MV Agusta Superveloce 75 Anniversario: To celebrate a special model

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MV Agusta

MV Agusta celebrates its 75th birthday …

MV Agusta

… and gives its customers a new special model.

MV Agusta

The Superveloce 75 Anniversario is only offered online.

MV Agusta

Only 75 copies are being offered.

MV Agusta

The time window for the order opens only 75 hours.

MV Agusta

Technically, the 75 Anniversario does not differ from the basic model.

MV Agusta

It remains with the 147 PS strong 800 three-cylinder.

MV Agusta

The panel is wrapped in an Italian color scheme.

MV Agusta

The authenticity is confirmed by a certificate provided.

MV Agusta

A numbered badge is mounted on the upper fork bridge.

MV Agusta

The spoked wheels have a black and gold look.

MV Agusta

The basic color is a shade of red.

MV Agusta

The seat rolls are covered with red Alcantara.

MV Agusta

Various elements bear the Italian national colors. There are also gold-colored components.

MV Agusta

The Arrow exhaust system is for racing use only. There is also a new engine tuning via software.

MV Agusta

MV Agusta does not name prices for the special model.

MV Agusta Superveloce 75 Anniversario

Only 75 pieces, only 75 hours, only online

MV Agusta is celebrating its 75th birthday. It is celebrated with a special model of the Superveloce. Of course, only 75 copies of the Superveloce 75 Anniversario will be issued.

M.V Agusta fans and collectors watch out. The traditional Italian manufacturer is celebrating its 75th birthday and is giving its customers gifts. 75 exactly in number.

Available online only

For the company’s anniversary, the MV Agusta Superveloce has a special look. The special model 75 Anniversario will be offered online from November 15, 2020 exclusively via the redesigned MV Agusta website. The order books are opened from midnight for exactly 75 hours. A maximum of 75 customers can make a reservation. Then it’s over. You can secure your place on the production list with a reservation fee of 100 euros.

Already sold out

Addendum from November 16, 2020: MV Agusta announced on Monday evening that the 75 special models were sold out within seconds.

Technically, the special model does not differ from the normal Superveloce 800. The Superveloce 75 Anniversario has the same F3-800 in-line three-cylinder engine with 147 hp that also makes the Anniversario over 240 km / h.

Special color scheme

MV Agusta

What makes the 75 Anniversario special are the changes in the periphery. The retro super sports car appears in the color scheme of the Italian flag and with special graphic details. These include the black and gold Inmotion spoke rims and the seat cushions for the driver and front passenger in red Alcantara.

The anniversary package also offers other delicious features. A certificate of authenticity assures collectors that the model is unique. Exhaust specialist Arrow is contributing a new exhaust system, which, however, is only intended for circuit use. In addition, the kit is equipped with new software for the engine control unit. The upper triple clamp has a numbered badge so that you can see what you are driving – or even just owning it. A special tarpaulin and a painted hump cover round off the overall package.

MV Agusta

MV Agusta has not yet given a price for the special model. That shouldn’t prevent real collectors from making a reservation anyway. For orientation: the basic model costs around 20,000 euros, the classy Oro series is traded from around 28,000 euros.


Another MV Agusta model that is unlikely to see a street. The 75 copies are likely to go straight to the garages of wealthy collectors.

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