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Harley assistance package RDRS for touring models

More safety for year-round drivers

Traction control, brake assist, hold assist, defensive assist, tire pressure control system – even at Harley, you have arrived in the electronic present.

Even more: The Americans go further with their systems than others.

Harley is now making it easier for its year-round riders. With two exceptions, the new assistance package called RDRS is built into the 2020 touring models and is intended to ensure safer driving in all situations. It includes a Kurven-ABS, that adapts braking forces to the respective driving situation via a lean angle detection and distributes them in combination (C-ELB). Regardless of whether the front or rear brake is operated, both brakes are always activated. The system dynamically couples the front and rear brakes to one another, the more brake pressure the driver builds up.

The situation is similar with the new one Traction control (C-TCS), which can not only be deactivated, but also adjusts its intensity depending on the lean angle. In addition, two driving modes can be selected: Standard and Rain. The traction control is with a Slip control coupled for push mode (DSCS), which is intended to prevent the rear wheel from slipping when shifting down sharply. The systems mentioned are actually not perceptible during normal driving.


The Harley-Davidson Touring models (pictured here: CVO Street Glide) got new colors and an extensive new electronics package.

The stands for easier stopping and starting on inclines Vehicle stop assistant (VHC) available. The system works like a handbrake and prevents the motorcycle from rolling away, but only when the engine is running. It is not intended as a parking brake and is deactivated as soon as the driver accelerates again or briefly presses the handbrake lever. The system also automatically releases the brake when the side stand is folded out, when idling or when the engine is switched off. VHC is a pure starting aid.

Ultimately is also a Tire pressure control system (TPMS) on board, which warns the driver of insufficient air pressure. Last but not least, the Americans also bid H-D Connect an app that corresponds via an LTE modem integrated in the motorcycle. Current status reports such as battery charge level, fuel level, remaining range or statistics on motorcycle usage are displayed in real time. The driver can also check where his bike is or whether it has been stolen at any time and from anywhere in the world thanks to GPS tracking. If unauthorized persons tamper with it, they will receive a notification on their smartphone.

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