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The Gladius is supplied as standard with a poorly padded, low bench (seat height: 790 millimeters). Apart from the fact that the knee angle is quite narrow, especially for tall people, this bench offers hardly any comfort. A bench 20 millimeters higher is available for 63.63 euros, but it only improves comfort marginally and is therefore not recommended.

Alternative: Send in the seat and have it individually upholstered (for example at,, or a saddler you trust).


CLS Speed: The system (259 euros, three-year guarantee, including one liter of lubricant) compensates for temperature-related fluctuations in the viscosity of the oil and is therefore very economical: one liter is enough for 80,000 kilometers. The manufacturer promises three times the chain mileage. The system has only been in use for around 1000 kilometers and is currently still being tested. Experienced screwdrivers need between one and two hours for assembly, depending on the motorcycle.


MIVV Sport Suono: The most unusual shape has the powerfully sonorous sounding MIVV muffler with its V-shaped recessed sides. A comparatively large number of parts make the assembly of the heaviest, but cheapest of the accessory pots a bit fiddly. Small increase in performance in the low-speed range and from 7000 rpm.
Moto-Technik, Tel. 02307/4387224, price: 391.81 euros Material: stainless steel / carbon, 2.5 kilograms


Original accessories: The magnetic tank bag (104.49 euros) had to prove itself on many extended tours. Conclusion: The workmanship is okay, magnets with very high adhesive force, zippers without blame, successful division. Overall, however, the tank bag with its variable volume of 14 to 19 liters is too small. The map compartment, which turned out to be not 100% waterproof, is too small.


Fiddly affair: The Suzuki tank covers are fixed with double-sided adhesive tape and should be correctly positioned on the first try. The tank covers (136.39 euros) are, however, a purely visual gimmick.


Remus HyperCone: The name says it all. Remus counters the trend towards short, stubby silencers with a slim, conical tailpipe that appeals with its good fit and rich sound. The Remus helps the Gladius, in addition to the Akrapovic pot, to the greatest increase in power and torque.
Phoenix Motorrad-Tuning, Tel. 0241/5688222, price: 429 euros Material: stainless steel / carbon, 2.4 kilograms


Akrapovic Slip-on: The only carbon silencer in the field is not only the lightest at 1.6 kilograms (series: 4.4 kilograms), it is also the best workmanship. The slightly more discreet than the original sounding hexagonal damper) tickles up to 4500 and from 6000 rpm more power from the Gladius.
JAMparts FZG Technik, Tel. 07150/970565, price: 643.79 euros, material: carbon, weight: 1.6 kilograms


The front spoiler (269.23 euros) is just a visual gimmick that doesn’t make the vehicle faster, but enhances it optically. The front spoiler, like the tank stickers, fits perfectly and can be assembled in around an hour and a half.


Also original accessories: when fully equipped (with adapter, retaining plate, colored cover, back cushion), the 30-liter top case costs a remarkable 311.76 euros. It holds a helmet and small items and is hardly noticeable when fully loaded (a ridiculous three kilograms allowed) when driving. The locking system leaves an unstable, untrustworthy impression.


BOS GTS: The smallest one spits the biggest sounds. The Bos has the loudest and most aggressive pronunciation. It shines with a good fit,
the two bare springs for fastening look a bit rustic. In terms of performance, the cuddly stub is slightly above the much larger series system.
BOS Auspuff GmbH, Tel. 05941/4793, price: 399 euros
Material: blasted stainless steel, 1.8 kg


MRA Racing Screen: The screen specially developed for sporty naked bikes (102.80 euros including bracket) is available in three tints and noticeably relieves the upper body of the wind pressure. It therefore also contributes to driving stability, because the pilot no longer has to cling to the handlebars so tightly at top speed, which in most cases leads to unrest in the chassis. Turbulence is caused, but not particularly annoying. The only drawback: the holder looks a bit anachronistic, but is very stable. Purchase address:, phone 07663/93890.


Hepco crash bars & Becker: Makes sense, but unfortunately the motorcycle isn’t more beautiful. So far there has not been a load test caused by a fall, but the bracket leaves a very stable impression and is well made. It costs 133.50 euros and can be installed in half an hour.


Tank bag and top case: color and style matched, but ultimately in need of improvement.


CLS heated grips: The heated grips from CLS ( work extremely well. At 34 millimeters, the diameter is only slightly larger than the series. The heating output is controlled by a sensor that takes the outside temperature into account. The handles (199 euros / set) switch on automatically 20 seconds after the engine has started. The regulation can be adjusted to the personal warmth.


Hepco System & Becker: Both the Journey Recon suitcase (set 349.95 euros) and the Lock it carrier system (213 euros) are unconditionally recommended: The components are stable, precisely fitting, well made and the suitcases (40 liters each) are waterproof and light attach and remove. You can load a maximum of five kilograms into the 42-liter top case (with aluminum rack and Rehling 374.90 euros) and ten into the suitcases. Overall, the luggage system leaves a well-thought-out impression and has proven itself on various tours.


Carrier with Lock it system: the side panels can be dismantled in a few simple steps.


Yoshimura Evo: The lightweight appeals with its rich, thundering sound and fine workmanship. An exhaust gasket (not included) is also required for assembly. The damper from the Suzuki accessories program is the last one in terms of performance, but together with the Akrapovic it marks the top in terms of price.
Suzuki Germany, available from any dealer, price: 639.71 euros Material: stainless steel, weight 1.7 kilograms

Endurance test interim balance of Suzuki SFV Gladius

Conclusion after 30,000 test kilometers

With the Gladius, Suzuki is targeting female buyers: low seat height, easy to drive, uncomplicated to use. And so, conversely, the lively 650er has earned the reputation of being a girl for everything on the first 30,000 kilometers.

Both the Suzuki Gladius product planner Yasuhiro Mori and the designer Yoshinori Kohinata are around 30 years old. The two young Japanese represent the generation of the target group for their product: young people. Mori-San said in an interview: "In order to achieve a wide range of satisfied customers, we focused on designing a lightweight, affordable motorcycle with a sophisticated design that was also suitable for women and novice drivers."

W.You can always argue about the latter. And when the Gladius was in the MOTORRAD underground car park for the first time in March 2009, the opinion was divided: While the conservatives associate many design elements with deodorant and shower gel packaging, open-minded, but above all young contemporaries of the Design really impressed. Although the engine is basically an old acquaintance who has already done its job well in the SV 650 and V-Strom, the editorial team nevertheless agrees to subject the Gladius to an endurance test. On April 6, 2009, MOTORRAD took over a test motorcycle with a total of 2647 kilometers, which had previously been put through its paces in a comparative test and unfortunately came in last. In direct comparison with the competition Honda CBF 600, Kawasaki ER-6n and Yamaha XJ6, the ergonomics of the Gladius is not optimal, the chassis is tuned too soft, the spring elements do not respond very sensitively and there is no ABS. In fact, the ABS for the Gladius was only available from summer 2009. After all: Despite the ungrateful last place, the Gladius won the engine classification.

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Endurance test interim balance
Suzuki SFV Gladius in the 50,000 kilometer test

Small, smart, eager to travel. Regardless of whether it is Lake Garda, Northern Germany, the Apennines, Tyrol or the Fichtel Mountains: The Gladius turned out to be a reliable companion.

A total of 38 different pilots from fat to thin, from large to small moved the little canyon runabout over the first 30,000 kilometers. The narrow, strangely cranked handlebars were a thorn in the side of sporty drivers, while tall drivers complained about the low seat height.

Fleet manager Rainer Froberg is nevertheless satisfied, because the machine only needed ten months for the first 30,000 kilometers and was considered to be unproblematic and reliable. Apart from a set of chains, the steering head bearing, which had to be replaced under warranty when the odometer reading was 29509, and a set of brake pads for the rear single-piston floating caliper, no parts were replaced. There were also no unscheduled workshop visits. However, the short 6000 inspection intervals are expensive: So far, 1350 euros have been paid for six inspections. The competition is set up differently, other bikes only have to be checked into the workshop every 10,000 kilometers. The average fuel consumption was around five liters per 100 kilometers. The machine is content with 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers in touring mode, but also consumes up to 6.4 liters when fully loaded on the motorway.

On behalf of all drivers, an experienced driver who would have liked to have had the BMW K 1300 GT for his vacation, but had to be content with the Gladius, wrote in the logbook: “With the Gladius you might not get what you want, but that, what you need."


Christopher Ost, volunteer

I have seldom been so quick traveling with a motorcycle, this V2 is top notch. Turns up snot, pushes damn well and sounds really pithy with the Yoshimura Evo pot. Brakes and chassis provide an acceptable performance, but it’s not enough for the maximum battle line. The best thing: when you drive yourself, you don’t have to see so much of the messed up design, you can just enjoy the ride.


Gert Thöle, test chief

As you know, we tend to do so, to transfigure the past. But wasn’t the good old SV 650 from 1999, the one with the welded aluminum lattice frame, a great little machine? The Gladius has now been refurbished with lots of plastic. But it is of little use, because the still fantastic two-cylinder engine is offset by toothless brakes, cramped ergonomics, at least for tall drivers, and a sluggish chassis set-up. Is that the progress?

Björn Gramm,

A round thing should the gladius be for beginners? I can only say: Mission accomplished! The twin’s performance is linear and user-friendly, and that sounds surprisingly good. I hadn’t expected such a deep rumble beforehand, the little Yoshimura trumpet makes really good music. In the dry, I trusted the handy chassis and the Metzeler Roadtec Z6 very quickly – but in the wet the feedback is very blurred.

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