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Harley-Davidson Future Roadmap until 2022

New logos registered

Harley-Davidson wants to win new customers by 2022 and is venturing into new segments. In the future there will be adventure bikes, street fighters and electric motorcycles from Harley. New logos have now been published that match the new concepts.

At Harley-Davidson dares something. In order to secure the future of the brand and to attract new customers, the Americans venture into various new segments without neglecting the traditional terrain. Harley-Davidson calls the new marketing offensive announced in the summer of 2018, which is also accompanied by new forms of distribution and a strengthening of the dealer network, “More Roads to Harley-Davidson. ”The investments required for this are to be“ through extensive cost reductions and reallocations of previously planned Investments and resources are financed. After the future plans and the presentation of the concepts shown below had already been published at an earlier point in time, new Harley logos were registered with the patent office in early 2020. Both logos indicate a relationship with electric motorcycles and bicycles. The main logo of the US manufacturer has also changed a bit and has become simpler.

New segments and mini Harley for Asia

In the middle class, Harley-Davidson wants to introduce a new modular series with four different displacements between 500 and 1,250 cm³, which will serve three different market segments. The market launch is scheduled to begin in 2020 with three models. These plans are now being concretized by pictures of the design patent application at the European Patent Office, which have appeared on the Internet. But about the individual future models: the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 will be the brand first Adventure Touring model. 


The Pan America relies on long suspension travel, coarse tires and a 1250 engine.

The crossover model in the style of Ducati Multistrada or Kawasaki Versys has many attributes of a classic travel enduro with long suspension travel, an upright seating position and cross-spoke wheels and is apparently tailored to the tastes of European motorcyclists. Also brand new and atypical for Harley is the Streetfighter model, which is somewhat reminiscent of the beefy Buells and is said to have a 975 cubic V-Twin. Another model with the same and, by the way, fully water-cooled V2 is reminiscent of the current Fat Bob. Further models are planned until 2022 in order to better cover these three market segments.

Prototype not yet operational

The photos clearly show that the new models may not be drivable prototypes. They all have water-cooled engines with a cylinder angle of significantly more than the classic 45 degrees. This suggests that the Twins could be a further development of the liquid-cooled Revolution X engines with a 60 degree cylinder angle. This engine currently powers the Street 750 model built in India; in the USA and other markets the Street is also available with 500 cc. Against this speaks again: In the new configuration, it would have to be very, very much more powerful. A completely new design is also conceivable. Even before the new V-Twins, Harley will bring the LiveWire electric motorcycle on display as a series machine in 2019. More purely electrically powered bikes are to follow by 2022.


Unusual picture: Harley-Davidson wants to build electric bikes in the future.

In line with this, two new concept bikes that are electrically powered were presented at the beginning of 2019. However, there is not yet much information about the two concepts. According to the pictures, however, these are not quite as powerful bikes that are more intended for use in the city. In addition, Harley wants to work with an Asian manufacturer to develop an inexpensive motorcycle with a displacement between 250 and 500 cm³ for the growing markets in Asia. This new model and extensive distribution network are designed to attract new customers and support the growth of Harley-Davidson in India, one of the largest and fastest growing motorcycle markets in the world, as well as in other Asian countries.

X-gamers drive their first prototypes

At the X-Games in Aspen, two protagonists, the FMX driver Jackson Strong and the X-Games host Jack Mitrani, were able to try out Harley’s new electrical concepts in the prototype stage. And even if these aren’t bubbling away, both seem to have had a lot of fun with them.

New ways in marketing

The Americans also want to break new ground when it comes to marketing. Strategic alliances with the world’s leading e-commerce providers are planned. In addition, the digital brand offering is to be significantly expanded. One strives for a digital world of experience. In addition, the dealers are to be strengthened. However, the plan does not yet name specific measures.

Overall, the company plans to generate annual revenue growth of more than one billion dollars by 2022 compared to 2017 through “More Roads to Harley-Davidson”.


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