Endurance test Kawasaki Z 1000

Everything okay

After 50,048 kilometers, the Z 1000 crossed the finish line. When dismantling it, it was shown whether the inner values, in addition to the green packaging, are in this color range.

Mileage 12390: electronics defect. Only 2000 kilometers later: The transmission can no longer be shifted.

And then just before the end
capital engine failure … That would be a dream for every gunslinger journalist. The story would have pepper, the keyboard would glow. But not with the Kawasaki
Z 1000. 50000 kilometers without major incidents, no defect that paralyzed them, no major weakness that you could ride around on.
After the mid-term balance at 33,000 kilometers (MOTORRAD 18/2004) was primarily about the most recommendable tire combinations and accessories, the main focus at the dismantling dated is on wear. Well beats
the moment of truth for the Z 1000, but even now the omen for sensational reporting are bad. The final measurement with 126 hp shows only a marginal loss compared to the initial measurement with 128 hp, the oil consumption tended towards zero over the entire distance, and the compression measurement certifies each of the four cylinders a higher value than at the start of the test.
Overcoming the endurance test distance of 50,000 kilometers in just 17 months actually speaks for itself. On the one hand, there may not have been too many unscheduled visits to the workshop in such a short time, and on the other hand, it illustrates the popularity of the
many different drivers.
No matter what stature the Z-1000-Pilo-
ten were, everyone attested to her one-
comfortable seating position that ?? apart from the hard bench? also suitable for long tours. MOTORRAD has tried the sporty handlebar halves from Rizoma, phone 07141/6431633 or They do them Z 1000 to the right street fighter, but not to a better travel motorcycle. The lower position of the handlebars ensures a more forward leaning posture and therefore more pressure on the wrists, which is uncomfortable on long journeys. A visit to the Rizoma website is definitely worthwhile, as in addition to the handlebar variant, various pegs, crash pads and license plate holders are offered.
On the other hand, the many lashing options that the Z 1000 offers at its rear are standard in order to safely stow luggage. When fully loaded, however, not only the handling suffers, but also
the straight-line stability. If you go on holiday with the Z 1000, you should also always keep an eye on the imprecise fuel gauge and go to a tank earlier. If the reserve indicator flashes, the fuel is only enough for
a few kilometers. In addition to the fuel gauge, the poorly readable digital tachometer was repeatedly criticized. You have to pay special attention to him if you want to move forward very quickly. Because despite the 1000 cm3 displacement and the more than sufficient peak performance, the four-cylinder lacks the noticeable pressure from the lower rev range, which is so important for a large naked bike.
You also need the right pressure
the gearbox when the gears should engage permanently. Entries often appear in the logbook that indicate the stiff and sometimes jagged transmission. After dismantling it turned out that two gearshift forks clearly-
but did not show any critical wear in the form of slight scuffing marks. The reason for this could have been the higher force required when shifting, which is transferred to the shift forks. By the way, not an isolated case. The series faithful-
The gearboxes are very large. If the specimens are too stiff, Kawasaki will replace the shift drum and forks on guarantee.
On the MOTORRAD test machine, the gearbox also attracted attention with howling noises in sixth and sometimes fourth gear. That is why the gearbox output bearing was replaced on the guarantee when the odometer reading was 10760? which brought no improvement. Almost 2000 kilometers later, Kawasaki changed the gears of sixth gear, what a short one
Period made the howling disappear. Since the examination of the exchanged parts was without results, it was left at that. According to Kawasaki, the problem with the 2005 model was caused by modified transmissions-
wheels removed. Z 1000 of the last two years can occur when the Ge-
also rattle with the new gear-
pairing of sixth gear-
be prepared.
The clutch lever caused an uncomfortable rattling between 5500 and 6500 revolutions, stimulated by fine vibrations of the engine. The Z-1000-Forum ( knows what to do about it: Teflon washers reduce the play of the coupling-
control lever. Apart from the annoying noises and fingers asleep, the vibrations also caused damage, as the torn license plate shows. The broken pegs of the rear fairing are probably also at the expense of the vibrations.
Otherwise all present themselves-
che attachment parts after 50,000 kilometers
in good condition even if the paint-
quality leaves a lot to be desired here and there. Especially the rust spots on the weld seams in the area of ​​the steering head indicate a less high quality workmanship.
Praise and criticism for the wearing parts: With a mileage of well over 20,000 kilometers, you can use the brakes-
and refer to the chain set as normal wear, a clutch, on the other hand, has to last longer than 45,000 kilometers. Defective wheel and steering head bearings are just as negative shortly before the end of the endurance test. While that in Mit-
passionately drawn lower steering head-
lager made noticeable by a slight snap in the middle position, the front wheel bearing in the form of a hard turning front wheel completely refused to work and made an instant-
exchange necessary. In contrast to the
defective clutch cable, which was replaced under warranty at mileage 36722, Kawasaki will not cover the costs of the bearings. The brief explanation: normal wear and tear on the steering head bearings and high stress from the effects of weather and cleaning on the wheel bearings.
Kawasaki came to the same conclusion when visually inspecting the transmission output bearing seat in the housing. The noticeable scoring could be due to a chain that is too tight, but in view of the high mileage, they are by no means unsettling and are also subject to normal wear and tear. When assembling, the technicians suggest fixing it with a bearing lock.
The remaining innards are presented without blame. Except for one cylinder,
which is within the operating tolerance, the other as well as all four pistons even move within the installation-
Dimensions. Noticeable in this area
only the high carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and on the piston crowns.
A quick look at the logbook provides an explanation. In addition to Italy, Austria-
rich and the Netherlands, the Z 1000 was driven 2000 kilometers in the Czech Republic and just as many in Poland. Therefore, one can assume that the many deposits on missing additives with a cleaning effect, i.e. the bad-
lower gasoline quality in these countries.
Bad fuel, defective bearings and a hard-to-shift gear? After 50,000 kilometers, not enough material for a lurid story, but just the right thing for the success story of the Kawasaki Z 1000.

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Kawasaki Z 1000 endurance test
Everything OK

Conclusion: condition

Cylinder head: all valves are tight. Camshafts and valve guides be-
are in very good condition.
Cylinder: All cylinders are true to size and do not show any larger ones
Crank drive: The crank drive is in good condition.
Power transmission: While the clutch discs had to be changed after 45,000 kilometers, there were no complaints about the clutch basket or the hub.
Chassis: Except for the corrosion spots on the frame, the chassis showed
no abnormalities.

operating cost

Operating costs over 50,000 kilometers
16.5 l of oil at 9.88 euros each, 163.02 euros
5 oil filters at 13.38 euros each 66.90 euros
4 air filters at 46.59 euros each 186.36 euros
12 spark plugs at 9.65 euros each 115.80 euros
4 sets of front brake pads at 62.41 euros at 249.64 euros
2 sets of chains 387.80 euros
Brake fluid, small parts, lubricants 64.61 euros
Wheel and steering head bearings 103.96 euros
Seals 97.85 euros
Inspections and repairs 1158.90 euros
Tires (including assembly, balancing and disposal) 3282.42 euros
Fuel 3601.88 euros
Total cost 9479.13 euros
Acquisition cost 10,140.00 euros
Loss of value 5640.00 euros
Estimated price (retailer’s purchase price) 4500.00 euros
Costs per kilometer (without depreciation) 0.19 euros
Costs per kilometer (with depreciation) 0.30 euros

Maintenance and repairs

Rear tire renewed, Bridgestone BT 012 J 4626
Forehead drawn renewed, Bridgestone BT 019 5890
Front and rear tires renewed, Metzeler Sportec M-1 10592
Transmission output bearing replaced (guarantee) 10760
Gear wheel pairing 6th gear exchanged (guarantee) 12438
Rear tire renewed, Metzeler Sportec M-1 13769
Front and rear tires renewed, Michelin Pilot Sport 17400
Front and rear tires renewed, Avon Azaro 22635
Chain set and front brake pads renewed 22653
Front and rear tires renewed, Continental Force Max 29616
Rear tire renewed, Continental Force Max 35412
Bulb, license plate light renewed, clutch cable (guarantee) 36722
Front and rear tires renewed, Continental Strength Max 40870
Front brake pads renewed 42091
Front and rear tires renewed, Michelin Pilot Road 44131
Clutch friction plates renewed 45010
Steering head bearing and front wheel bearing renewed 48169
Chain set renewed 49450

Kawasaki takes a position

… to the howling sixth gear.
We know the problem. This is a blemish that does not affect its function in any way. In the event of a complaint, over-
test the sixth gear pair against modified parts like those in the 2005 model
are standard, be replaced.

… to the worn coupling
45,000 kilometers.
In view of the mileage, the replacement of the friction disks is part of normal wear.
… to the defective wheel and steering head bearings.
Not a general problem. During the
Wear on the steering head bearing
can occur, the defective wheel bearing can probably be explained by the effects of the weather such as extreme winter operation with road salt and the steam jet used for cleaning.
… to the license plate torn by vibrations, the clattering one
Clutch lever and the vibrating mirrors.
The vibrations are construction-related and cannot be eliminated. The storage of the clutch lever is from the 2004
Model through a closer fit
has been changed. For the mirrors are
no changes planned.
… for corrosion on a weld seam on the frame.
The problem is known and has been resolved as of the 2005 model. In the case of vehicles that are still within the guarantee and in the service book, the damage will be repaired under guarantee.
… to the scuff marks on two switching-
Due to the series spread are
higher switching on individual models-
forces needed to change gears. This
increased pressure on the gear lever
is transferred to the shift forks
and is for increased wear and tear
responsible. In cases of extremely stiff gears
after a test shift forks and
the shift drum replaced under warranty.
… to the strong coking in the
Combustion chamber.
Probably this is when traveling in
Countries with poor gasoline quality
traced back. Inferior fuel
lacks additives that have a cleaning effect and prevent heavy coking.

Reading experiences

I bought my Z 1000 in May 2003 and have covered a good 10,000 kilometers so far. It was love at first sight, and I haven’t regretted the choice of color (orange) for a second, although I was skeptical at first. My first tour led to South Tyrol and the Dolomites. The consumption when driving on a brisk country road is around 6.5 to 7.0 liters. Unfortunately, the luggage cannot be attached really well, and you have to mask the painted surfaces well.
The seating position is for winding country roads and mountain passes
ideal and underlines the handy frame. However, I miss the thump from the rev cellar. When the road surface is wet, the water that is thrown up splashes through the suction in the back and also in the seat lock, so that after a long time
Driving in the rain occasionally had problems opening the lock. There have been no special incidents or unscheduled visits to the workshop so far.
I swapped the original tires (Bridgestone BT 012) for Michelin Pilot Road at 4600 km. Unfortunately, this pair of tires on the Z 1000 does not cut a good figure
like on the Aprilia Falco.
Axel Wiegmann
Bought in November 2003 with 12,000 kilometers, it went from Hamburg to the first tour in the Black Forest in March 2004, after which there were 22,000 kilometers on the clock by December, with a Nordschleife taster with MOTORRAD in Alsace, over 100 alpine passes between Geneva and Nice and also at Be-
are looking for various racing trainings. The Z was always reliable and impressed as an all-rounder. Thanks to its maneuverability, around 30 kilometers of city traffic per day are no stress and because of the comfortable seating position even at 1.90 meters tall, 1000 kilometers at a time is no torture. The original Bridgestone did not last long, the Avon ST was okay as a touring tire, but the real one Joy then came with the Michelin Pilot Power. Brake pads and chain set were exchanged, otherwise only the short inspection intervals every 6000 kilometers consumed a lot of euros. It would be nice to have more torque even below 6500 revolutions and a side stand that clicks into place more reliably. All in all, the Z 1000 has really impressed me again after 25 years of motorcycling.
Hans Kettwig
I drive a Z 1000, EZ 3/2003, it has now 17,000 kilometers. First the negative. A weld seam on the swing arm rusted, but was fixed by the 12000 customer service under guarantee. Then the clutch lever vibrated from 6000 revolutions, but that doesn’t bother me very much.  
The fuel consumption is between six to ten liters, depending on the driving style. Oil consumption is hardly measurable. The torque weakness in the lower speed range, criticized by many, is for me
no problem. I enjoy these engine characteristics because the
Four-cylinder really starts explosively at higher speeds. The chassis is very good, a really easy to drive moped that forgives driving mistakes. I would buy the Z again immediately!
Markus Woyasch
I drive a Z 1000, born in 2003, and I am very happy with it. All that had been a problem so far was the replacement of the clutch lever due to the vibrations at 6000 rpm. Apparently a known problem, which Kawasaki Switzerland solved in an accommodating manner. Otherwise just pure fun! Leave the suspension setting as original, rear air pressure at 2.6 bar
lowered, and the machine also lies in undulating curves
Perfect. With the original tires (Bridgestone BT 012) I am
except for the low mileage (5000 kilometers) very satisfied.
Andreas Moser
When I saw the Z 1000 at the importer’s shop in autumn 2002,
I was so excited that I was still on
ordered the same day. The handling is great, whether fast or extremely tight corners, the playful handling is simply fun. At the
hard braking, the Kawa has so much grip at the front that the rear wheel rises constantly. The Bridgestone BT 020 R is flat-
Originally with the original tires, but lasts almost twice as long. Tea
often criticized, poorly readable speed-
knife doesn’t bother me in the least. I drive by ear and usually don’t have time for such useless frills while driving.
Reto Zemp

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