Honda CBR 600 F endurance test

Luck ?? she was gone

A Honda CBR 600 F visits the MOTORCYCLE endurance test at regular intervals. The latest version also reeled 50,000 kilometers (almost) without any problems. She was as swift as an arrow? and thirsty.

Journalists cynically say that only bad news is good news.

The prospect of logging the long-distance test of a CBR 600 was therefore not considered a treat in the past? Passed with distinction, everything as usual. That’s nice, but boring. Many thanks to the Honda engineers for overlooking one or two tiny points in the already proverbial perfection of the CBR 600 series in the current model. Because there is something. Deep down, in the injection map, where genius and madness are very close together. And in the timing chain slot.
To point one: the CBR 600 is a classic quarter drinker. Behaves reasonably well over large parts of the lower speed range, only to strike suddenly. For those who really gave her the spurs, the nightmare had a name: reserve bar chart. Plink and it flashes. The CBR on withdrawal. So quickly to the next gas station. Or, as the valued colleagues joked on their frugal boxes, the Honda register with the anonymous Octanians.
In numbers: 3518.04 liters shot through the injection nozzles of the four-wheeler during the 50,000 kilometers. That corresponds to a not inconsiderable average consumption of 7.02 liters per 100 kilometers. But it gets even bigger: If you want to get from A to B quickly, from 120 km / h or 6000 rpm upwards, the Honda becomes unrestrained. At 150 km / h, the consumption is seven liters, one liter higher than the carburettor model (see also MOTORRAD 17/2001), at 190 there are no fewer than two and whoever is traveling at over 200 km / h (or in the corresponding speed range) will punished with consumption values ​​around twelve liters. Progress through technology?
Point two: rattling should no go along be part of the craft of modern motorcycles. "Something is ticking at low engine speeds, in the transition to coasting mode," is the entry in the logbook at around 18,000 kilometers. A phenomenon that increased with every kilometer driven and finally led to the replacement of the defective timing chain tensioner at 27,685 kilometers (guarantee). Not an isolated case, as Honda admits (see page 47) and MOTORRAD readers confirm. And not a broken leg, because Honda not only modified the timing chain tensioner, but also gives CBR 600 customers another year of goodwill in addition to the mandatory two-year guarantee on this component. Nevertheless, if there are rattle noises from the area of ​​the timing chain, you should not wait too long before replacing it. In the case of the long-distance test CBR, the timing chain and gears were already affected, so that the entire camshaft drive was replaced again after 30,420 kilometers.
So, and now the good news: there was nothing more. At least not when it comes to technical irregularities. The CBR ran and ran and ran. Used seven rear tires and five on the forehead wheel, whereby both the first Michelin Pilot Sport E and the Bridgestone BT 020 got along perfectly with the Honda. The Michelin shone with excellent grip, the Bridgestone was particularly characterized by agility and high steering precision. In this regard, Metzeler’s ME Z3 was a bit more sluggish, which by the way is also not a bad choice for the CBR 600.
In addition to the tires, the Honda needed two sets of chains, two sets of brake pads at the front and one at the rear, a handlebar weight (vibrated loose) and a light bulb (vibrated through). What she didn’t need was a great deal of attention from the drivers. It required practically no oil and did not entice anyone to worry about the chassis.
The old, well-known CBR 600 story is called »Everybody’s Darling“For this time too. Specifically: If the instructors from the MOTORRAD ACTION TEAM are just as happy to take a motorcycle to the Nürburgring-Nordschleife for “connoisseur and expert training” as they do on the great Alpine tour, it must have a considerable range of talents to be able to The editors of well-known spontaneous lyricists and quotation suppliers then got to the point in their very own way. "The charm of Audrey Hepburn, the chassis of Heidi Klum paired with the power of Anna Kournikova."
Tea qualities that he associates with the names of these ladies may not bring across others so beautifully, but much more clearly. The CBR gives its pilot a good, safe feeling, says onliner Andy Schulz. This is due to the combination of the 600 mm handiness and astonishing stability up to the highest speeds. Together with this "Fits all right away" ergonomics, this leads to an intimate familiarity between the driver and the vehicle. A familiarity that occurs much later or not at all with less responsive motorcycles. And gives CBR pilots the assessment of "easy to drive" and "forgiving of mistakes".
Speaking of errors: If one can be detected while driving, it is the lack of wind protection, right? traveling in a duet? the seat in the second row. The first point can be remedied with the help of various spoiler screens available on the market. Another problem, luggage transport, can be solved with a luggage system. MOTORRAD has had good experiences with the small Givi cases. It doesn’t look great, but it still keeps the CBR 600 stable even at full throttle on the motorway. Other functional conversions – also in terms of chassis – are not advisable given the qualities of a CBR.
Goal dismantling after 50,000 kilometers. What was previously indicated on the test bench and when measuring the driving performance did not suggest any nasty surprises. On the contrary: With 101 hp, the four-cylinder was obviously not in top form at 1100 kilometers, because in the end it delivered with 106 hp, despite a slight even pressure loss on all cylinders, five more horses. An increase in performance that was also reflected in the driving performance. In all disciplines, the CBR was clearly ahead at the end of the long-distance test (see box on page 45).
And with regard to the wear dimensions inside the engine, it is absolutely in the green. Camshafts, pistons, cylinders, bearing shells, gears – all with more or less heavy signs of use, but by no means worn. There are clear traces of detonation on the top land, especially one of the pistons, which the Honda technicians cannot explain. All four cylinders have clear grooves and two exhaust valves were leaking during the functional test. But they can still be used after a slight revision. There are other reasons why the balance sheet does not remain unclouded after the final inventory.
It’s about frame and swingarm. And it’s about the care with which the workshops lend a hand – or not. A slight fall at almost 39,000 kilometers meant that the upper part of the fairing, the right side part and the silencer had to be replaced. Due to the incorrect assembly of the side part, the black plastic cover between the tank and the frame worked its way stubbornly with an edge over the remaining 11,000 kilometers into the frame profile. The result: a deep, three centimeter long notch – and the admission of the Honda technicians that this frame is basically unusable. Even worse, because the swing arm fared even more negligently. There the chain has worked its way through the slide rail on the underside at the level of the swing arm mounting and has left deep marks in the aluminum. And that although the rail has a clearly marked wear limit and should have been replaced long ago during the inspection schedule that is scheduled for inspection.
AT.Of course, that doesn’t change the quality of the CBR. Only when it comes to consumption should Honda go to the lengths to turn the Schluckspecht into a real peregrine falcon, where speed and endurance go hand in hand.

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Honda CBR 600 F endurance test
Luck ?? she was gone

Condition – Honda CBR 600 F

Cylinder head: Two exhaust valves are slightly leaking, camshafts, bucket tappets, valves and valve guides are in very good condition. Cylinder: All cylinders show unusual grooves, but have only minimal wear. Likewise the pistons, which show signs of friction and detonation in the area of ​​the top land. Crank drive: The entire crank drive is in good condition, main and connecting rod bearings show signs of wear corresponding to the mileage. Clutch and gearbox: Overall, the power transmission is in very good condition Status. Only the transmission output bearing is slightly widened. Frame: Except for the damage to the right frame profile caused by improper maintenance, the chassis shows no abnormalities. The swing arm was also damaged by the chain due to insufficient maintenance in the area of the swing arm bearing. The brake discs are well within the operating tolerance and can still be used.

MOTORCYCLE Measurements – Honda CBR 600 F

Initial / final measurement 1115/50000 km Top speed 248 253 km / h Acceleration0 ?? 100 3.4s 3.3s0 ?? 140 5.5s 5.4s0 ?? 200 11.3s 10.5 pulling 60-100 5.7s 5.5s 100-140 6.0s 5.4s 140-180 5.6s 5.0s Average fuel consumption over 50,000 kilometers Fuel (normal) l / 100 km 7.0 Engine oil l / 1000 km not measurable

Honda takes position – Honda CBR 600 F

… the high consumption … in the development of the CBR 600 F, performance, drivability and emission behavior were the top development goals. With regard to the consumption values ​​on country roads, the CBR 600 F shows no abnormalities compared to the competition. We do not want to rule out that additional attention will be paid to this point in the further development of the CBR, which remains in the program ….. to the problems with the timing chain tensioner In fact, there were abnormalities with the timing chain tensioner due to production tolerances. In the meantime, only modified timing chain tensioners are installed. For customers whose CBR 600 F is only now experiencing an abnormality on the timing chain tensioner, we also grant a warranty extension of one year ….. for the worn slide rail and the damaged swing arm … here would have been within the scope of 42,000 kilometers -Inspection, but no later than 48,000 kilometers an exchange must take place. Clearly a neglect of the workshop, since the inspection of the slide rail is on the inspection plan. We take this as an opportunity to inform all contractual partners of the careful examination as part of the inspection ….. corrosion of the manifold system … the corrosion does not affect the function. We attribute it to year-round operation. The exhaust system can still be used … to the unusual grooves in all four cylinders … all cylinders are well within the tolerance and can be used without hesitation. In addition, no oil consumption can be determined and the compression diagram is excellent … to the strong traces of detonation, especially of a piston … an isolated case, we are not aware of such damage. Since the piston is also dimensionally accurate and has not damaged the cylinder, it could be reinstalled. We will send the piston to Japan for an investigation … to the chafe marks on the frame … here, too, there is clearly a workshop error. The repairs after the accident were not carried out properly. For the damage ?? According to our criteria, the frame cannot be used again? The workshop has to pay for the swingarm as well.

Reader experiences – Honda CBR 600 F

A review of the CBR 600 F can really only be a hymn of praise. Why? Because it is not a touring machine (there are sure to be better ones) and also not a motorcycle “just” for the racetrack. It is definitely both. You can chase a few quick laps around the course, you can go shopping, you can go camping for two or just have fun. The engine won with the introduction of injection (finally with Kat). Now it sweaters smoothly and evenly over the entire speed range without a hole. Unfortunately, the gasoline consumption has also increased, but due to the performance offered, this is forgiven. Despite the 180 mm rear tire, the CBR is even more willing to turn and, in combination with the very good brakes, does not allow long mountain stages to get too late. I don’t find the fuel reserve display so good. This penetrating blinking gave me many a bead of sweat on my forehead. The light is great for that. All in all, my conclusion with the CBR 600 is: anytime again! Achim Kastein, Schwerin I am the proud first owner of a CBR 600 F (PC 35), first registration 06/01/2002. At the beginning the engine tended to die when starting. This problem was reproducible at any time and led to the first scratches at 200 km, but then disappeared after the first customer service. But the CBR began to rattle at 3000 kilometers. During the 6000 inspection, the timing chain tensioner was changed: rattling away, but again problems with starting. This will be tackled again at the next customer service. With the first tires (Michelin Pilot Sport E) I drove exactly 7504 kilometers. The tire is great, I’ll put it back we. The handling of the machine is good, as is the seating position. But the wind protection is miserable from 130 km / h. Stefan Wick, Vohenstrauss After a year on a BMW R 1150 GS, the need for a handy and sporty motorcycle was there again. It became a CBR 600 F because the competition failed because of its uncompromising sportiness. After the immobilizer’s transponder failed after 500 meters, I have had no problems since then (8500 kilometers). Particularly noteworthy is the ?? also suitable for tours ?? Sitting position as well as the engine. After lifting the rear of the vehicle using four millimeter thick spacers, there is finally more freedom to lean. The increase in the spring preload in solo operation beyond the third position only resulted in a stucking rear wheel. All in all, because of its versatility, the CBR is a highly recommended motorcycle that I haven’t regretted buying to this day. Jörg Hoerner, by email I have driven 4500 kilometers with my CBR 600 so far, so I cannot provide any information about wear and tear. Technical defects have not occurred so far. The first tires Dunlop D 207 are durable, but do not have as much grip as the Michelin Pilot Sport. The fuel consumption could be lower, as you can only get under six liters if you drive very slowly. The seating position and the entire ergonomics are ideal for me with a height of 1.72 meters and the handling is just great. All in all, I would buy this model again at any time, although in view of the price development you have to consider buying a new one very carefully.Mario Pfeifer, Guben I have been driving my CBR 600 F Sport since February 2002 and have covered 12,000 kilometers with absolutely no problems. The first tires were Dunlop D 207, after 10500 kilometers I switched to Bridgestone BT 012 SS. They offer very good grip, wet and dry, and shine with high steering precision. The following modifications were made: Racing windshield by MRA, racing footrests, rear wheel cover, mini indicators, crash pads and Shark exhaust system. My conclusion: an absolutely problem-free, reliable motorcycle. Waldemar Sklorz, Löhne I have been driving the CBR 600 since the beginning of 2001 as the successor to the direct predecessor model. I hope it doesn’t bother me that I am on the road as an instructor for the MOTORRAD ACTION TEAM and have driven a large part of the kilometers on the Nordschleife. I made the following changes: heated grips and a higher pane from Five Stars. Both have proven themselves very well. The chassis and suspension elements are completely sufficient in normal operation. Compared to the previous model, the engine has a slightly more balanced power delivery, but the box drinks around one to two liters more on average than the carburettor version. Peak consumption: 13 liters per 100 kilometers! Nothing works under six liters. The only defect so far was the timing chain tensioner, which was exchanged under warranty. Overall a great motorcycle, good for racing and traveling (solo). Andreas Dittman via email

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