Urban mechanics.

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Urban mechanics.

The Honda CB 250 N "Bikes" was put on the wheels by Urban Mechanics.

Urban Mechanics.

The bike is based on a CB 250 Nighthawk.

Urban mechanics.

The fenders are an in-house development.

Urban mechanics.

The bench is held in dark brown.

Urban mechanics.

A round headlight including LED lighting should not be missing on a Scrambler model.

Urban mechanics.

The exhaust also had to be customized.

Urban mechanics.

The spoke rims were originally used on a Suzuki.

Urban mechanics.

Overall, the renovation looks very filigree.

Urban mechanics.

The tank was exchanged for a component from a 125cc Honda.

Honda CB 250 N "Velos"

Custom bike from Urban Mechanics

The customizers at Urban Mechanics have put a scrambler conversion based on the Honda CB 250 Nighthawk onto the wheels.

VMany customizing forges rely on high-performance and well-motorized motorcycles for their conversions, combining the latest technology with a chic retro look. Urban Mechan’s customizers are taking a slightly different approach with their scrambler conversion called “Velos”, which is based on the Honda CB 250 Nighthawk from the 80s. The small quarter-liter Honda was a relatively popular and frequently represented motorcycle at the time, at least in its home country. Although the Nighthawk wasn’t a real eye-catcher, the Greek-based screwdrivers from Urban Mechanics recognized the potential of the small Honda and turned it into a really chic scrambler.

The night hawk becomes a retro arrow

During construction, the customizers concentrated on the essentials. First, a lot of components from the original motorcycle were removed until only the chassis remained. In the next step, the Greeks took care of the spring elements. The original Showa fork was allowed to stay on board and has been freshened up a bit. Amazingly, the airbox and battery also come from the original motorcycle. The suspension struts, on the other hand, have been replaced by new and adjustable components from K-Shock. Next, the customizers took on the bikes. Instead of the original wheels, wire rims, which originally belonged to a Suzuki TU 250 and were freshly painted, are now used. As is typical for scramblers, Conti tires have rough treads.

Urban mechanics.

Tea "Bikes" based on the Honda CB 250 Nighthawk.

The original tank has been replaced by a smaller component from a 125cc Honda, which makes the motorcycle look much more delicate. Instead of the Honda logos, the customizers placed their own crest on the tank. When painting the tank, it was decided to use a turquoise blue one; for the bench for a dark brown shade. The self-made aluminum fenders were painted silver and give the bike its very own touch. In order to be able to implement the rear in the desired shape, the lighting elements also had to be tinkered with – Urban Mechanics decided on a solution made of Plexiglas. LED lighting is used both in the front and in the rear. The tuners insisted on placing the company logo on it. The rather simple display called "motoscope mini" comes from Motogadget. When it comes to the exhaust, the Greeks opted for a solution that was specially designed for the bikes and that blends in well with the overall picture. Finally, a bit of information about the name of the motorcycle: “Velos” is the Greek name for arrow.


The Velos is a scrambler model built with love by Urban Mechanics based on the Honda CB 250 Nighthawk. A similarly structured production model from Honda would certainly arouse a lot of enthusiasm among one or the other owner of the A2 driving license.

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