Japan Legends Kawasaki Z 900 Conversion Kit – ZXR 900 30th Anniversary

Alvaro Guardia

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Japan Legends

The Japan Legends conversion kit is available in five colors.

Japan Legends

The paintwork based on the first ZXR from 1989 is the most expensive at 2,500 euros.

Japan Legends

The kits are only available for the Z 900, not for the Z 900 RS.

Japan Legends

All color combinations exude retro charm.

Japan Legends

The front mask houses LED headlights.

Japan Legends

The cocpit of the Z 900 is retained.

Japan Legends

The typical Z rear light can still be seen at the rear.

Japan Legends

The sitting posture on the Japan Legends ZXR 900 is athletically bent.

Japan Legends

The lines of the half-shell clearly come from ZXR primeval times.

Japan Legends

The large retro mirrors are included in the kit.

Japan Legends

The windshield comes from MRA.

Japan Legends

The standard Z 900 remains technically unchanged.

Japan Legends

The tank only needs to be repainted for the 1989 design.

Japan Legends

According to the manufacturer, the conversion kits are shipped all over the world.

Japan Legends Kawasaki Z 900 conversion kit

ZXR 900 30th Anniversary available now

The Spanish motorcycle customer Japan Legends has developed a conversion kit for the current Z 900 for the 30th birthday of the Kawasaki ZXR. MOTORRAD received exclusive pictures and information about ordering options.

Last year, pictures of the Japan Legends Kawasaki ZXR 900 30th Anniversary in the classic color combination of green, blue and white were circulating online. Now the Spanish custom forge MOTORRAD has exclusive material for the conversion kit for the Kawasaki Z 900 leaked. It is available in several color options.

The conversion is registrable

The conversion kit is only suitable for the Z 900 (according to Japan Legends all years of construction) and not for the Z 900 RS retro bike derived from it by Kawasaki itself. The following parts are included:

Alvaro Guardia

The paintwork based on the first ZXR from 1989 is the most expensive at 2500 euros.

  • Japan Legends fairing kit
  • LED lighting
  • SLS handlebar
  • SLS license plate holder
  • MRA windshield
  • 1989 retro style mirror

Alvaro Guardia

The typical Z-tail light can still be seen at the rear.

Japan Legends states that the conversion is demanding despite precisely manufactured parts and requires good screwdriver qualities. According to the manufacturer, the entire kit can also be registered in Germany.

Five color options

According to Japan Legends, the five available color variants of the conversion kit cost between 1,800 and 2,500 euros plus shipping. Most noticeable is certainly the retro paintwork, based on the 1989 ZXR. Since the tank also has to be painted here, this color combination is the most expensive. The “Full Black”, “Red Silver” and “Green Black” variants, which do not need to be painted on the original tank, are cheaper.

Alvaro Guardia

All color combinations exude retro charm.

The rims can also be painted in the desired color for an additional charge. The "Race Kit" only consists of the Japan Legends panel in black and is the cheapest.

Pre-order is already possible

Interested parts can pre-order the ZXR 900 30th Anniversary Kit by sending a message to info@japan-legends.com. The website for the online checkout is still under construction and should be available from August 2019. From then on, the kit should be able to be delivered to every country.


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