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"I’ve never taken apart an engine that looked this good, everything here looks more like 5,000 than 63,000 kilometers."


The Unicam four-valve heads are unusually designed, each with only one camshaft. Roller rocker arms and rocker arms with counterweights are flawless-


Laboratory test: "Airbagging" with dummy in the previous type in 2006.


Sensors in the fork register the impact. Your signal leads to the inflation of the air sac.


The 150 liter volume of the airbag keeps the head away from the roof edge like a pillow.


Dunlop D 423 (F): The Dunlops stick well on dry roads. When wet, however, they feel “stiff and nervous”.


Bridgestone Exedra G 853 (front) and G 852: As with the Dunlops, the durability in long-distance use is around 12,000 kilometers – enough until the next inspection.

Jacek Bilski

In view of the unconventional tire formats, alternatives from the European manufacturers Continental, Michelin and Metzeler / Pirelli are completely absent. A pity.

Jacek Bilski

In the further course of the picture gallery, you can see what else we have experienced with the Gold Wing long-term test.


Jörg Lohse’s path led to Munich, among other places.


The iPhone was recognized by the Goldwing as an iPod.


A visit to the Sachsenring was also on the agenda.


Jörg Lohse covered a total of 1,600 kilometers with the Goldwing on the last trip.


Practical space on the tank cap.


They make cold coffee in Berlin! So off to Berlin.


There is no getting through in a traffic jam. The Gold Wing is a little too wide.


Visiting the coffee strongholds of Bremen and Hamburg.


On Usedom there is supposed to be the best poppy cake, so go there. Mileage 16,034.


In Dresden, a visit to the best coffee factory in the country was on the program.


Mountain of the Tour de France dramas: Mont Ventoux summit, beautiful view of Provence.


Behind the Pyrenees: Weekend in Barcelona, ​​return trip in perfect weather.


In Geneva: With the last drop of fuel over the Swiss border: Endurance test thick ship on the way back from the Alpenmasters.

Uwe Seitz

The Honda Gold Wing has already rolled to the gas station 27 times since the endurance test, with over 7,000 km on the clock.

Thierry dricot

Sought-after travel steamer: after just four weeks, the Gold Wing has already collected over 7,000 km.

Thierry dricot

The latest Gold Wing generation is more active and manageable than the previous generation.

Thierry dricot

The chassis and brakes have been significantly improved, the equipment is much more practical than the previous model, which was built for 16 years.

Thierry dricot

The thick ship is surprisingly economical. The six-cylinder allowed itself just 5.35 liters per 100 kilometers on tour. And that with luggage and pillion.

Thierry dricot

The operating menu is bothersome to immature. Many functions cannot be operated while driving.

Thierry dricot

The six-cylinder boxer consumed a quarter of a liter of fresh lubricant for a good six and a half thousand kilometers.


In mid-April, colleague Thomas Schmieder was allowed to take over a Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 at Honda in Frankfurt. Erik Mertens (right), the active press spokesman, and Jan Rott (left), Honda Frankfurt’s expert service manager, were waiting for him there.


The big touring motorcycle had only 333 kilometers on the clock and thus 99,667 kilometers to go.

Michael pfeiffer

Refueling with the Gold Wing needs to be learned.

Jacek Bilski

The travel steamer spoils you with good wind and weather protection.

Jacek Bilski

Those who travel are rewarded with moderate consumption and a correspondingly high range.

Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 endurance test final balance

End of endurance test due to accident at 62,999 kilometers

In April 2018, the Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 started the endurance test. An accident ended the endurance test prematurely with 62,999 kilometers on the clock. The final balance provides extensive information on the endurance test result.

The Honda has been filling since 1975 Gold Wing luxury touring with life, a genre that the 1000 GL founded a good 45 years ago. GL like Grand Luxe. Since then, this abbreviation has stood for legendary reliability and durability. Reason enough to subject the first completely redesigned Gold Wing since 2001 to a thorough endurance test. And so on April 17th, 2018, MOTORRAD put the completely new Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 into service at a mileage of 333. The starting position was attractive: engine, chassis, brakes, "Bodywork" – all very different than ever before. Well, with a Honda in general and a Gold Wing in particular, you can expect good quality. And yet with all the charm of a completely new design, there is always a spark of skepticism: it will hold up?

To answer this question, we sent the Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 to the marathon distance of 100,000 kilometers. How the top tourer, which has been slimmed down by 40 to 385 kilograms compared to the previous model, is doing in everyday life, as already revealed by the Gold Wing’s crash test, which was not at fault

As a popular travel companion, the current 1800 Gold Wing, the SC79, collected its kilometers quickly and effectively, almost inconspicuously. Whoever wanted to tour comfortably and luxuriously from the editorial office chose the Honda whenever possible. 100,000 kilometers could easily have been done in three years. If, yes if, this unfortunate February 24, 2020 would not have intervened. An involuntary crash made the Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 a sad total loss.

Parking brake and automatic start-stop

But one after anonther. The Gold Wing needed two batteries every now and then and new tires quite regularly: The rubbers lasted up to 15,000 kilometers, an average of 12,350 kilometers – just from inspection to inspection at 12,000 service intervals. Fortunately, because the removal of the rear wheel is tedious, despite the single-sided swing arm, and therefore quite expensive for the customer. Otherwise, the motto was: just fill up (with a moderate 6.15 liter average consumption after 340 kilometers at the latest), and off we went. Uh, don’t forget the parking brake, because the dual clutch gearbox means you can’t put a gear into place when parking. Not a thing, but the operation using an antiquated cable pull does not quite fit the high-tech claim. And the associated control lamp in the cockpit should obviously shine brighter.


If you know how, you can get to the battery quite easily. Ounce this was necessary in the endurance test.

Because one or the other colleague drove off with the handbrake on. This is the only way to explain the fact that after 35,575 kilometers the brake pads of the anti-roll device had to be replaced! This is of course also due to the powerful starting torque of the wonderful six-transmitter. The starter integrated into the alternator even enables a fuel-saving start-stop system for stopping during longer red phases: just step on the gas when green and off you go.

Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 with a rougher engine

The current Honda Gold Wing GL 1800, factory code SC79, can no longer serve with the silky smoothest running of all motorcycle engines: When idling, the engine runs a bit rougher than the first, even more velvety running 1800s from 2001. The completely new Flat-Six with 1,833 cm³ carries more complex Unicam four-valve heads: An overhead camshaft per cylinder bank actuates twelve valves on each side. Without facing, the cylinder banks are extremely compact. This is also due to the square design, which is atypical today: bore and stroke are each 73 millimeters. A Yamaha MT-09 with 847 cm3 – that would theoretically result in a six-cylinder with just under 1.7 liters – has a wider 78 mm bore with a 59 mm stroke.

Uwe Seitz

Who drives a lot has to fill up a lot. The Gold Wing consumes a moderate 6.15 liters per 100 kilometers.

In terms of design and character, the Gold Wing has one "Car engine". These include low speeds, high torque and low peak power. For comparison: the 850 triple from Yamaha pushes 115 hp at 10,000 revs in all models. The Honda six-cylinder, which is more than twice as large, has 126 horses in gentle 5,500 laps.

Dual clutch transmission with 7 gears

The shifting processes of the dual clutch transmission are also gentle: to the extent that the clutch for the uneven gears releases the frictional connection, the one for the even gears establishes it. Each hydraulically operated. The DCT software automatically sorts the seven gear steps. But the driver can manually slip in between at any time or switch completely manually – with the snap of a finger with the left thumb and index finger. But only if the switching commands are also plausible to the electronic brain. This technology stands for superior ease of use.

Driver was uninjured

But after 628 days of endurance testing, fate struck and the Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 hit the passenger door of a micro-SUV at a mileage of 62,699, less than two kilometers from the editorial building. After the crash, the front wheel dangled sadly on a hydraulic line of the composite brake system: the brake pedal decelerates the middle pairs of six-piston stoppers at the front. A crane had to come and retrieve the top tourer. Fortunately, thanks to Honda’s exclusive airbag, the driver remained slightly injured. Still, from the dream of the full 100,000 kilometers.

The following Dekra accident report attested that, given the completely destroyed front, repair costs were higher than the new price of Honda’s most expensive production motorcycle. And that’s a hefty 36,000 euros. But this end was also a beginning. From something big, improvised with a lot of dedication: The team from Honda dealer Achim Trinkner in Löchgau did a lot of work to get at least the undamaged six-cylinder out of the Gold Wing, which was no longer rollable. In view of the 122.5 kilograms of one engine (including gearbox) that was only possible thanks to euro pallets and a forklift. Thanks for that guys!

Disassembly of the engine

Now Gerry Wagner, the workshop manager at MOTORRAD, stepped in: with the help of the Trinkner team and the special rental tools provided by Honda for its workshops (yes: when does a Gold Wing engine ever have to be dismantled?) They dismantled the assembly for Module. With long intake paths in the expansive intake spider to just a common throttle valve, the flat twin of the Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 is not exactly performance-optimized. Gerry Wagner and colleague Achim Steinmacher got closer and closer to the nitty-gritty, dissecting six pistons and connecting rods, seven pairs of gear wheels, 24 valves and so on.

Yes and now? Nothing else. Achim was often heard saying: "I’ve never taken apart an engine that looked this good, everything here looks more like 5,000 than 63,000 kilometers." What does that mean in detail? All measured components are still within the installation tolerance or at most the operating tolerance. Wear? Far and wide a complete nil. The camshafts are great. They alternately carry smaller, narrower cams for the roller rocker arms of the exhaust valves and larger, wider cams for the rocker arms of the intake valves. Minimal"Cold runner" on the cylinders are visible but hardly noticeable and ultimately harmless. And the tracks on the piston skirts? It’s okay. That’s why they were coated at the factory.

Jens Möller-Töllner.

The 385 kilogram Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 was recovered with a crane.

The seven-speed transmission in "Truck format" (Editor Ralf Schneider) and the huge clutch basket look almost like new. Proof of generous dimensions and high durability. The apparently very compact clutch springs are integrated into the clutch packs that are not intended to be dismantled. The gearshift forks are also flawless despite slight tracks. Although the left and right cylinder banks are mirror-symmetrical, the pistons of the left cylinder bank have a cast-in one "L.", the one on the right "R.". Are they not identical?? "Not quite", says Guido Nowak from Honda Germany. "There are technical reasons for this, such as the displacement of the piston pin. The contact side and the position of the piston pockets also changed when they were swapped."

Nothing broken at all?

The highlight, however, is a safety clip for the oil control ring on the left pistons: They prevent oil from getting into the combustion chambers when the vehicle is placed on the side stand and producing a blue exhaust plume during a cold start. Typically Honda, thought through to the last detail. So nothing is broken on the Honda Gold Wing GL 1800? There was at least one interesting little thing: only after dismantling the huge oil pump – three pairs of conveyors rotating in it (!) – did a small break in material appear on the inside of the housing. It was about the size of a tiny fingernail. However, since no metal shavings were obviously pulled through anywhere in the flawless engine, we suspect a casting defect from the manufacturing process. And something like that at Honda? No, from a suppl. The part is currently on its way to Japan for assessment.

Tire for the Honda Gold Wing GL 1800

Dunlop D 423 (F): The Honda rolls on these tires, in unconventional dimensions 130/70 R 18 and 200/55 ZR 16. Logical: In order to shoulder a hefty 586 kilograms permissible total weight, the carcass is reinforced at the expense of its own damping. Load index is 63 at the front (272 kg) and 77 at the rear (412 kg). The Dunlops stick well on dry roads. But when it is wet they feel"stiff, nervous" at.

Bridgestone Exedra G 853 (front) and G 852: Japan’s second pair of tires also focuses on stability and neutral handling. And up"modern, attractive profile". As with the Dunlops, the durability in long-distance operation levels off at around 12,000 kilometers – enough until the next inspection. In view of the unconventional tire formats, alternatives from the European manufacturers Continental, Michelin and Metzeler / Pirelli are completely absent. A pity.

Endurance test diary Honda Gold Wing

Mileage: 62,699, 3/2020

Jens Möller-Töllner.

The crash after 62,999 kilometers ended the endurance test prematurely. For this we were able to unintentionally and spontaneously test the airbag.

First things first: The driver of the Gold Wing, ex-MOTORRAD fleet manager Rainer Froberg and current action team training manager, survived the involuntary collision with an Opel Antara in a much better condition and was even able to enter the ambulance that arrived at lightning speed on his own.

We don’t want to come up with the hackneyed saying about the plane and the shavings, but it’s the reality. Namely, that not every journey for horse and rider ends in the state in which it began, and the end point is not always the one originally planned. You can influence many factors yourself, be it the condition of the machine, clothing, preparation, etc. But some don’t. For example, road users who manage to overlook our Honda Gold Wing, which is rolling along a busy priority road. And quickly get to work crossing the right of way. And that at a moment that makes it impossible for an experienced motorcyclist like colleague Froberg to even begin to react.

"The moment I noticed the car, it already popped", he says. It even banged twice, because the airbag was triggered immediately after the passenger door was hit and thus ensured that Rainer was not thrown against the roof edge of the car, which in this case was quite high, which would certainly have led to serious injuries. but stayed seated on the Honda and with it still rudely tipped over onto the right side. Without wanting to meet scientific standards now, one can say that without the airbag there would not have been various bruises and a cracked wrist. Rainer’s main concern, on the other hand, was the motorcycle, and while still in the Sanka, he called colleagues to retrieve the Honda. In view of the fact that the front wheel was only connected to the chassis via a brake line, it was not possible without a crane.

What you already suspected in view of the pictures became a certainty a short time later: TOTAL DAMAGE. The appraiser put the repair costs at 32,352.94 euros. For the residual value, he determined 4,705.88 euros. Each net.

Mileage: 61,254, 11/2019

Fabian dresler

Stranger at the gas station: "Aren’t you too young for a motorcycle like that?" Editorial volunteer Fabian: "At least not when eating kilometers in late autumn."

Too young for a gold wing? Volunteer Fabian Dresler himself would not have believed that he would ever enjoy heating a motorcycle seat. Otherwise everything is superfluous for him that does not make him faster. When he traveled from Stuttgart to Braunschweig and back at just over zero degrees, this attitude changed suddenly. Heated seats and grips were a blessing, as was the huge window and cruise control. It dawned on why not only older colleagues like to travel with the Gold Wing in winter. Only the radio remained switched off after all."

At the gas station, an interested car driver finally brought the volunteer back down to earth: "Aren’t you too young for a motorcycle like that?" Short pause for thought, then the answer: "At least not when eating kilometers in late autumn." Everything doesn’t always have to be faster. In any case, the Gold Wing has another new friend. He could get the comment "Rolling across the train is like driving a car – only colder and louder" But don’t resist in the end.

Mileage: 60,000, 10/2019

Jörg Künstle

Test editor René Correra: "Even more comfort on the motorway is inconceivable."

Test editor René Correra used the Gold Wing to commute between his home town of Mannheim and the editorial office in Stuttgart. Primarily he was on the highway with the Honda: "Even more comfort on the motorway is inconceivable. Unfortunately, despite the huge adjustable pane, the last few centimeters are missing in order to be completely protected from the wind. Nonetheless, the Gold Wing offers superb wind protection. It is even possible to drive at speeds of over 150 km / h with an open visor without any problems – a completely new feeling for me. The engine fascinates with its unique smoothness and feels a bit like a V8 when starting with slightly increased gas. There is enough power in itself, but it feels like a lot of it silts up in the DCT transmission or in some driving modes.

Unfortunately, the shift pattern and driving mode cannot be set separately, that is "Sports" Although it delivers a crisp engine performance, it shifts much too late and stays in too low gears. A combination of "Sports"-Mapping and "trip"-Shift strategy. It is possible to intervene in the gear selection at any time, but here, too, the transmission partially shifts automatically. You can tell on the motorcycle that the gears are no longer shifted as gently as the kilometers climb. The limitation to 180 km / h is also not ideal. With such a stable ICE one would wish at least 200, the wall at 180 comes sometimes quite suddenly. The navigation system works well, but the operation of the entire infotainment system is too complex and many important aspects are only possible when the vehicle is stationary."

Mileage: 49,377, 8/2019

Editor Thorsten Dentges took the Gold Wing on a trip to Bavaria and was impressed by the Honda tourer: "Once again the proof: this motorcycle can take a vacation & Trip perfect. Damn comfortable, like driving a single-track convertible! The radio is on all the time. But the sound at the front is great overall. The rear passenger doesn’t hear much about the program.

Amazing: Driving in pairs on the Brummer feels almost as dynamic on a winding country road as being on your own. Plenty of engine power and the chassis can be easily adjusted."

Mileage: 47,599, 7/2019


Jörg Lohse, Deputy Editor-in-Chief MOTORRAD, visits Karl Maier: "The DCT is pretty good, but you know how to do a wheelie foahn and burnout is not a problem either!"

Friendships have to mature. This is also the case with the Gold Wing. The last big exit (Stuttgart – Vienna and back) two months ago was annoying with stupidly nested suitcases (lousy storage space, correspondingly cheerful youngsters) and idiotic user guidance of the on-board program (navigation system, Apple Carplay, trip and remaining range retrieval, annoyed pilot). But the sound of the six-pack and the supersmooth appealing DCT (both) were impressive. Now a new attempt to deepen the friendship over 1,600 km in three days of driving: Fast-forward trip to Munich and back (for the purpose of a quick visit to the BMW Motorrad Days 2019) and then a quick lap to the German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring.

As expected, some things remain lousy right at the beginning (trunk), some top-notch (sound and DCT automatic). In the on-board program, a new tactic is to explore all possibilities: the night before departure, studying the handbook as thick as a thumb and, like in the long-haul jumbo, processed everything using a checklist one hour before take-off – although one hour is still very tight. After all: the old iPhone is recognized as an iPod, the playlist actually appears on the TFT display. The new one will be recognized as a phone and will actually show incoming calls. The quiet Shoei-Neotec II flip-up helmet is registered with the integrated Sena as a headset and saves the embarrassment that music and mum’s calls are not output via the on-board speakers. The navigation system is programmed with all destinations, the remaining range is set, and even the trip master is zeroed – ready for take-off

Of course, you always fail when you are on the go by calling up further e-gimmicks, which lead to the message in a continuous loop "Function not allowed while driving" appears. The only chance then: pull over to the right, stop, push the message away. Without How? ‘Or’ What.

The Gold Wing is of course spared the trip from Munich to Garmisch, but not the flying visit to the BMW dealer and the blue-and-white brand ambassador Karl Maier, four-time dirt track world champion and Egon Müller’s worst adversary. Of course, he can try the Gold Wing for comparison with the in-house boxers and six-packs – after all, our long-term tester as a boxer six combines the best of both worlds. In fact, the Honda manages to impress Karl in the long term, but it cannot convince the former drift master: "The DCT is pretty good, but you can do a wheelie foahn and burnout is not a problem either!". Gold Winger can take this criticism with ease. Especially when Best-of Elvis is in the mood and the Honda arrows unshakably on the empty track at 180 km / h (limited, but that doesn’t bother in the least) towards the bedstead.

A short break, filling up of all operating materials (fuel for the six-pack, coffee for the driver, Red Bull for the adolescent pillion passenger) and off we go to the Sachsenring. Even on a father-and-son tour, the practical storage space in the suitcases remains underground. On the other hand, it is comfortable enough to reach Hohenstein-Ernstthal on time for MotoGP qualifying without having to take long breaks (for stretching and stretching). At least P2 for the Gold Wing – no, not the starting grid, but at least a parking space extremely close to the pole position. The precision is in Marquez format and I would actually be inclined to stick a small HRC sticker on the side if the young passenger in yellow (# 46) didn’t protest so vehemently.

There was no protest at the personal race analysis on Sunday evening on the home terrace: The 1000 km in 26 hour trip rocked without pain and pain, blowing 6.2 liters per 100 km (despite a long gas-on-stop -Stages!), While still discovering small finesse like the practical space of the tank cap. Gold Wing, I’ll be back.

Mileage: 43,538, 6/2019

Uli Baumann

Uli Baumann, editor at motorradonline.de: "The seating comfort for a 1.90 meter tall driver leaves a lot to be desired. For me, the pegs should be down or the seat should be up."

Online editor Uli Baumann used the Gold Wing for a business trip to the north and a jaunt through the Black Forest: Great anticipation and great excitement – the first Gold Wing in years and the first DCT ever. So to start without a briefing in the basic functions of the Gold Wing is negligent and almost impossible. The basic features are then quickly internalized. In-depth functionalities can largely not be fathomed with logic. Menu structures are chaotic, functions are hidden and options are limited. A modern touchscreen is missing in the cockpit. The radio is "sch … e". Hardly any reception, hardly any sound. The navigation system cannot be operated intuitively. Integration of the phone via Bluetooth is inconvenient.

DCT – for me simply a horror. Here too, the stored switching-"logic" do not suspect. The box usually switches the way I would not switch – too early, too late or not at all. Rolling downhill in high gear is not possible, lively performance demand for overtaking is not possible. A gear change regularly haggles the line in curves. In addition, the switching operations are always clear "Click" connected – ugly. Ok, in stop-and-go traffic, DCT is a nice convenience feature.

The draft shield can be finely regulated with the height-adjustable disc – very good. The seating comfort for a 1.90 meter tall driver leaves a lot to be desired. You’re too far back behind the handlebars. For me, the pegs should be down or the seat should be up. The luggage space offer is a cheek for a tourer – just enough for a weekend with a hotel stay on a credit card basis. Also the range "experienced" 360 kilometers on the leisurely freeway is ridiculous for a Gold Wing. The omnipresent rattle of all plastic parts is not befitting.

About the engine: you can feel the 170 Nm torque, but not the 126 hp. The sound is pleasant in cruising mode, but the boxer is acoustically too dominant for me on the track.

And that’s what the passenger says

Jacek Bilski

"Probably the best motorcycle for long journeys from the perspective of the passenger. Even when cornering, it is not necessary to actively participate in the driving process."

Co-drivers love the Gold Wing – it couldn’t be more comfortable – even on long journeys, says MOTORRAD producer Petra Wiesner: Chilling is hot. You don’t ride on the Gold Wing – you are enthroned. The ladies-in-waiting in a sedan chair must have felt something similar in the Middle Ages. Once you sit down, you don’t want to get off again anytime soon. The passenger seating position on the Gold Wing is unbeatably comfortable. The back and armrests are exactly where they belong.

The ascent to the Gold Wing, on the other hand, is not that easy and requires a certain degree of mobility. You don’t want to always get stuck with your boots on the backrest, the bench or the armrests. As a passenger, the radio or navigation system can only be heard at a very high volume. The view of the road and the instruments is good. Sleep is also possible.

The distance between driver and forehead passenger (two hand’s breadth in my case) causes a lot of turbulence, which mainly tugs the upper body. Up to a speed of 140, this is not a problem with the disc all the way up. From 140 km / h the motorcycle vibrates and the wind becomes uncomfortable. The seat heating is easily accessible and works noticeably even through thick motorcycle pants.

Probably the best motorcycle for long journeys from the perspective of the passenger. Nothing unpredictable happens because the colossus looks very clumsy. Even when cornering, it is not necessary to actively participate in the driving process. Just chill, enjoy the wind and gaze at the world …

Mileage 40,000, 5/2019

Uwe Seitz broke the 40,000 kilometer sound barrier with the Gold Wing. The HP boss, who otherwise rides on more sporty motorcycles, was enthusiastic about the commuter characteristics. His commute to work, which is around 200 kilometers long, can probably only be covered more comfortably by teleporter. Only the son was not quite as enthusiastic about the Honda tourer: "Very embarrassing when the stove is in front of the house".

Mileage: 38,690, 4/2019


Jörg Lohse, Deputy Editor-in-Chief MOTORRAD: "A crazy experience! Big cinema, perfect for the planned "Vienna-in-a-day"-travel."

Jörg Lohse, Deputy Editor-in-Chief MOTORRAD: Have I ever ridden a Gold Wing before? I don’t think so, because when I press the starter button I almost tumble off the seat cushion. What’s that? What a sound! What an atmosphere! The hammer and it gets even better when I put in gear D, the booming six-cylinder picks up speed in the inimitable automatic cruise mode, and the gears are shifted up very smoothly via the DTC gearbox. A crazy experience. Why have I only waited 37,000 km (that’s how long the Honda is in our endurance test!)! Big cinema, perfect for the planned "Vienna-in-a-day"-Trip with the pubescent daughter ("Why can’t we fly??") on the rear wing chair.

Because flying can’t be more beautiful. Okay, admittedly, already while packing for "Two people, three days" disillusionment spreads. How can you obstruct the interior of the suitcase so heavily. Practically usable storage space is something else, especially if you want to travel in style with practical soft bags and don’t want to stuff shirts, shorts and socks individually into each nested corner. After a few tens of kilometers, you have had enough of the relatively cheap looking japanoid-baroque plastic landscape in the cockpit. Nice and valuable is different – it just has Toyota-from-the-nineties-style. And at the latest with the impossibly complicated usability of the electrical goodies, the first wow effect is put into perspective. The logic of the operator guidance: an imposition! Even the vehicle manual as thick as a thumb is more confusing than helpful. The heated grips do not really come up to temperature even at the highest level (especially if you have previously sat 5,000 km on a BMW R 1250 GS in a direct comparison). But I rely on the time factor. 1,500 km later everything is in place: You have got used to the illogical nature of the connectivity functions, but you can now operate the navigation system with some confidence, switch on the cruise control and even display the remaining range. In my helmet, SWR3 is playing with a full sound from the on-board radio, the daughter can listen to her songs and favorites via Apple Carplay. With sovereign momentum we dart beyond Budweis with the 365-kg colossus and its e-clean appealing e-chassis over holey mogul slopes and let loose "Kickdown function" slow creeps stand. Geilomat! The daughter remains bitchy about her resolution: "But next time we’ll fly!" I say: We absolutely have to go to the Gold Wing again! Sequel follows …

Mileage: 37,182, 4/2019

Yvonne hertler

Test editor Johannes Müller: "Sends Android Auto via update so that even those who refuses to use Apple can benefit from the large display."

Immediately after the 36,000 inspection, test editor Johannes Müller and his escort kidnapped the Gold Wing on a super tour to Paris. Two and a half driving days, 1,500 kilometers, almost only country roads: "A super tourer like the GL 1800 wants to do the route, and we did. For the family birthday near Paris. What does that matter? Abundant gifts mean plenty of luggage. But the GL side cases are badly jagged, so that two people have to limit themselves to the smallest cutlery when traveling presents in the top case. Because there was still riding equipment to be transported – don’t ask – we actually strapped on a reel, which was not a trivial exercise due to the lack of lashing options. The navigation system also continues to leave question marks. Importing the carefully planned route correctly was unsuccessful despite considerable trickery. The Gold Wing ride itself, especially through empty French Wallachia, is the ultimate touring pleasure with every meter. The passenger and load are not really interested in the GL, on new, non-angular Dunlop tires they finally roll smoothly again (be careful when it is wet!), The suspension comfort is above every pothole anyway. Flat Six and DCT only unfold their full glory on the route. Heated grips and seats as well as the large pane complete the security package. Request to Honda: Submit an update to Android Auto so that even those who refuse to use Apple can benefit from the large display."

Mileage: 35,575, 4/2019

The Gold Wing endurance test was due for 36,000 km customer service. During the inspection there were new brake pads (front / rear / handbrake) and a new set of Dunlop Sportmax D423F tires. The set of tires cost 380 euros plus almost 200 euros for installation and assembly. The new brake pads cost 310 euros including assembly. The mere inspection with an oil and filter change costs around 340 euros (all prices are gross). The entire workshop visit burdens the long-term test budget with 1,244 euros.

Mileage: 31,900, 12/2018

Real men don’t wear ties! As the saying goes, real men don’t wear ties. And they don’t read operating instructions either. Which in the case of the Gold Wing also takes, because 258 pages (plus an 88-page booklet just for the navigation system) need to be worked through first. After all, shortly before half-time, namely on page 118, it explains how to start the engine. But it also works without it. The fact that we still took up reading came like this: After the first cold nights, the Wing refused to start. The starter turned the shaft. But the spark was missing.

We continued with a new battery (guarantee). In the editorial workshop, Gerry screwdriver wanted to look again for the power supply and accidentally sunk a rubber stopper on the left suitcase into the depths of the room behind it. The recovery culminated in the total dismantling of the rear frame including the top case. We discovered a previously unknown castle. But where was the key? We found it later in the transponder. In the event of a power failure, it can be used to open the left case. And from there via a well-hidden train the right one. This blackout occurred promptly a few days later. The Wing was completely dead in the morning. Not a single sound was to be elicited from her. We were already guessing that there would be grosser electrical trouble, but the solution was much simpler: my colleague Ralf Schneider had unintentionally deactivated the transponder by pressing the emblem. So press again and: ZACK! There was light.

A sheet metal bracket temporarily wrapped in bubble wrap, which rolled around in the topcase, raised questions. The Honda lettering made it clear that it had to be part of the bike. The question of function remained. In this case, too, the 258-page instruction manual could help: It’s a helmet lock! And it works like this: After opening the left case, you will find a small lever at the top. If you pull this, a pin integrated in the left passenger handle extends out and opens an opening. The bracket is now inserted into this, the pin locked, and voila: the helmet is secured. At least if it has a double-D fastener or an eyelet through which the bracket fits. In general, this construction does not quite fit the otherwise very well thought-out Gold Wing.

Mileage: 20,016, 7/2018

Yvonne hertler

Uwe Seitz, deputy editor-in-chief MOTORRAD and PS boss: "From a sports driver’s point of view, one thing about the Gold Wing just upsets me: the tutelage of the Honda Security Council."

The 20,000 km sound barrier has been broken, the travel steamer in the endurance test fleet has been heavily used since mid-April. At 3,000 km odometer reading, I (PS boss Uwe Seitz) drove it for the last time and have to say that it has actually not lost anything – at least not noticeably. As before, the engine with the sound is a blast and the Goldie is like a board even at speeds beyond 140. This is a feeling that small car drivers will probably never experience even at 100 on the highway. But from a sports driver’s point of view, one thing about the Gold Wing just upsets me: the tutelage of the Honda Security Council. Once the living room is on two wheels, you can practically not adjust anything, at least not the direct vehicle settings (except for modes), the cruise control only works up to almost 140 km / h and at 180 km / h you suddenly go against the reverse thrust, because the 1800 six-cylinder regulates suddenly and uncomfortably. No matter how stable the Honda is, then it’s over and even taking one hand off the handlebars seems to be like a hara-kiri for those responsible in Japan. Or is the mean Gold Wing rider so untalented? But I think I will "bucket" Definitely chasing a few more times on the autobahn until the final at 100,000 km – that’s something.

Mileage: 17.101, 7/2018


Travel editor Thorsten Dentges: "There is no getting through in a traffic jam. The Gold Wing is a little too wide."

His colleague Thorsten Dentges went on a coffee trip across Germany with the Gold Wing. Just from Stuttgart to Baden-Baden for a coffee, odometer reading 14,743. Oh yes, why not go straight to the Röstbar in Münster, the state winner in North Rhine-Westphalia for good coffee, just a stone’s throw away with the ultra-comfortable Gold Wing? Mileage 15,437. There, however, horror traffic jams, no getting through … the Gold Wing is a few centimeters too wide.

Today we continue to Bremen and Hamburg, the coffee strongholds with tradition. A piece of cake with the moving sofa, yuhuu! Mileage 16,034. On Usedom there is supposed to be the best poppy cake, so go there. Mileage 16,034.

They make cold coffee in Berlin! And it actually tastes good too! New School and to drive only 300 kilometers, is to ride on an ass cheek with the Honda. Via Dresden (visit the factory, the best coffee in the country) back to Stuttgart, mileage 17,101, the trunk of the Gold Wing is full of fine beans. It was worth it, 2,400 kilometers in 3 days (awake).

Mileage: 14,490, 6/2018

Thomas schmieder

Editor-in-chief Michael Pfeiffer on business trips: 8 hours from Grenoble to Stuttgart and 11 hours and three minutes from Stuttgart to Barcelona. Goes well with the Gold Wing.

From the final of the Alpine Masters, MOTORRAD editor-in-chief Michael Pfeiffer took over the fatness on the Galibier Pass and initially drove back to Stuttgart and then immediately went on to MotoGP in Barcelona. Time for over 3,000 kilometers: only six days. It does not matter anyway. Because you cannot travel as comfortably as on the Honda with any other bike. You love the largely soft-shifting DCT transmission with the long seventh gear, the navigation works quite well and the range of over 330 kilometers at a cruising speed of 120 to 130 km / h is okay.

Eight hours were enough from Grenoble to Stuttgart and a really short 11 hours and three minutes from Stuttgart to Barcelona. You have to do that with another motorcycle first! Then it went back over the Mont Ventoux. The 60 kilometer curves up and down are only fun if you put the fat on two-person operation plus luggage. This improves the ground clearance significantly and the Gold Wing does not rattle on the ground with the footrests in every curve.

After 15 hours, relaxed back in Stuttgart and delivered to the inspection department at 14,490 kilometers. Extremely long-distance, full comfort mega tourer. The inspection itself went according to plan and was charged at EUR 263.74.

Mileage: 7,000, 5/2018

The Honda Gold Wing has already rolled to the gas station 27 times since the endurance test, with over 7,000 km on the clock. The endurance test with the Honda Gold Wing is in full swing. Even PS-Kappo Uwe Seitz – otherwise extremely focused on super sports – has already contributed 1,000 kilometers: "Runs amazingly well for a pile of iron", he puts on record. "The six-cylinder sound is beguiling, but in the narrow traffic jams and city traffic, the Gold Wing feels like a Smart that can fall over."

Colleague Thomas Schmieder took the Gold Wing on a longer tour to Luxembourg. The latest Gold Wing generation presented itself significantly changed compared to its predecessors: more active, more manageable. The chassis and brakes have been significantly improved, the equipment is much more practical than the previous model, which was built for 16 years. With one caveat, however: the operating menu is bothersome to immature. Many functions cannot be operated while driving, such as the navigation system, even if it is just looking for a gas station. The average consumption on the tour was just 5.35 liters per 100 kilometers. And that with luggage and pillion. Damn economical for a vehicle with a wonderful sounding and unmatched smooth-running six-cylinder engine!

Meanwhile there are also the first small ones "Incidents" At the beginning of the endurance test over 100,000 kilometers: at 6,665 kilometers, oil must be topped up for the first time – on a Honda! The six-cylinder boxer consumed a quarter of a liter of fresh lubricant for a good six and a half thousand kilometers. The parking brake is now inoperative – with a dual clutch transmission, you can’t shift gears when the engine is off: Thomas and an editor-in-chief who doesn’t want to be named have probably started off with the handbrake on one time or another. You don’t notice that at first, given the powerful acceleration. Parking on the slope should be avoided at the moment.

Mileage: 3,810, 4/2018

Erica Barraza Torres

Test editor Thomas Schmieder: "Refueling itself has to be learned, because finding the fuel cap is not that easy."

As soon as they arrived at MOTORRAD, the Gold Wing went on a tower test with colleague Thomas Schmieder. In four days, the Honda collected around 1,600 kilometers. Another trip to Berlin continued to wash a lot of kilometers on the Gold Wing account. 12 days after the start of the endurance test, there are already 3,810 kilometers on the clock.

The GL 1800 proved to be quite economical – a first fuel-consumption trip on the country road resulted in 4.6 liters – and had a long range. With a tank capacity of 21 liters, almost 400 kilometers are possible. From a remaining range of 20 kilometers, the tank display only shows lines, which then mean a good 10 kilometers of fuel. Then it’s ebb …

Refueling itself needs to be learned, because finding the fuel filler cap is not that easy: on the right in the paneling there is a compartment in which the opener of the fuel filler flap is hidden. The fuel cap itself is quite light and made of plastic, was blown away from a colleague and rolled under a car.

The good weather protection is also praised. There was also a first mishap. With mirrors on, the handlebars pushed a mirror glass out of its housing when maneuvering. However, it did not break.

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