before that, a quick trip to the workshop, pick up a 30000 inspection, set idle, check valves and continue. Wait, a new light bulb was also due. And MOTORRAD workshop capo Gerry Wagner found the chain set finally ripe for the bin. It was still the first, mind you.

For the tests in Calafat, my colleague Koch had a suggestion for improvement in his luggage: a seat cushion that was reworked by Speer-Racing, which offers significantly better support when accelerating on the racetrack and also lowers the seat height slightly. The comfort of the standard upholstery, however, is better.

A little later, Suzi and Mini move towards the race track again, this time target: Lédenon / France. Chassis test, part two. Which suspension struts Mini Koch particularly recommends to sports drivers can be found on page 61. The author then drives the Suzuki back through the most summery winter in recent history in southern France. This shows that year-round use has left its mark. Water ingress in the turn signal switch wiring harness paralyzes the turn signals. And what initially felt like a stiff steering damper turns out to be a broken-in steering head bearing in the home workshop that needs to be replaced. A rather atypical defect for the reliable Suzuki, as a brief inquiry in the dealership shows.

After all, our GSX-R also shone primarily through its fairly problem-free and extremely reliable readiness to drive. Which is why it has mostly been in use so far, even if initially often only for short trips. And now she’s already on the move again. In case you have already wondered why the subject of tires is not mentioned here at all: Probably at this very moment, colleague Werner Koch is peeling down the current sporty skin with her. The result will follow in MOTORRAD 12/2007. Let yourself be surprised.

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Endurance test interim balance for the Suzuki GSX-R 1000
Sprinter in good condition

Accessories put to the test

A tough nut to crack for the accessories industry, the GSX-R 1000. Because there is really not much that could be improved about it. But the small weak points should be addressed specifically. One of them is the tough steering damper. Another the not optimally placed footrests. In both cases, the aftermarket offers cheap and high-priced alternatives. Likewise, if you want more wind protection or a different exhaust.

Damage report

So far, the Suzuki has actually presented itself as a model boy over the distance. Relatively often, however, every 6,000 kilometers, maintenance is on the plan, with the valve clearance being checked for the first time after 24,000 kilometers. Spark plugs are due every 12,000 kilometers. The air filter is allowed to stay in there for 18,000 kilometers under normal circumstances. Which the bottom line puts the short maintenance intervals into perspective.

Damage report steering head bearing – steering head bearing

Whether it was the GSX-R’s constant desire for a little wheelie that brought the steering head bearing to an early end on two occasions cannot be clarified. In any case, this high level of wear and tear is not symptomatic.

Damage report wheel bearing – wheel bearing

Possibly year-round use and the resulting increased walk to the wash bay were to blame for the fact that the rear wheel bearings had to be replaced prematurely.

Damage report indicator switch – indicator switch

The GSX-R is also aging. Recognizable by small things such as splashing water that got into the cable casing and paralyzed the indicators.

Clutch – clutch damage report

Of course the clutch is a wearing part. For the premature exchange, however, we assert mitigating circumstances in the form of massive test bench stress.

Driver opinion: Ralf Schneider, news and test editor – a hit that also fascinates in everyday life

Despite its racing qualities, the GSX-R 1000 fascinates me especially on country roads. What she can do there, she has ahead of the athletes who are only defined by fast lap times. Ease, sovereignty in power delivery and blunt feedback from the chassis create immediate trust. And driving pleasure even on bumpy, patched-up road surfaces and well below 170 hp.

Driver opinion: travel editor Annette Johann – enthusiasm even on long tours

A Gixxer to travel? Voluntary? Previously unthinkable. But this great last year offers complete fulfillment of dreams: a motorcycle that can do everything. Whether 12-hour mountain tours or the traffic jam home every evening ?? everything is fun. Sure, you have to like sporty sitting and reject larger luggage furniture? But then the GSX-R makes up for it with so much dynamism, sound and charisma that it is my absolute favorite for my fleet.

Driver’s opinion: Georg Jelicic, top tester – trust from the first meters

The Kilo-Gixxer inspired me from the beginning. Right from the first ride I became addicted to his sound, pressure and power. Playful handling, the familiar feeling from the first few meters. Perfect for me. Whether with an anti-hopping clutch and the best brakes for braking drift on the racetrack or when fetching bread on a Sunday: this motorcycle makes every trip a special experience.

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